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Japans is the only country in the OECD that has seen average pay decline since 2000

This is due in part to what you mentioned earlier in your post. The number of working women has increased considerably in Japan in the last 15 years. For the 25 to 35 year old group, the % of women who are working has increased 10%. Since the majority of women who work (60%) are part-timers, it only makes sense that the overall pay would decline.

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Posted in: Murray beats Nishikori to set up Montreal Masters final clash with Djokovic See in context

why is it Djokovic could go through so easily here but Nishikori get put out easily by Murray?

I'm no expert, but maybe it's because Djokovic played an unseeded player while Nishikori got beat by a higher ranked and better player. Murray controlled the match and it's obvious Kei needs to improve his game to beat the top 3.

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Congrats to the korean peninsula. Well done. The Japanese second string was absolute crap.

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Since Japan does not have the cash

Japan is sitting on 1 quadrillion yen of cash. That is a fact. Honestly, jerseyboy, I'm flattered you care so much for Japan even though you live in the States. However, I would agree with Guy in this matter. I will be here for the foreseeable future as I have family and real estate here in Japan. The yen will not become "toilet paper," nor will Japan "default."

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mr jbg, I work in Otemachi. There is no "bubble" you speak of. In fact, as long as "experts" on JT keep screaming about said "bubble," I can guarantee you there is no bubble.

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Posted in: Japan soccer exec denies payment over 2002 World Cup vote See in context

I totally believe Japan paid for it. Of course, South Korea also bribed the refs. Anyone remember the game vs Spain?

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Nice try wc626. The average adult Japanese male weighs 68kg. You're off by over 20 kilograms.

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Posted in: 14th person dies of MERS in South Korea; 2 hospitals closed See in context

I'm not sure, but I think kick is referring to the fact that on Friday the S.korean health ministers reported "only" 4 new cases of MERS and some media suggested it was on the decline. I agree with kick though, this is far from over.

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Posted in: 6th person dies of MERS virus in South Korea See in context

And according to those MERS patients (who are all younger and healthier) who are now cleared, they said they were sick for about a week, but noticed they weren't anymore sicker than having the common cold. Some even said they felt nothing and no illness at all.

According to ...? Did you go and interview them? There has been no mention of this in the news or on TV. Did they say that on korean tv? Can you quote one credible source? I'm not trying to say you are making this up; I just want to know.

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Posted in: 6th person dies of MERS virus in South Korea See in context

6 dead and counting, but don't worry, it's just a mild flu and only the elderly die.

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Posted in: South Koreans squabble about MERS as more cases appear See in context

Hotmail, you might want to check your math. The latest numbers are 5 deaths with 60+ confirmed cases. That's still a mortality rate of 8%

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Posted in: OECD says Japan needs spending cuts; not on track to meet fiscal targets See in context

So how's the FX game going for you, umbrella? I thought you predicted 140 yen to the dollar. What's your leverage ratio, if I may ask?

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Posted in: 1,196 hospitalized for heat exhaustion May 25-31 See in context

Hottest in 140 years, mirai. Did you read the article?

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Latest news : 398 suspected of being infected. Yesterday they said 25!

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Posted in: S Korea announces first two MERS deaths See in context

This is real serious. I'm surprised no one seems concerned about this.

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if you want to know cup size by prefecture, here is a link :

Only Saitama is A cup. Tohoku prefectures are pretty impressive.

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Puke, top 15? Kei has beaten all of the top 3 players, and has won 2 out of 5 matches against Djokovic.

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Posted in: Abe, Xi meet but wartime legacy casts shadow See in context

It's my opinion that Japan should strive for a diplomatic, business-like relationship with China. This will benefit both countries.

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hotmail, I did some reading on my own and I found that steering / handling is something critics praise. Rather, they say that the turbocharged BMW 535i is more responsive in terms of acceleration.

If you could please provide one link from "all the auto publications" which proves contrary to the above, I'd much appreciate it.

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Television personalities told the people that this place was "ooiiiiishiiii" so people are falling all over themselves to go

Except that this place hasn't appeared on TV. They are famous for "shuzai kyohi," or saying no to the media and TV programs.

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Posted in: Samsung and Apple clash with rollout of new products See in context

Papi, the article you gave the link to says that the lines are not as long as the ones for iPhone 6.

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Posted in: Singer Gackt claims he was victim of discrimination in Paris hotel See in context

Slow guy, please provide is the link.

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Posted in: Gov't weighing income tax hike on wealthy to meet fiscal goal See in context

The above post is factually incorrect. Sales tax is not applicable to Prescription medicine and land, not to mention online auction sales.

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Umbrella, the suicide rate dropped 30 times greater than the population dropped (6.8% vs 0.2%)

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My wife's family is from the shitamachi. It's crazy that her grandparents survived all of that. It's also crazy that people are still talking about who should apologize to who. For my kids, their great-grandparents were at war against each other. Should they apologize to themselves? Which side are they "responsible for?" Let us not forget, but let us forgive and move on.

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The reason Japan will never crack the overall top 10 countries for tourism or ever get close to being even #1 amongst Asian countries is simply Japan itself.

Japan will never be the number 1 tourist destination in Asia as 50 million people go to China every year, but the number of tourists coming to Japan have been increasing at the fastest rate (25 to 30% increase every year). Japan was 6th in 2013 but probably moved up a spot or two in 2014, with 13.4 million visitors. I don't know if ninjas are the answer, but something seems to be working.

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Moonies, followers of Moon, the self-claimed messiah who married a 17 year old girl when he was 40, who has been found guilty of tax fraud and numerous cases of sexual assault. Creepy.

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Leave it to people to put a negative spin on a positive story

Tends to happen quite a lot on JT, actually. Anyway, I very much dislike the tone of this article.

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Posted in: Y3.34 bil in lost cash handed in to police in 2014 See in context

It's interesting to see how some people will take something positive and twist it into something negative.

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Posted in: What do you think are some of the worst music group or band names ever? See in context


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