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mrmalice comments

Posted in: IS claims it executed Japanese hostage See in context

they were dead the moment they caught them, dont blame your politicians for just once, in this case they can't help it, its terrorism, not the geneva convention, you can NOT give in to it,, they can be martyrs,not saved

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Posted in: Why do Japanese cleaning crews bow at trains? See in context

well it's a cultural thing that might mean different things in different countries, you're not supposed to be comparing that to what it means to you, when in rome, respect the lions

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Posted in: Track your kids with GPS and smartphone or tablet app See in context

... If i were my kid and i found out someone put a chip in my something somewhere

i would be most displeased, we're talking about infants here, right ? not teens i hope

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Posted in: Extreme obesity cuts lifespan more than smoking: study See in context

what if the computer is what makes your money ? ... i think a system like zero theorem where you pedal to generate the power needed to run it would be a GREAT idea :)

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Posted in: U.S. military awards $40 million toward memory implant See in context

the requested article has expired, this is so annoying lolll

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Posted in: Anti-snoring wristband-style device See in context

apnea ... is there any research papers on this ? i know a few people who could use it if it actually works

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Posted in: Abe to launch women's version of Davos forum See in context

some of these articles expire very quickly ...

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Posted in: Cabinet adopts resolution dropping ban on collective self-defense See in context

Well, the man said he would shake japan up from its slumber, and so he does apparently.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs Y5.5 tril stimulus package to cushion impact of sales tax hike See in context

its desperate measures for desperate times. Its a never seen before finance-economical project on a global scale. Most people are right about it but they phrase it according to conviction. it IS in the hands of corporations and unless you want to resort to stalinist communism thats where it will stay right now. So by the grace of their benevolence and spending of tax, the lower chunks if you plot it on a 2d graph can be employed or not. Its reality, not wannabe. Its not utopia, and its not just japan, trust me on that. If you can fend for yourself you can fend for yourself, if you cant then you're either screwed or lucky. There will be a drawback, thats inevitable but for now everyone around the whole f'inkg world is just trying to keep it running in the only way they know. So brace yourself, take care of what and who you love and like and know that complaining will relieve stress but wont change anything

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Posted in: 1 in 3 Japanese women want to be housewives: poll See in context

im still convinced a declining birthrate is actually a good thing in the long run. Increasing birth to the next baby boom means the same problem will rear its head x many years from now, only worse since obviously with automatisation and what not, slinking resources for all i can see that means more people to divide less jobs on so in places where this happens and they can bite it through until the grey-scale dips down again i think it will be beneficial. I am ofcourse not a certified social engineer. Japanese women ... low adultery rates, Low housewife rate ... whats not to like ? :)

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Posted in: Scientists grow human brain tissue from stem cells See in context

well, dear sir we will have to agree to disagree. Less animal testing AND more relevant results is a win-win. Id rather have experiments done one an artificially engineered 'organ' as you say than use live creatures who were just born to live with the exception of humans who would for any reason volunteer, animals can never really agree to it. I undestand the necessity of it at times and i recognize it has brought many advances to science but if there is an option to quit then the practice becomes barbaric. I say all hail the petri-dish brain and i think many rats and cats, dogs and monkeys with me

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Posted in: Radioactive water from Fukushima plant may have reached sea See in context

you should never give heed to effects of radiation as portrayed in the media. You should also never underestimate what the cause has to defend

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Posted in: 3 most unattractive women’s hairstyles (according to Japanese men) See in context

as a global kind of person with a little hot for women who stand out and a very straight interpretation of metrosexuality id say it depends on your face and the way you dress, you can put a wig on anyone it doesnt change who they are

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Posted in: Prince Hotel's new Hello Kitty suite: For a limited, cute time only See in context

i love hello kitty, she appeals to my feminine side without having to resort to shes cute, a part of contemporary japanese i seem to grasp more than any of my contemporary europeans around me even if not i would still like hello kitty since she's a cat but

if the foto is the room i could do that here im not very impressed not really a love hotel worth spending time more like a daughters bedroom

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Posted in: Israeli official suspended for Facebook posts on Hiroshima, Nagasaki victims See in context

facebook post ?


you have a starving world at hand with all the consequences after that, a facebook post can not be an issue if you're serious

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Posted in: Coke insists fake sweetener is safe See in context

ill stick with sugar, it grows like, in a field ... it was never an experimental toxin of anyone accoring to anyone and if i dont wanna get too fat ... i'll either train it off if i cant get a girlfriend or girlfriend it off if i can. My consumption of actual coca cola is less than one bottle per two weeks im not really worried, you should go more for resistance training

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Posted in: S Korea urges Japan to face history; China summons Japan envoy See in context

get over it, a combined asia has more potential than whatever the rest could come up with

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Posted in: No-one can contain China, says analyst See in context

i posted too soon, yes, to the guy above, the one most capable of destroying china is probably china itself (sorry for the double post)

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Posted in: No-one can contain China, says analyst See in context

in my row of popularity comments i suppose three is a charm like always then. No, no one could, maybe someone could but the ones who could wouldn't. Japan is bound by treay since i dont know .. 60 years ? 70 ? as an ally to the u.s. as these things go the most powerful faction will never allow the conquered to gain more power than it has itself. If there's two powers capable of opposing china on the whole planet that would be either the U.S. or the former USSR (which is not anymore but brimming with factions who would like to restore some glory). The U.S. will not go into an all out open conflict, the others won't since china is one of their most important allies-if-need-should-arise against aforementioned first major power.

it's not just economy and banks ruling the world even if its not convenient if i had a mandate of some sorts i would not be speaking like this im very well aware of that but so are all of them

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Posted in: U.S. anti-smoking battle moves outdoors with more bans See in context

i must be in a talkative mood. Since it's a witch hunt it leads to underground. Over here (which is europe) i have seen more often wherever not just in smallville here leading to some kind of prohibition like (albeit far more innocent) activity where any kind of public establishment would have valued customers who stay late and frequent the place smoke anyway behind closed doors. Its like a whole new world opens up when the curtains close. Same sh-t, different law, thats how it always goes with this kind of bans. Next thing is cigarettes become an actual maffia moneygainer as prices continue to rise because of govt taxes it will become a product which is worth getting your hands on in large quantities from a black market businessman point of view. that's how it always goes, with any kind of these bans ... in my opinion

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

i dont know why i cannot resist answering everything but topics that will seriously damage my relations with at least one faction in the world. First of all i feel there is no yes or no answer to this. It's not comparable to "is abortion allowed or not" but its in the same scale of need of nuance when answered. I dont think war crimes exist since its war one side will do everything it can to win. Atrocities on the other hand are committed. Was it necessary ? No, the americans or allies as they were called with the bit of rabble that came with them would have won anyway in a war of attrition since the resources on one side were virtually unlimited by then and the other side could do almost nothing but defend every square metre to the death. A cultural heritage which as far as i as an outsider can see, does not make life easier always up to the day today. As far as i can see it and dare speak about it the choice was made not knowing what the effects of the bomb was and mostly because they saw it as a way to end the war quickly. Exactly because soldiers on the other side would give no way until they were utterly dissimilated and destroyed. The war had been going on for years, everyone was tired, there had so many victims on all sides. Its the only example in human history where this was used so that should prove how atrocious it had been. How many more or less lives would have been lost for real on both sides is a number no one can calculate. I really dont think this is a yes or no answer even if it should stand as an example that this kind of attack is a means of desperate last resort and should not be used unless nothing else is possible ?

I probably shouldnt have answered this but i couldnt help myself

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Posted in: Stalled 'Akira' live-action movie comes back to life See in context

anyone trying this should at leas take responsibility i think akira was more or less my introduction to non disney or nickelodeon anime and i fear its more or less of an icon to others ... one shyamalan didnt get the airbender right, right?

or am i wrong ?

its a difficult task

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Posted in: Sony, Sharp see brighter future as yen slides See in context

yea, economic recovery is based on annual or quarterly returns, not employment or anything overhere just as wel but , if i were to make a strategy i would count in at least a 10% downslide possibility on the yen maybe a little more to be sure before i claim anything, i know how important hype is when selling to the masses but having to commit financial seppuku because of too much optimism is a damn shame,

or not ? there's no certainties there's possibilities, am i overstepping anything here ? i wouldnt know

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Posted in: Aso retracts Nazi remarks amid criticism See in context

what to think of that huh ... well if you think its already a win heh heh

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Posted in: Aso retracts Nazi remarks amid criticism See in context

so much reaction here omg. As a politician that's a surefire suicidal statement since all oponents will use any kind of semantics to bring you down. Am i defending nazi's, no ... absolutely not the abominations that grew from their rise to power are inexcusable yet most of the theories they upheld were sign of the times, someone should write an accurate history book about it. It still remains inexcusable but so is history tainted by morals. You will never learn unless you get the all of it. First of all, the figure of hitler is highly overrated, he was a messenger-corporal in world war one, not some kind of godlike leader. He was backed by a few VERY sharp people bent on power, the summit of the nazis was not just one person. Hitler was just a charismatic speaker who gained power by being glorified in fact. i know nazi's dont like to hear that but that's how it was. NAZI comes from national socialism, it means socialism with only your own geopolitical people in fact. The national socialist party got into power IN FACT BECAUSE after world war one the rest of europe kept germany so poor it was a perfect breeding ground for this kind of , euh , stuff . I still dont understand how it was possible for them to build up such a large army and effectively attack to the point where they almost won but i'll take that as negligence of vigilance. BUT in fact the abomination of nazism started out of patriotic ideals, people who wanted their country back on track. Its a thin line and i agree these are dangerous times. I feel somehow like the man made a grave mistake by referring to the nazis whereas if he just pointed at one of the measures they took in their time of crisis (before the actual expansionist war) his political career would not have been endangered. I dont take sides, ever. I just feel like morals get in the way of facts sometimes, i dont mind if they prevent misery, i mind if they get in the way of facts, and i understand politics is all about picking the right word as well. even if none of my business, i feel like i had to say this. I grew up in a pretty much rightwing place, i got out of that, i dont like the extremist left either by now just like i dont like the extremist right. i just keep blabbing dont i, i wonder if this message will be returned to me in the mail or not i have known this site to be somewhat .. sensitive ... at times yet its a great pointer at main culture and life towards japan so far.

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Posted in: Coca-Cola in a glass bottle makes a comeback See in context

only in japan? i feel left out again and once more realize this side of the world has never been kind to me. Leaving all eco-arguments aside. When it comes to soda, nothing compares to the taste of cola in a GLASS bottle, i wholeheartedly agree, it just tastes better, it feels better picking up and its more refreshing chugging down. what a bummer

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Posted in: Physicists unveil results helping explain universe See in context

not being a scientist i can do nothing but dream even if i don't need the rows of numbers to understand a lot of concepts and theories. I once read about an antiverse shooting back through time (probably sci-fi with the emphasis on the first syllable there) so the collision of matter and antimatter wouldn't destroy everything from hour zero. Which would make time an actual physical dimension and not just a framework on which calculations are hung. Wonderful world, good thing not all is discovered yet but i wish they would make haste on that ftl-drive, that space dock in orbit from which ships can be built and lift off to nearby planets with minimal fuel needs ... and that space elevator to get it all up without the need for oil and derivatives anymore. But i guess particle physics is the one science to rule them all since a brain is made of those ... what would be the speed of thought then ? Someone probably calculated that already presuming thought is nothing but impulses. Wonderful world indeed if you don't turn on t.v. or look outside

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Posted in: The importance of social etiquette in urban Japan See in context

a most interesting article. If japan is really the land where trains run on time they should send some people overhere to train some public management ...

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Posted in: Man demands divorce after his wife throws out his anime collection See in context

the kid is the actual victim here, if they can't stay together i hope they can at least find it in themselves to take responsibility for that. Otherwise ... nothing to add since it's none of my business

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Posted in: Manga and anime declared good study tools for kids See in context

not that it' completely on topic but i learned my first french watching dubbed versions of hokuto no ken and saint seyia on wednesday afternoons after school , named 'ken le survivant' and 'chevaliers du zodiac' just as now i'm still picking up japanese words from watching subtitled anime. I think dubbing is not the way to go in any language since you often don't get the finer puns and jokes into translation very well and you somewhat lose part of the atmosphere or flow like that, you definitely lose the 'poetic rythm' of the speech if it was originally well written to collide with certain visual scenes BUT on topic : pardon my french but teachers need to get their heads out of aaahbackside of the sixties. What does it matter what tool is used as long as the message is conveyed and the lesson is understood who cares if its a classic dusty book, a comic or a movie. What matters is what kids pick up. You forget your place sometimes, sensei, you're teaching, not telling people how to teach. Now ... go practice :p

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