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Posted in: KARA singer Nicole to star with Joe Odagiri in wartime drama See in context

It seems like a long time since I saw Joe Odagiri on TV show last time. I guess he hasn’t shown up much after he got married. Maybe he is doing house things and taking care of his kid instead of his wife..?? I love his face and act, so I’m so excited to see him again!! And also I’m looking forward to seeing Nicole in drama too. She is a cute girl. Many of Korean singers speak Japanese very well, so they should show up to more TV shows.

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Posted in: Charges filed against man for punching schoolboy during class See in context

Couldn't he think of any other ways to solve the problem? And the teachers should have noticed that she has been bullied first and stopped it. That is one of their jobs. And yes, as sensei258 says, she would get bullied more because he did it. Usually if their parents involve kids' bullying issues, it wouldn't bring a good result.

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Posted in: 68-year-old woman arrested for attempted murder of 74-year-old husband See in context

It is sad news to hear. I am sure it would be very hard to take care of a person who is bedridden, but he is still her husband she promised to live with to the end. She could have hired a parson who helps her husband instead. I think it is not rare to hear this kind of case in Japan. Many people are suffering from the stress of taking care of bedridden people. And many of those people are over 60. Maybe Japan government should think a solution to the problem.

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Posted in: Asada vows to skate for her mother See in context

She is only 21 and lost her mother. I can’t even imagine how it affects my life if my mother goes away. I cried when I saw her words showing her statement about her skating. She will be stronger and beautiful when she overcomes the heartbreak. I hope to see her amazing skating with her smile on the TV soon. Go Mao-chan!!

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Posted in: TV commercial of the week: Snickers and Erika Sawajiri See in context

Hhahahaahaa That is a funny commercial. She made a big mistake, but now she is even making money by using it! And she is getting media’s attention more than before the interview. She was known as a talented actress. I wonder what made her so upset. She could have acted well if that was a small thing.

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Posted in: Kumi Koda announces upcoming marriage to KENJI03 See in context

Wait, Seriously?! And I didn't know that she was 29! She looks much younger. And I thought she was still dating one of SMAP member, Masahiro Nakai!!! haha I don't know KENJI03. Is he cool?? She is very sexy and cute, so he should be!!! I am happy for her! Congratulation!! I am looking forward to seeing her in a wedding dress! :)

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Posted in: Kyoto hospital worker jailed for tearing toenails off elderly patients See in context

They should have done her back ground check before they hire her. Hospitals should be a place which cure Patients. Not hurt them. It says she was an assistant. Was she a nurse? If so, I really don't understand how she could be a nurse. I thought there is a test decides if a person who wants to be a nurse is really good at it. Her character obviously shouldn't be in a hospital.

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