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mrkobayashi comments

Posted in: Keisuke Honda out for a month with hamstring injury See in context

Smith in Japan, reading comprehension :

The loss of Honda is a setback for the second-place Victory, who have drawn their past two matches without their marquee player after winning six in a row in the Australian league.

The former AC Milan player co-leads the Victory with five goals this season, is tied for second in the league with assists (three), and also leads the club in chances created (21).

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Posted in: Shanghai SIPG, Urawa Red Diamonds advance in Asia See in context

Interfere is an interesting choice of words. More like elbowed.

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Posted in: Gov't sets sights on improving pay for contract workers See in context

gap between minimum wage and the poverty line

Well, they are working on it. Minimum wage has gone up every year for the past several years. In Tokyo it has increased 10% in the last 3 years, from 850 yen to 932 yen. At this pace it will definitely hit the 1000 yen mark before 2020.

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Posted in: Video replay helps Kashima Antlers beat Atletico Nacional to reach Club World Cup final See in context

striking a Cristiano Ronaldo-style pose in celebration.

Silly me, I thought he was dabbing.

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Posted in: Star South Korean baseball pitcher convicted of match-fixing See in context

Are there any clean sports?

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Posted in: Nadal, Wawrinka, Nishikori crash out in Cincinnati Masters See in context

som14some, Nishikori made around 30 million dollars last year according to Forbes, so I don't think you need to worry about his earnings.

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Posted in: Tears of joy See in context

Some4some, this is not Ai's first medal in the Olympics. She's gotten silver before. And she hasn't been competing on the international level for "decades" as she's only 27

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Posted in: Olympic Medals Table See in context

Don't worry Smith, as of this morning Japan is 3rd both in gold medals and total medals

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Posted in: Japan Olympic chief seeks 2020 lift-off in Rio See in context

Since 1998, Seoul, I think Japan has only out-performed South Korea once (2004 Athens).

Interesting that you are always so keen on comparing Japan with S.korea. Anyway, for the last 3 (summer) Olympic games Japan and S.korea have been good rivals, with Japan getting 100 medals to S.korea's 89. I hope both countries will perform to the best of their abilities and hopefully bring home some medals.

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Posted in: Yen gives up post-Brexit gains See in context

umbrella, didn't you say the yen would crash last year? You were saying something like 140 yen to the dollar? And didn't you say you made "millions" as an FX trader? How's all that going for you?

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Posted in: Pokemon-mania vindicates Nintendo's mobile game shift See in context

I thought pokemon was for kids.

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Posted in: Brexit campaigning suspended after 'Remain' MP shot dead See in context

Violence is not the answer.

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Posted in: Goldfishing See in context

At most festivals nowadays it's just catch and release. It's also a good time to teach kids about the responsibility of being a pet owner.

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy dies after being confined in plastic storage case See in context

The stupidity and lack of patience of some parents is astounding. This POS should never have procreated.

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Posted in: Tokyo Metro under fire after baby stroller gets caught in train doors See in context

Despite knowing that there had been some kind of an emergency

I hope she is fired.

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Posted in: Attacks on Brussels airport, metro station kill 34 See in context

Disgusting. What is the world coming to.

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Posted in: Andy Murray crashes out of Indian Wells See in context

Losing to an unseeded player is always tough. Sure he can bounce back.

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Posted in: Chinese-language free newspapers full of questionable ads, get-rich-quick schemes See in context

Alistair, I subscribe to the Nikkei and I have never seen such an ad. Perhaps you read sports "newspapers?"

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Posted in: 10 reasons why Kuroneko Yamato is probably the best delivery service in the world See in context

Papi : Nittsuu, Yuupakku, Yamato, Sagawa, Pelican, Kangaroo to name a few.

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Posted in: No. of suicides in Japan drops below 25,000 for first time in 18 years See in context

A decrease of 6% compared to a population decrease of 0.2%. Sounds great, especially considering suicide rates are highest in the plus 50 age group. This is a positive trend for Japan

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Posted in: Packers, Seahawks advance in NFL playoffs See in context

Aaron has his swagger back. Packers will win.

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Posted in: Park leads South Korea to 8-0 win over U.S. in Premier12 final See in context

the tournament leaves a bitter taste in my mouth due to the blatant ethics violations by host Japan.

This coming from koreans is hilarious. Remember the mysterious air conditioning incident at the last world athletic championships? How about the ridiculous boxing outcomes?

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Posted in: Nakata powers Japan to 10-2 win over U.S. at Premier12 See in context

"If they have the best players". The US team does not. Japan does

Sorry, I disagree. Japan's best players are in the MLB. None of them are playing this time. I seriously don't recognize half the players on the team.

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Posted in: Japan says U.N. envoy retracts remarks on schoolgirl sex See in context

Papi, thanks for the links. Very informative. However, from the links I found that a 1996 study found 4% of female high school students had engaged in some form of enjo kosai (including "telephone club") but I couldn't find the 13% figure. I skimmed through many pages but could you point out which link and which page you got the number from? I appreciate your concern and interest in Japan even though you don't live here anymore.

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Posted in: Mao Asada 1st after short program at Cup of China See in context

The only problem I find with Mao is that she often starts off strong like this and then flubs it later

Actually, no. Since 2003, Mao has been in first after the short program 30 times. She remained in first place after the free skate 25 times.

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Posted in: Otani solid as Japan beats S Korea in Premier12 baseball See in context

Allowing a baserunner in every inning is not the way to win. Hope SK bounces back. Congrats to the Japanese team.

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Posted in: Documentary explores essence of humanity in films of Hayao Miyazaki See in context

I also watched PORCO ROSSO once, and that was a nice cartoon too... but... then I felt intellectually dirty and had to go upstairs and read a book

Let me guess .... Da Vinci Code?

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Posted in: Police arrest 2 teens over rape of 2 1/2-year-old girl in Indian capital See in context

I will never, ever take my daughters to India.

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Posted in: Opponents of immigration in Japan, particularly political conservatives and members of right-wing groups, argue that Japan is a single ethnic group and cannot easily absorb people from other cultures. See in context

First of all, Japanese people do no belong to one single ethnic group. Second, the whole "we cannot easily absorb foreign cultures / people" argument is a cop out.

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Posted in: Ready or not, Japan on the way to becoming a nation of immigrants See in context

Smith, your statement is nonsense.

Japan has always been a land of immigrants

Really. The Jomon people are known to have been living here since 30,000 BC. According to a study of DNA among Japanese men, "approximately 43% modern Japanese men carry a Y-chromosome of Jomon origin." It's true that the Yayoi people are said to have come from China and they account for a large amount of the population in the Kyushu and Chugoku areas. Nowadays most Japanese are a mix of Jomon and Yayoi.

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