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Posted in: Over 160,000 coronavirus cases reported every day in past week, a record: WHO See in context

The global coronavirus pandemic is accelerating..

And so are the recoveries..

With over 511,000 deaths and more than 10.5 million known infections worldwide..

The usual fear mongering.. why not mention the weekly/monthly recovery rate.. the world wide recovery rate is around 92%..out of that 10.5 million almost 6 million have already recovered, the current infections are around 4.5 million. Tedros's focus should be on what should be done to ensure your immune system is healthy, this is as simple as modifying your nutrition intake.. but give the global pharma stakes he will never do it.

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Posted in: What happens if no coronavirus vaccine is found? See in context

Well the current world wide recovery rate is around 92%, the virus is no longer as lethal it was 2-2.5 months back, if this trend continues, a vaccine may not be required at all.

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And I was quite fearful that it would hit Third World countries especially hard. And I was surprised when initially, they seem to get off fairly unscathed. I saw some guy saying that COVID-19 would affect India the hardest. Well it looks like his prediction came true unfortunately

Initially, they seem to get off fairly unscathed because there is not much people movement between China and these countries, China is all west focused and hence the people what does that tell you.

As for India, the cases per million and CFR are very less when compared to US or west European countries, India given its challenges is so far doing fine, Ayurveda as I mentioned is playing a big part in recovery and now the "cure" drug is also available.. but getting negative publicity (via paid media) by big pharma firms. Also high majority of the infections/deaths are in three states only. One more thing, majority of the infections/deaths are happening in that peacefull community, off-course no media will report this type of fact.

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The fact that China, being a authoritarian country and all, was able to implement sweeping lockdown measures without much debate. While most of the time that’s terrible, in this instance it was very helpful.

How do know it was helpful, you don't actually believe there numbers do you...

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The usual fear mongering article. Now lets look at the facts, 308K out of the 526K are already recovered and discharged, average 95% of the infected are recovering fine within 2-3 weeks, which given the population is remarkable, also 80-85% of the dead had prior medical conditions, and yes Ayurveda is playing a big part in the recovery. None of this is mentioned in this article.

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The left media's Covid factual distortion seems to perfectly fit the WHO fear mongering narrative, Tedros seems to have no interest in how many have recovered, and only seems interested in the overall infected numbers, and using this to drive the agenda of his paymasters.

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Posted in: Facial recognition: IT and police in delicate dance See in context

Reporters are supposed to know the inner workings of facial recognition technology?

Definitely, that's what a technology reporter should be doing..

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Posted in: Virus cases surge in U.S., worldwide, but slow in China, Korea See in context

mrtinip, 467,000 confirmed dead people would like a word with you

Well you should start by looking up the number of worldwide deaths which happen every month/6 months/annually due to different medical conditions,example Ischaemic heart disease and stroke results in average 15 million deaths annually, now look at road accidents ,as per WHO around 1.35 million die annually in road accidents alone. In-fact the number of road accidents have gone down sharply due to the Covid lock down.

High majority (85-90%) of those who have died had other medical conditions, since they also had Covid, the cause of death was/is marked as Covid. This AP reporter should have headlined the virus recovery rate, which are improving, the focus should be on the active cases not adding the recovered with the active cases, that's how you instill fear, and this I guess is required to force you to take the vaccine, now the folks in who are very complicit with the pharmaceutical reports like this are all inline..just connect the dots.

The current active cases would be those where the virus was detected in the last 4-5 weeks, high majority (90-95%) will recover fine within 2-3 weeks, the deadly phase of the virus has definitely going down and that's why the countries are opening up, in all probability a vaccine may not be required at all.

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Posted in: Facial recognition: IT and police in delicate dance See in context

The face needs to be visible for the facial technology to work, with the current worldwide requirement of facial mask, this technology will have serious limitations, the AFP reporter should have known better.

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Posted in: Virus cases surge in U.S., worldwide, but slow in China, Korea See in context

Just another paid article to instill fear, this virus is no longer as deadly it was earlier ,now it is more like in the category of flu, the recovery rates are improving, high majority (90-95%) auto-recover and are discharged within 2-3 weeks.

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Posted in: Bolton says North Korea's Kim laughing at Trump See in context

Wow, I thought Bolton was a patriot, he is not, he is another proof that neocons are not part of the Trump team but are actually aligned with the radical left.. Trump2020!

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Posted in: Who's in charge at Nissan? COO's allies push to give him shared CEO role See in context

Indian people are best CEOs, honest, capable, and most importantly don't work for their government!

They are very capable, as for honesty, well at that level, honesty or lack of it is legalized so it's debatable as to what is honest or not, and yes they definitely do not work for their government.

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Posted in: Amazon stops police using its face-recognition tech for one year See in context

With the face mask requirement, the facial recognition technology is anyway not going to work, and that's the primary reason they are fine with this.

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Posted in: adidas promises 30% of new U.S. hires will be black or Latino See in context

adidas employees had recently criticized the company for not doing enough to combat racial discrimination

Racial discrimination is never going to be overcome by racial hiring, the result will be exact opposite as those hired based on skillsets will compete with those w/o, and this will not stop here as race will again be a factor in future promotions.. and this will slowly and subtly destroy the work culture in the company.

Instead of funding a basketball program think about funding the education of all those locked up in jails (majority are blacks), this will go a long way in helping them to get there life back on track.

Talking about basketball, now that is the main issue in that community as the role models are either basketball/football players,boxers, athletes, actors, rappers etc, doctors/engineers/scientists are role models only for a few, now this is cultural and that's what needs to change.

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Posted in: Zoom suspends U.S.-based activists' account after Tiananmen event See in context

Many enterprises are already using zoom conferencing and many are planning to move to zoom. So they will either need to start looking at alternatives asap, or wait for an outright ban on zoom and than scramble for an alternative.

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Posted in: Japan to adopt selective, rather than blanket, approach in coronavirus tests See in context

And lest we forget, a whole lot of "pneumonia" or other deaths of people that have already been rushed through cremation were very likely Covid-19 (proof of that is that 11 that were tested after much pressure turned out to be positive, but COD had been labelled as something else).

Yes,that's the thing, In most of the countries high majority of the dead also had other medical conditions, but since they also had Covid-19, the COD was labelled as Covid-19, here it is the exact opposite, any other medical condition is labelled as COD.

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Posted in: Trump calls for delay in G-7 meeting; seeks expansion with Russia, S Korea, Australia, India See in context

No need to expand the membership, just replace the not so relevant members like Italy,Japan, Canada, France with Russia, Australia, South Korea and India.

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They saw this coming and (Page and Brin) have almost completely disappeared from public view, Pichai is the one facing the heat and in all probability will be scapegoated, wonder if he saw this coming.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor asks residents to grocery shop only every 3 days See in context

Jacek AdamczykApr. 24 06:54 am JST

Deadly virus?

80 percent of people infected have no symptoms. People who are mostly older and or with preexisting illnesses, for them it may be deadly in some cases..

Yep, If only the people with symptoms were reported..this would be like the flu.. this virus is though highlighting the need for a healthy immune system and that's the case with those 80 percent. i.e there immune system will take care of the virus, they will not need any future vaccine.

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Posted in: Essential services to run in Tokyo even in state of emergency: Koike See in context

The number of younger people (20s to 50s) being infected is increasing...

The virus fortunately is not very fatal for the younger population, those infected in this age range have generally recovered fine. Its the grey population, especially over 70 who are bearing the brunt and more most susceptible, these folks need to self isolate..

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Posted in: Essential services to run in Tokyo even in state of emergency: Koike See in context

@Mirai Hayashi: Shut down public transportation? - You are living in LaLa land.

How do you expect younger Doctors. Nurses, Pharmacists, Supermarket Workers, Garbage Collectors etc to get to work?

Its not shutdown for folks working in essential services..

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Posted in: Tokyo governor says people can enjoy cherry blossoms next year See in context

It is impossible to prevent large cities with their populations from going out.

Quarantining a village or very small town yes but millions of people no.

Uh, New York? Milan? Wuhan? Madrid?

Seems it is possible.

Yes, India with more than a billion population is currently under 3 week lock down, definitely possible.

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Italy has had a high proportion of Chinese tourists visiting that have passed on infections to the Italians-simple as that...


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Posted in: Malaysian PM Mahathir sends resignation letter to king See in context

Well foreign relations was not his forte..relations with singapore, us, india nosedived to a extent where india even banned exports from Malayasia.. not to mention walking a islamist line.. good to see he is finally retired.

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Kicking off a whirlwind 36-hour visit to India that emphasizes pageantry over policy, U.S. President Donald Trump received a warm welcome

The usual left styled journalism, know nothing, anyone following these two will know that tough trade talks and corresponding policy change changes are on the table.

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Posted in: No handshakes at meet and greet? Tech show adapts to virus See in context

The namaste is the best replacement for handshake, no issue of soft or strong handshake, equally respectfull to all.

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Posted in: What if the United States had not used atomic weapons? See in context

Well the Japanese imperial army leadership owed there allegiance to the emperor, all the US had to was to either kidnap and take the emperor as PoW or take him out, and that would have ended the war right there, as the only option for the imperial army leadership would have been than to either surrender or commit seppuku.

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Posted in: Man wearing fake bomb stabs 2 in London; shot dead by police See in context

Would that include Thomas Mair, the right-wing fanatic who murdered MP Jo Cox, and the right-wing fanatic Darren Osborne who murdered a Muslim grandfather outside a Finsbury Park mosque? Or does your fantastic plan only apply to Muslims?

This should apply to any fanatic, jihadi, right-wing, warmonger etc..

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Posted in: 5 Japanese evacuees from Wuhan taken to hospital; 2 have pneumonia See in context

Banning the trade in wild animals is a good first step, and encouraging people to not eat them is even better. But why temporary?

Yeah, this finally forced folks to switch to vegetarian diet, veggies are fast disappearing or simply not available in the affected areas.

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Posted in: Japan classifies new-virus pneumonia as designated infectious disease See in context

So this virus finally forced folks to switch to vegetarian diet, prices of vegetables have sky rocketed in the affected areas..

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