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dangerous opinions in big brotherly times where everything gets dismantled into separate bits through the eyes of the prism and what not but i'm not speaking out for or against egypt or any other nation in particular and i might have voiced it in another post but to me a real democratic majority consists of 3/4 , a 50/50 situation is close to a political simulation of a civil war in my sometimes humble opinion. It's hard to achieve i suppose but the classic divide et impera the romans were so keen on has no reason not to work for those in power wanting to keep it, up to the present day. A system of proposition/oppposition is an easy division between two camps where two groups can just pit it against each other instead of one government working as one unit to further the needs of its people. Furthermore in my once more somewhat less then humble opinion a real democracy is not a particracy, a system where parties get elected in a democratic way has it so that each party 'should' represent the moat of the population that elected it, overhere it's divided into factions like : liberals (which is in fact more like the business/tech, maybe relentless progress/science faction), socialists (needs no explanation), green (environmentalists), the traditionalists born from the original catholic party at the birth of this paper nation and ofcourse the everpresent-wherever-you-go nationalists. Some minor factions deviating but originating from those also exist but never get to hold any real power. In reality after election every faction tries to get a grip on any kind of lawmaking, while as a government in an ideal situation every faction should do best to stick to its field of expertise where it comes to lawmaking. Instead you have environmentalists and socialists doing economics and roundabout vice-versa everything. In a real true daimocraty, the voice of the people, or the people speaking i never had a classic greek education so excuse me if my translation lacks finesse, but it is the ancient greeks who came up with it afaik, not george washington even if the man probably had some merit of his own, that goes without saying in a real democracy, lawmakers make laws but do not vote on them, lawmakers make laws, people vote on laws as well a time consuming process? from the looks of it not having people vote is also a time consuming process. Influence by media i hear someone say? That's already so : public opinion seems to be a major factor in political decision making, to the point where it might even lead to impracticalities in law since voters put lawmakers in power but that's as far as present day democracy goes. I'd say my five cents, but with this crisis it's safe to say these are just my five euro on the matter. (and i wasnt gonna reply to forum posts anymore but this summer heat is making a very boring day into a very hot, very boring day) i could probably rant on longer but maybe i shouldn't

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i had a 17 euro mpman which was about 3,5 cm³ which could record at quite the decent quality just clipped to my t-shirt under my sweat shirt. Not that i would ever do that unless i'm dealing with government officials who might damage my life with their extensive ego's but can this thing do that ? it's even smaller

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Posted in: Chinese man hires men to smash his Maserati in protest at poor customer service See in context

my kind of statement ... all social deprivation, you can't do that because it's wrong and what about the children set aside i think that's a guy i could talk to lol. I'd also jump at the chance to put a sledgehammer to a half a million dollar car for kicks, he wouldn't even have to pay me

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i know a few places here in belgium with huge works where graffiti is definitely art with a capital A, i know a lot of alleys where there's just simple tags sprayed all over the place that don't really add to the decor there so me it's not a black&white answer

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amazing, amazing to see the state of the world when you see what humans are actually capable of achieving ... i blame it on politics and semantics, gremmar and spellnig nazi's mostly

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting woman after being invited to do so online See in context

i see, the sub-genre of japanese porn has its own live roleplay community and some people got confused then ? Now now, don't blush, every culture has its subs outside broad daylight. Weird story to complete outsiders

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aspartaam as it's called here is not know for its healthy qualities either. It's a nice vow but exactly how is this not just a media campaign to get attention ? the only way to fight this is to use real natural sugar and tell people to drink not too much coca cola, so is this what they plan to do with their commitment ?

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@serrano thumbs up but wether you're sarcastic about it you hammered the nail right on the head there. I sometimes wonder if anyone in the whole world is keeping a real perspective on these things. You dont just point a finger and expect someone to give up something they live on. Bar the morals from that and you get some hard reality on how the world works

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if they can get me a mix of things like HBO and other series with maybe a little decent (non round bulgy blushing schoolgirl anime getting hosed with lots of suggestion but the real stuff like death nothe, black lagoon jormungand and even hyouge mono) for a reasonable price (that means not a monthly xbox gold fee for instance but less) then i'm in , i'd still prefer ppv for microtransactions. Maybe it would save a lot of people the trouble of downloading game of thrones for instance if they can just flick a euro (or less) to watch it at exact airing time instead of having to wait for years before local tv picks it up

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Can i generalise for once, a very short answer to the question ?


I myself think the Union is the only way forward but the way it is run atm combined with the financial crisis (of which the impact is far from over) raises doubt with a lot of people who long for (you know the cliché, right) the good old days, failing to see the golden 50s and 60s will not be coming back the way they lived it

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Posted in: 'Iron Man' shows Hollywood's bent to take on China censors' steely grip See in context

so .... its not quite clear, do the chinese get a censored version with pieces cut out, or an extended version with more footage than the original aimed at the 1 billion wide chinese markit ?

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Posted in: 4-year-old Indian girl dies after rape attack See in context

FOUR ? i had to read that a few times to make sure it said four ... someone should go check the gates of hell to see if anything got out lately, that's monstrous

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Posted in: Silver bullets won’t help Japan, and neither will JET See in context

Here in the land of no portunity schools are still stuck on the ancient ways of 1830, being the fact that french is important (as is flemish). Which both are not from a global point of view, while english does seem to be the most worldwide adapted language (as in it might get you further anywhere because more people understand at least a little more of it than any other language not their own). It would also break the language barrier present in this sad country in less than twenty years if everyone got to speak their native (the country is divided in three language zones) language as a first but was made to communicate in english when talking to each other. Would break the language barrier, help cross country and global communication, give all little students more chances in a global market and let everyone preserve their own cultural identity. A much too simple plan ofcourse since it would just have to be voted and set and be in effect for over ten years to bear results. There's also this thing where old people have been fighting over language rights for too long and they wont let it to. The laws are full of it. The governments waste endless time on it while especially in times like these they got a lot of more important things to do. Nothing gets done and time is wasted on a struggle from the past. Meanwhile it really helps no one. So, maybe that makes you overthere feel a little better about local efficiency. english is very important, to be nationalist about it is a waste of time. It's there, it's used it's widely understood

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not one single government in the world is probably worthy of labelling itself democracy. Open for discussion since representative democracy is one way of organising it but still puts the real power in the hands of ... well not a seleced but an elected few in this case. Long way to go for humanity if at all it ever gets the point, see i dont discriminate, i hate everyone equally lol

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decentralisation away from government by underground (which does not imply criminal) organisations might give a hint as to who might care. The big chunk will probably not in the name of the children and the war on evil by the shining forces of light. Namecoins seem to go up in value lately but that might not be any kind of indicator at all. Those who didnt care will have lost the right to complain afterwards ofcourse

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Posted in: Man arrested for driving offense commits suicide at Chiba police station See in context

interesting between the lines reading here. Sad for the guy ofcourse but i dont really feel to much for peope commiting suicide and leaving others behind, fleeing responsibility unless they might be doing it out of some sense of taking responsibility perhaps. Which is off the topic but ... i read somewhere in japan police can keep you up to three weeks without actual factual proof or accusation or the permission of some kind of governor (i dont know the system there) and so this is it? 10 days held over driving without a license ? So, if i took a trip to japan and i accidentaly dropped a wrapper in a park could they just arrest me for that and hold me for three weeks without any kind of accusation or conviction if i just opened my mouth in the wrong way because that is somewhat scary ?

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Posted in: Parents in Russia request ban on 'Death Note' See in context

i suggest banning paper and pencils as well since they might inspire the idea of writing something on them and empower people to write suicide notes. Maybe parents should be banned as well for not paying attention to their kid to the point it commits suicide. Maybe kids should be banned for being able to do this or maybe the whole world needs to be banned and restart at the point where some mudsnapper crawled out of the water since all of this is obviously not working out very well

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sweet and very objective 'cough' opinion. I read however only the top slice of america is recovering (that means the richest groups and families) while the rest keeps lagging in the pit of the crisis. It's probably 'normal' albeit not quite as heartwarming as the author here would have it.

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Posted in: Google keeps spotlight on future technologies See in context

so when will google go into spacefaring, asteroid-exploitation and planetoid colonization ... i'm kinda looking forward to that ...

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Posted in: Mona Nakanishi makes her return to showbiz - for 3rd time See in context

how quaint, meanwhile here and in america, stars stay in the news by scandal alone sometimes to keep from falling into oblivion, strange, weird, brave new world rising

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almost had me fooled there ... stream from the cloud, that means i cant just buy a dvd dor blu-ray to play when i want and would be completely dependable on servers being up or down, could never play by myself offline and will have to let my game go whenever they feel it's time to close down ?

somehow to me that spells thanks but no thanks, but i'm sure there's always a huge flock who buy into any kind of scam

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i just had to think of this : i once had a brain scan, just once ... the women looked at me and said :'i dont know but i think the machine is probably broken we'll get you another one later" and i never heard from them again. Should i be paranoid about that ?

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Posted in: Why do sports use women as eye candy? See in context

sez they indeed lol, there's far worse ways of making money by looking good. If a woman is dealt the right cards at birth and can do it, then why not, it's not like they're forced to do it and maybe .. just maybe they dont mind the attention of a whole crowd drooling at them even if it's a well known fact that no woman wants to be the center of attention (insert sarcasm here)

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Posted in: Could N Korea hit Japan, S Korea with nukes? No one seems to know See in context

it's very funny in a very non-funny sarcastic dark and twisted way how everyone everwhere always ignores the fact that you dont actually need to launch a nuclear warhead through the air prior to detonation so if any power anywhere has access to or has proven to be able to detonate a load then they CAN. You could, say ... carry it over the border, to ignore that or to say you can't say that only means you need to fire your secret service members top to bottom. A bleeding scuba team could transfer it

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Posted in: BOJ to double money supply to get Japan out of slump See in context

i try to gauge the cost of living at any time by the ratio of the price of one loaf of bread versus a standard wage. A bit silly but somewhat of an indicator. The idea is great in theory but like the article says a 'norma'l consumer might not just start throwing money out the windows because prices go up when wages stay the same. Overhere there's been a two percent increase this year (that's about three train tickets a month for a standard wage) and a cut in cost for employers to stimulate them hiring new people. It's all patchwork all over the world, make do. Like the plan to get hoarders spend money by keeping intrest rates in banks low didnt really work either in Europe i think. If all else fails they can still go robin hood and pull a european cyprus, steal from the rich in a populist move like that. I dont think there's any short-term solutions available anywhere really. Then again, i'm not an overpaid overdegreed expert on the matter. Just a minimum wage person who needs to live at his parents house since the alternatives arent really acceptable.

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with germany as europes economic flagship coming in hot at five they do seem to have a point unless the us counts as west as well or is that east from a japanese p.o.v. ? It's probably hard to compare since the states have a bit more space and manpower as a whole, probably resources as well

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It's not that weird, the richest companies always get attacked by big government since there's a lot of money to be had and also probably since no one gets that much money by being mother theresa so to speak. In this case maybe the 1bln chinese are seen as a market better served by national companies as well, who knows ...

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yup, legacy has nothing to do with the amount of money you get buried under but what you do with it before you are. Let's hope the man gets a lot of years in which to be creative with the wealth he amassed. More like him wouldnt hurt either

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maybe the cypriot banks should just close their doors right away after this. Who in his right mind would still deposit a sum of money in a bank there now? It's not like they even pretend to 'lend' the cash in order to pay it back, they just take it and call it tax if i understand correctly? Eye on the future it doesnt seem like anything but a desperate move imo. If i get a €100k together, Cyprus will be the last place where i store it now. I think anyone with money won't do that anymore either. It looks like slow suicide i.o. bankrupcy

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@655321 you took the words right out of my mouth. I suppose warranty is void when the case gets opened ... too bad, i prefer diy-pc

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