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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,429 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 4,692 See in context

Wonder what they will talk about: great, smooth Olympics..

Not smooth, even if you remove COVID from the equation.

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Posted in: U.S. hands Bagram Airfield to Afghans after nearly 20 years See in context

Good luck to the Afghans against the religious zealots. It’s disconcerting how harmful religion is to the world.

Why not call them what they are, the Afghan Division (Taliban) of the Pakistan Army will be coming in soon, wonder who will defend the Afghans now.

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Posted in: Asian coal plant drive threatens climate goals: report See in context

Experts see phasing out coal, which produces greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, as key in battling a climate crisis whose impacts -- ranging from species extinction to unliveable heat

Well, humans have been burning coal for multiple millennia, the human body is perfectly adapted to this gas, and not to mention CO2 is a life sustaining gas, this gas has not caused any species extinction, now without this gas there will be mass scale species extinction as for one majority of the flora will go extinct.

Now the greenhouse gases which are key in battling climate crisis are Methane and Nitrous oxide, the Oil/Gas/Beef/Fertilizer lobby ensures that these gases are never mentioned by these so called experts.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO promises turnaround for disgruntled shareholders See in context

5 out of 12 shareholders want Ghosn back...

Even if 12 out of 12 shareholders want him back, well that will never happen, he will never come back to Japan under any scenario.

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Posted in: India protests 'unfair' Tokyo Olympic rules for COVID-hit nations See in context

No need to come, just boycott, hopefully the other 11 and will follow suit.

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Posted in: Ultraconservative elected president in Iran See in context

This does nothing to change the fact that he was democratically elected.

Only in democratic countries you are democratically elected, there version of democracy is very different.

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Posted in: Israel swears in new coalition, ending Netanyahu's long rule See in context

It is long past time to break the grip of these hard right wing ultra-Orthodox..

When it comes to Israel's security everyone there is hard right wing ultra..does not matter which part or coalition.

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers, wary of Big Tech, propose antitrust overhaul See in context

No mention of Section 230, both Trump and Biden support it's removal.

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Posted in: Fans told to 'respect' England players over kneeling row See in context

Hmmm, so you're in favour of booing your country's national team moments before they kick off the Euros over a ten-second peaceful protest against discrimination, injustice and equality. Okay.

The players are all in favour

That kneeling relates to BLM, Antifa types, and there is nothing peaceful about them, and that's they are being booed,the players maybe are in favor of kneeling, but they are being forced to do this, they do not have any decision making authority.

It’s clear to me that we are heading for a much more tolerant and understanding society.

It might not feel like it at times, but it’s true. The awareness around inequality and the discussions on race have gone to a different level in the last 12 months alone.

I am confident that young kids of today will grow up baffled by old attitudes and ways of thinking.

There is nothing tolerant about BLM, Antifa types, they are all about mass looting's, mass violent protests,destruction of property and everything along those lines..that's what everyone saw in the last 12 months and hence the booing, now if BLM, Antifa had been about non violent mass peaceful protest, nobody would have booed.

The awareness around inequality and the discussions on race have gone to a different level, definitely yes..but given the intolerant nature of these protest..this will definitely not lead to a tolerant and understanding society, it will divide the society..and that's the idea behind these violent protest.

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Posted in: China cautions G7 that 'small' groups don't rule the world See in context

The days when global decisions were dictated by a small group of countries are long gone

They have a point, but to make that point they need to transition from communist dictatorship to democratic leadership, and that will not happen..because if that happens we get to see the real China.

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Posted in: Minister admits coercing Olympics app developer into cutting costs See in context

What? There should have been a public tender for multiple contractors, not one, with the govt choosing the one (from a field of several) offering the best product at the best price. At least, that's how developed countries do procurement

Well if they had taken that route, than foreign contractors would have jumped into the fray and if the selection was solely based on best product and price, would have got the contract, an Indian IT contractor would have done this for 5M, probably less.

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Posted in: Photos show Chinese rover on dusty, rocky Martian surface See in context

Perfectly lit: sunlight, which is vastly more powerful than studio lighting. This has been well understood in photography for close to 2 centuries, and providing perfectly lit shots for just as long.

Where are you seeing technological obstacles to simply taking a high-quality photograph of the Martian surface with 21st century equipment and returning that data to Earth?

The cameras on spacecraft/orbiters/landers/rovers are not designed for perfectly lit high-quality photographs, they are designed for science photographs, and these have application specific set of optics, like hazcams, navcams, mastcams, chemcams etc, the photographs are taken and released as such with minimal processing.

The picture above is heavily processed almost to something a professional phographer would process via photoshop/lightroom etc.. does not look a scientfic or original photograph at all.

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Posted in: Pelosi calls for U.S., world leaders to boycott China's 2022 Olympics See in context

Just another example of these permanent Washington types, and not the president who are the actual decision makers..

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Posted in: Chinese spacecraft lands on Mars in latest advance for its space program See in context

Like it or not, China produces almost all of the most advanced computer components, electronics, all of the parts (capacitors, resistors, diodes, etc.) for PCB's in the world. NASA is using Chinese parts to go to Mars.

Yes, but none of the science and technology behind that is parallel they copy/steal the blueprints of these products and in no time you similar Chinese products..

Call it fake news or stolen technology isn't going to make more Americans go to grad school in the sciences and engineering, which are full of Chinese and foreign students at US universities.

Now why are the science streams in the US universities full of Asians, why are Chinese students going to US universities and not Chinese why is Chine unable to copy the US education system..what's the catch...

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Posted in: Israeli strike on Gaza kills 10; unrest spreads to West Bank See in context

Nakba, or "catastrophe, is when over 750,000 Palestinians were forcefully displaced and expelled from their homes by the Israeli Zionist government from 1947 to 1949, creating the worlds largest refugee humanitarian crisis in the world.

That is accurate, literally living like refugees on there own land.. but Israel did not create Israel..the British did that..and not only Israel, most of the boundaries in the middle east were carved out by the British and the French as they saw fit...and that's one reason why that region is always in some conflict or another.

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Posted in: Israeli strike on Gaza kills 10; unrest spreads to West Bank See in context

This is funny. Inaccurate, but funny.

Nothing inaccurate, start with the 2007 conflict/split between the two groups... finding this funny,.now that is funny..

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Posted in: Israeli strike on Gaza kills 10; unrest spreads to West Bank See in context

The people of Gaza are not allowed to export their farm produce. Not allowed to fish in the sea. Not allowed to extract the oil and gas off its coast. Really, Gaza is the world's largest prison camp.

Yes, that happened after Hamas took over control of Gaza in 2007, compare this to the West Bank where the economy has considerably improved since 2007.

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Posted in: Israeli strike on Gaza kills 10; unrest spreads to West Bank See in context

Hamas does not represent the majority of Palestinians..

Good Point, the Fatah group represents majority of the Palestinians and they can live in peace and co-existence with their neighbors, it's the militant Hamas group (backed by Iran) which does not want any peace, and is the reason for this conflict.

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Posted in: Misinformation surges amid India's COVID-19 calamity See in context

What news sources do you suggest?

Sure.. for COVID start with Corona Odometer site and than lookup the details with the respective agencies for that country, like the CDC in the US..and than than seacrh for some neutral analysis of this pandemic..not easy as google search will be dominated by MSM, mostly left aligned.. but you will come across articles like these.. and always avoid "narrative" styled articles..which unfortunately dominate the news business.

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Posted in: Singapore tightens virus curbs after infections spike See in context

5.7 million citizens, 61.000 cases so far and 31 deaths.

Nope, 3.5 million citizens.. rest are all foreigners..lots of them.. majority of cases among the foreign construction workers who live in cramped dormitories where the living conditions are...

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Posted in: Misinformation surges amid India's COVID-19 calamity See in context

Who to believe, some anonymous right-wing internet poster or a reputable news agency

Sure, your sources are mostly left aligned "reputable" news agencies, so go with them.. or maybe for once may want to do a neutral assesment of the actual ground situation.. not easy as the "reputable" news agencies are the easy way out.

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Posted in: Misinformation surges amid India's COVID-19 calamity See in context

and political rallies for Modi's Hindu nationalist party.

Standard narrative, no mention of political rallies of other parties..

vaccine rollout has faltered and public anger and mistrust have grown.

vaccine rollout was/is going fine..vaccine export was stopped..the vaccine export has definitely faltered, hope the vaccine factory of the world India bans all vaccine exports, maybe than the narrative based dis-information will change..

All of the propaganda, misinformation and conspiracy ..

Sure, lots of it, and all directed at Modi..

Satyanarayan Prasad saw the video about lemon juice and believed it. The 51-year-old resident of the state of Uttar Pradesh distrusts modern medicine and has a theory..

This article itself is promoting this propaganda and misinformation...

Much of the misinformation travels on WhatsApp..

Yes.. this misinformation tool should be immediately banned..

False claims can discourage people from getting vaccines, seeking the doctor’s help, or taking the virus seriously..

That's again propaganda and misinformation, people are lining up to get vaccinated, 176M already have the shot, COVID hospitals were at full capacity, as everyone with symptoms was seeking doctor's help, now as the cases are going down the hospital occupancy has started easing up. This article itself is promoting propaganda, misinformation and conspiracy.

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Posted in: More than 4,000 Indians die of COVID-19 for second straight day See in context

Bodies have washed up in the Ganges, the river that flows through the state, as crematoriums are overwhelmed and wood for funeral pyres is in short supply..

May want to lookup that first that was a fake photoshop..wood for funeral pyres in short supply, what?? and what about all the burials... guess there is no land for burials to... these 100% fake statements are simply mind boggling.

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Posted in: More than 4,000 Indians die of COVID-19 for second straight day See in context

Modi's brand of Hindu nationalism owns a goodly part of the breakdown of the Indian health services by impeding the implementation of the proper prophylactic measures to stop the spread of Covid-19.


In desperation, some Hindu devotees are now even turning to the holy cow for salvation, slathering themselves from head to toe with bucket loads of dung for protection against the invisible virus. When superstition trumps science, the "Darwin Award" awaits those who have thrown common sense to the wind.

The standard Modi haters and the standard narrative... posting similar comments again and post something factual and believable. So only Santana Dharma (Hindu's) are afftected by COVID, Muslims,Christians and other religions apparently have not been affected, lovely.. keep on hating...

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Posted in: More than 4,000 Indians die of COVID-19 for second straight day See in context

The situation is particularly bad in rural areas of Uttar Pradesh, India's most populous state with a population of over 230 million. Television pictures have shown families weeping over the dead in rural hospitals or camping in wards to tend the sick.

100% fake news... that state is managing the pandemic much better than many other Indian states, anyone interested could look-up the state wise data in the below link, click on State Data.

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Posted in: More than 4,000 Indians die of COVID-19 for second straight day See in context

Daily and Active cases have started falling and now the focus shifts to deaths..macbre hate styled fear mongering reporting at its best.

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Posted in: Israel, Hamas trade deadly fire as confrontation escalates See in context

This is a common strategy for forces that are far outnumbered and out-equipped by the opposing force. That doesn’t make it morally correct, though.

There is no justification in hiding behind civilian population..none.. Israel as such has the moral high ground.

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Posted in: Israel, Hamas trade deadly fire as confrontation escalates See in context

Not counting the nine children killed by the IDF yesterday, Israel has killed 2,113 Palestinian children in the last twenty years.

These Hamas freedom fighters, militants or whatever are always hiding in the civilian population.. the MO is very simple, fire the rockets from the civilian population, and let the Israeli counter strike do the obvious and than blame Israel for the massive civilian deaths... and in this they have been very successful.

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Posted in: Johnson seeks to bolster economy as Queen Elizabeth opens new parliament session See in context

When the queen begins, "my government"

Good point

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Posted in: Johnson seeks to bolster economy as Queen Elizabeth opens new parliament session See in context

There is virtually no voter fraud in the UK (one case in 2019) so this is simply an attempt to disenfranchise an estimated 2m people whose ID photo is unclear,

If there is no voter fraud than there should be no issue with the voterID, and why these 2m do not have a clear photoID, would this be a reference to the illegal immigrants..

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