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Posted in: Survey reveals 55% of women in Japan wouldn’t marry a divorced man See in context

While I could understand a person who had never been married & had never had children before being leery of marrying someone that was divorced with children, because let's be honest there are issues there you have to come to terms with & not everyone can handle that situation. This idea of just because someone has been divorced that they are no good is silly. What is the difference in they were married & things didn't workout to the person who has had multiple other relationships before without marriage that didn't workout? Unless you are going to start dating someone who has never even dated before you will never be someone's first relationship. As far as the women saying yes, but . . . I think they are actually using their brains. Any time you enter into a relationship with someone you should consider if the baggage they are bringing with them is worth it; this goes both ways. I don't think enough people consider what they are getting into before they start dating.

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