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Posted in: Man roughed up, robbed by gang of youths in Osaka See in context

That's the stereotype that they have spread, that they're all comedians, but IME they have this odd split between being irreverent and rude.*

I agree, i'm living in Osaka. I've lived in Tokyo and Fukuoka, and in my experience, I've encountered significantly more rude people in Osaka.... generally more full of themselves too..

While Tokyo People are from all over, and have a standard way of behavior there, people were more respectful and polite to me when i lived there. Same goes with Fukuoka. (I look Japanese; they don't give me the immediate kind foreigner treatment on visual).

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Posted in: Man roughed up, robbed by gang of youths in Osaka See in context

It was 10,000yen.

They mean to say (probably as a joke) that the kids are out robbin' peeps because the stimulus of 100,000 hasn't arrived yet.

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Posted in: Abe ends state of emergency in Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo; Tokyo's may be lifted Monday See in context

I thought nations were trying to get rid of the virus? Not anymore?

Wouldn't lifting the restrictions help the virus spread again?

Considering the virus spread from very low.

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Posted in: Starbucks stores in Japan reopen as virus spread slows See in context

Wouldn't this help spread it back up? Didn't it spread from low (very low) to Today's low?

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Posted in: Has Japan dodged the coronavirus bullet? See in context

Just my perspective, but when I compare crowds in America, and crowds in Japan, I do think Japanese are more hygienic. I know, you may be the God of Hygiene, but just go to Wal-Mart and you can see it's not just about you. We are fatter by a significantly high percentage, sweat more, bodily fluids. Most Japanese do laundry nearly every single day. Americans are still very new to the idea of face masks and some are oblivious. I don't claim Japan is great, but in terms of the hygiene of masses of people compared to America where I'm from, I think Japan's hygiene is generally better. They still need to actually wash their hands instead of just flicking the damn water tho, is gross.

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