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Posted in: Japanese beer heads cause Westerners to froth at the mouth See in context

How can having Too Much Head on beer considered Fresh? Seriously?!

Just a little bit of head is fine but Not TOO much as I've seen from many Japanese beers.

Had some European beers on tap... good but don't like it warm esp. the British beers. American beers DO come on tap instead of bottles so do some research and go drink some fresh American beers. Better to have a little bit of head instead of a Lot of head since you're Paying for the BEER and NOT the foam! Japanese beer is decent, from those imported Stateside but it's rather limited and expensive!

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Posted in: Why you shouldn’t learn Japanese See in context

Don't know why the majority of people think it's bad to learn a second or third or... language. It opens your mind to other cultures and it makes communication fun even if it is frustration, considering your not a native speaker of that other culture.

Learning Japanese is like learning another language... it takes time and effort! Yes, it's better to keep using it so you retain it but it's NOT a total waste of time. The hardest parts are not to just quit, saying it's a waste of time, which it's not and to keep the perseverance of learning both the written and spoken language. It's harder to learn as an adult. Imaging trying to learn most words from the dictionary but in another language? That's how people learned in a formal educational setting when learning English. Now let's learn another language. Woah! There's no such thing or it's different as an adult which is EXACTLY true as kids and adults learn things differently!

Why should people learn English? Let's just insult the English speaking world, which isn't much considering that there's lots more languages on Earth though English is one of the most primarily language currently used today.

How's it different than others learning English? The tones of the variant comments are very narrow minded if not somewhat prejudiced.

"...the use of Kanji effectually makes it nearly impossible to be able to read." Seriously?! Kanji is Chinese characters. If you learn kanji, you learn Chinese. Sure, it's pronounced differently and may be interpreted differently in Japanese, but you'll learn how to read, write and speak Chinese! Ever think of that? Of course NOT, based on the comment!

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Posted in: If you're low-income, here's what you're doing wrong See in context

The owners and writers of Spa! of full of themselves and out of touch with everyone.

Heaven help them when THEY lose their jobs and/or friends/relatives!

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Posted in: In U.S., is it rude to ask guests to remove shoes? See in context

“It is the height of tacky to invite guests to your home and then require that they remove anything more than outdoor attire,” said Jodi R.R. Smith of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting in Marblehead, MA.

"Jessica Gottlieb of Los Angeles..."

Guess these women doesn't have many Asian friends, especially those who'd invite her over to their houses.

How rude! They would obviously not be invited in my house!

Being Asian, I grew up with taking off one's shoes before entering any home. I'd even politely ask whether or not I would need to take off my shoes or not before entering one's home when visiting people's homes.

Guess it really depends on the person and/or the culture and/or the location one lives. Culture obviously plays a large role.

If you have an attitude about taking off your shoes, then leave and don't let the door hit you. Don't expect to be invited back!

Sometimes I'd just say "Come in!" and don't mind if shoes/sneakers are worn inside the house especially if it's a party. But that also depends. Most non-Asians would leave their shoes on. But when I have closer friends or family members over, they would almost instinctively take their shoes off once inside the door.

I've a decent size shoe rack near the door so people realize that they just may want to take off their shoes before entering.

I've even asked my hosts who's house I'm visiting if I need to take off my shoes/sneakers 'cause I'm used to it.

It does make cleaning floors easier and cleaner by not wearing shoes indoors.

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Posted in: What happens to Japanese porn stars after they retire? See in context

Going to school and getting an education with a diploma does Not guarantee a successful career especially in the current economic conditions today in the world, though it may help.

Sometimes LUCK plays a big role in one's success.

I wouldn't mind marrying a former AV actress. Too not consider marrying one because of their past shows one's ignorance. It was her life and her choice. If you want to truly love someone, then you'll have to accept them and their past as it's all or nothing, just like how she will accept you and your past!

Don't be a darn hypocrite!

Good luck to all the women who enters the AV world and hopefully they'll do well after they retire from it. Also, good luck to the lucky guys who marries them. They'll need to be open-minded and patient with them.

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Posted in: Mystery singer does covers of AKB48 and Shinji Harada See in context

Some online articles have confirmed that the singer is a Japanese singer and lives in Tokyo. Her English is very good that I almost that she was British.

The "Flying Get" cover is VERY GOOD that I actually bought it off iTunes JP which I rarely do nowadays.

Hope she releases an album of her covers or other songs that she made personally.

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Posted in: Aya Ueto wins Fur of the Year award See in context

The photo does make Aya look older than 26, years older :(

Don't have a problem wearing leather. The skin is a by-product from making meats from animals and shouldn't be wasted. At least put it to some good use since the animal died providing it to us!

Fur is generally taken from animals raised and killed solely for their ... fur! How brutal is that?! In this modern era where we have synthetics and even goose down feathers (another by-product of meat manufacturing usually), fur clothing, generally, is NOT necessary!

The exception is the location you live in like the North Pole or some other cold place where the inhabitants would benefit from it for their survival.

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Posted in: Generation that grew up on texting find phone conversations time-wasting See in context


Easier said than done. Do U still want your job?

Bosses are bosses as idiots are idiots. Need to find ways of coping with them ;)

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Posted in: Fujitsu introduces docomo STYLE series F-02D See in context

If only the phones could be used and sold for use Outdide of Japan!

Unfortunately, many JP phones are locked for use in JP mainly to the phone tech used in JP.

Make it a GSM model for worldwide use and the JP phone companies may do well in international sales with their phones!

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Posted in: What to look for in a martial arts instructor See in context

The writer seems more focused on ACTION stunts than teaching or the "Art" of martial arts! Also, the article is more focused on fighting and/or stunt work!

I do agree with some points in the article.

Sometimes a "better" instructor is not one who fights and knows how to teach and explain the techniques.

But remember, no matter how ANY instructor explains anything, it's the Student's Responsibility to Learn and to Grow, hoping that One day, that student will figure out the techniques (i.e. an "Enlightened moment" when he/she will figure out how the forms/techniques are used PROPERLY; when everything "falls into place") based on their Year's of hard work and working things out by themselves!

How do people think martial arts masters developed their skills, particularly in the past?? Hard work, diligence and using their brains. The hardest part was coordinating everything which could take YEARS! Masters expect students to learn the forms/techniques then have them figure out how to best use them, same like now!

IMHO, this is especially true of traditional kung fu martial arts (my field of study).

It's easier to learn but harder to teach as Not everyone can teach!

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