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mrtinjp comments

Posted in: Arizona indicts 18 in case over 2020 election in Arizona, including Giuliani and Meadows See in context

Why is it in the news?

That is the left styled narrative, which is news for some..keep reading such news.

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Posted in: 63 doctors, dentists sue Google for keeping reviews they say are unfair See in context

Or you can get a filling done for about 6000 yen

Not 6000 yen but 60,000 yen upwards...

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Posted in: Biden suggests he may block Nippon Steel deal, seeks to triple tariffs on Chinese steel See in context

Just making some noise, none of this will happen, not under Biden anyway.

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Posted in: Biden opposes plan to sell U.S. Steel to Nippon Steel, citing need for 'American steel workers' See in context

Biden has a close relationship with the United Steelworkers. He gave the union members “personal assurances" that he has their backs, according to a February statement by the union about Nippon Steel's plans. 

Nice try, should have spoken immediately after Nippon steel made this public, DT has the lead on this one and this will not change, going forward need to be more proactive...

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Posted in: UK government unveils new extremism definition See in context

 as church leaders warned it risked disproportionately affecting Muslim communities.

Classic artificial narrative.. good to see Sunak is finally addressing this problem..

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Posted in: Wronged UK postmasters to have convictions quashed See in context

Well Sunak got this one right, now force Fujitsu to compensate every single individual who was impacted..

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Posted in: Pope Francis' 'white flag' comment met by criticism from Ukraine and its allies See in context

I'm sure the mothers of 1 million dead Russian soldiers must love Putin's war of aggression against NATO.

Why not make it 10 million, the narrative will be more convincing...

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Posted in: Sinead O'Connor's estate asks Donald Trump to stop playing her music at rallies See in context

The estate of Sinead O’Connor

Estate of Sinead O’Connor or Shuhada Sadaqat...one messed up individual, DT definitely does not need to play her music..

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Posted in: Singapore PM defends exclusive deal to lure Taylor Swift See in context

That Singapore is run like a business conglomerate, no surprises here.

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Posted in: Anti-Muslim hate speech soars in India, research group says See in context

Elections are coming and the usual narrative based disinfo... India Hate Lab.. well at-least name it something more convincing..

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Posted in: Private lander touches down on the moon but sending weak signal See in context

*Intuitive Machines, the company that built and managed the craft, confirmed that it had landed upright.*

Well given the state of the Japanese lander, this is the first thing every Moon lander mission will have to confirm first, good job.. let the Moon race begin..

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Posted in: Hong Kong convicts four over 2019 legislature storming See in context

It tooks UK decades to develop this world class financial hub

It tooks UK decades to develop this world class colony, all aligned to british interest, just look at the flag with the lady...

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Posted in: Who invented butter chicken? Indian judge to rule on dispute over global favourite See in context

Hinduism always says that meat is okay if no alternative...

No such thing, there is no concept of meat in original Hinduism, In the sub-continent you do not have a no alternative scenario, vegetarian food is always available.

The vast majority of Hindus are vegetarian..

Not vast majority, but maybe close to majority, but that number is steadily increasing and will definitely be majority soon..

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Posted in: Air pollution and politics pose cross-border challenges in South Asia See in context

This time of the year, it's less of smog and more of fog, that smog is caused by stubble burning, and that stubble is burned because it is not usable, and it is not usable because of the combine harvester which renders the stubble unusable and as a result this is burned, prior to the combine harvester there was only fog and no smog. None of the so called experts cited in this article are aware of this basic fact..

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Posted in: Top U.N. court orders Israel to prevent genocide in Gaza but stops short of ordering cease-fire See in context

There were 30,000 Hamas fighters. 9,000 have been killed..

Well if that is the case, than Netanyahu will not stop until they are close to that 30K mark..

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Posted in: Japan says SLIM moon probe achieved 'pinpoint' landing See in context

Although the probe appears to be lying upside-down.

Classic media management, the lander is upside down, wonder if they will display this picture in JAXA office.

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Posted in: Japan says there is possibility moon lander power can be restored See in context

No mention that the lander flipped over, let's hope they are brave enough to release the rovers picture of the lander.

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Posted in: Mac at 40: User experience was the innovation that launched a technology revolution See in context

There are only two types of Windows users: gamers and those who have never used a Mac

Right, high majority of the enterprise business users are all on Windows, close to 70% market share..

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Posted in: LA Times staff walk out over job cut threats See in context

The LATimes has a core of dedicated, talented researcher/writers 

yeah. mostly narrative based disinfo, and one could say one of the best out there..

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Posted in: Netanyahu rejects any Palestinian sovereignty in postwar Gaza, rebuffing Biden See in context

After Netanyahu's statement, a spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called for the United States to go further. "It is time for the United States to recognize the state of Palestine, not just talk about a two-state solution,” Nabil Abu Rudeineh said in a statement.

Well that spokesman speaks for PNA and definitely not Hamas, Hamas does not want a two-state solution, as they do not recognize Israel, PNA officially needs to state that they do not recognize Hamas.. than they have a point.

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Posted in: Japan joins elite club by landing on the moon. What are others doing? See in context

But the Two rovers have deployed..

Well upside down is not a successful landing... and should be called out... now how will they do this...

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Posted in: Japan joins elite club by landing on the moon. What are others doing? See in context

The lander is upside down, and if the solar panels did not deploy, than probably dead by now. Need another mission and get the landing right.


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Posted in: The training that saved JAL passengers was worth every yen See in context

"JAL's training and facilities for emergency evacuation are considerably above those of other carriers," he boasted..

Well the emergency evacuation's are the norm everywhere, they were just lucky this time, If the coast guard plane was a C130, the collision would have been ... just got lucky with the size of the CG plane.

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Posted in: Netanyahu says he has told U.S. he opposes Palestinian state in any postwar scenario See in context

Of course he opposes a Palestinian state..

The Hamas types oppose/do not recognise Israel, as such Israel has followed suit..

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Posted in: As diversity, equity and inclusion comes under legal attack, U.S. companies quietly alter their programs See in context

Equality of opportunity does not exist in the US. Racism still rules many workplaces and too many governmental institutions.

Equality of opportunity does exist in the US, that is why the US is at the top of list of any immigrant, the american dream has been a blockbuster success, this diversity thing is though undermining that dream.

As for governmental institutions, well that you will find in every country, as merit is not the only criteria..

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Posted in: Japan bad train manners survey reminds us of three things to watch out for while riding the rails See in context

If Japan's trains had these, instead of just long benches...

And how much travel have you done in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok systems, example the Singapore MRT seats are literally hard plastic benches, when it comes to metro I will take the Japan metro anytime..

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Posted in: Fujitsu in firing line over UK Post Office scandal See in context

Four people took their own lives and dozens of those since exonerated died without seeing their names cleared

This is literally criminal, hope real justice prevails...

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Posted in: Fujitsu in firing line over UK Post Office scandal See in context

Fujitsu is a company that got where it did not through merit but through preferential treatment..

Nothing hew here, that's the case with most Japanese firms, fair play, merit, healthly competetion is not

how they bag projects.

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Posted in: Escaped passengers recall tense moments in Japan Airlines jet blaze See in context

There shouldn't be two airplane facing each other on the same runway, that's what really happening here..

Yes, the much bigger size of the JAL plane is what saved all the passengers..

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Posted in: Israeli strikes in central Gaza kill at least 35 as Netanyahu says war will continue for months See in context

tent camps near the border with Egypt..

Well Egypt could open it's borders, but given the Jordan experience with them, they won't...

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