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Posted in: Complete list of WWII U.S. internees of Japanese descent unveiled See in context

Sadly, in the current state of affairs, in the US today, it already IS happening in a manner of speaking. THe immigrants looking to enter the US from South and Central America are being held in "containment" camps and facilities.

Well the Japanese in the US were all legal immigrants/citizens, these immigrants from South and Central America are all illegal immigrants, there is no comparison, none.

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Posted in: Hong Kong replaced by Singapore as Asia's top finance center See in context

"Great. So maybe I'll go soon. Singapore is fun for a couple of days"

That's the catch "couple of days", try living/working there, you will immediately run back to Japan.

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Posted in: U.S. Army's Pacific commander wants to keep rocket launchers at frontline Japanese base See in context

Nice! After their stellar performance against Putin's invasion force, HIMARS now strike fear into the hearts of current and reformulated communists equipped with stone-age Soviet weaponry. LOL.

Standard propaganda and a very pathetic one, Russian weaponry is stone age, right, try to do better than this..

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Posted in: U.S. Army's Pacific commander wants to keep rocket launchers at frontline Japanese base See in context

*The only country "ratcheitng up tensions" is China.*

Yeah, and the War mongerer's keep adding the fuel, as they want this conflict at any cost...

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Posted in: After a lifetime of preparation, Charles takes the throne See in context

Charles, who will be the head of state for the U.K. and 14 other countries, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea..

In 2018, he was named the queen’s designated successor as head of the Commonwealth, an association of 54 nations with links to the British Empire.

Refresher for anyone who thought that colonialism had ended...

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth's death: Reaction from world leaders See in context


"Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will be remembered as a stalwart of our times

While Modi is walking the politically correct line, his foreign minister was/is openly speaking on the $45 trillion the British looted from India, matter of time before he starts walking the reparations line..

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth II dies at 96 See in context

RIP...time to look ahead and as a first get rid of colonial legacy Commonwealth.

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Posted in: Did Twitter ignore basic security measures? A cybersecurity expert explains a whistleblower's claims See in context

Well, that's it for twitter, bye.

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Posted in: Japan protests to Russia over military exercises with China See in context

The Soya Strait is NOT between Honshu and Hokkaido. It is between Sakhalin and Hokkaido. Who writes this crap? Obviously someone whose geography lessons failed miserably.

That's the AP narrative, In the narrative facts are subtly modified to favor one side, in this case Japan.

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Posted in: Barack Obama: president, Nobel laureate, and now an Emmy winner See in context

Oh and dinesh voluntarily pleaded guilty and was convicted. As I recall the crime wasn’t “disliking a book”.

Oh.. so you know and followed that case, in that case you know that the only option he had was to plead guilty, that is they forced him to cut a deal.. else the legal ramifications would have been much stiffer.

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Posted in: Barack Obama: president, Nobel laureate, and now an Emmy winner See in context

The former two-term U.S. president had already won a pair of Grammy Awards -- for audio versions of his memoirs "The Audacity of Hope" and "Dreams from My Father"

Well could have also added that any critique of these memoirs landed you into legal ramifications, the conservative commentator Dinesh D'Souza found it out the hard way.

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Posted in: Barack Obama: president, Nobel laureate, and now an Emmy winner See in context

And what did he get the Nobel for, guess that goes for most awards in the community.

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Posted in: Bollywood seeks boost with 'Forrest Gump' remake See in context

Kulkarni would only say that his script was a "beautiful story...

How is a re-make a.k.a copied script a beautiful story, nothing original comes out of the so called Bollywood these days, sun is anyway setting on this gangster controlled industry, In it's next iteration hopefully we get to watch some authentic original stuff.

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Posted in: The age has ended when simply producing quality items without making other efforts leads to good sales. See in context

Even in automobiles, Japanese brand now compete on prices while Korean brand competes on quality and performance.

I will second that, even in India the Japanese brands are mostly catering to the low budget segment, while Korean brands are competing on quality, performance, design, features..and fast closing the gap with the European premium segment..

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Posted in: Russia to drop out of International Space Station after 2024 See in context

*Former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, who spent 340 continuous days aboard the International Space Station in 2015 and 2016, said that the Russian statement “could be just more bluster,” noting that ”after 2024" is vague and open-ended.*

Yep, 2024 election results will determine the final decision..

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Posted in: In India, 1.5 million engineering students graduate every year, making the country a hub of highly skilled tech talent. See in context

Yeah, right.

"average annual salary of IT engineers in Japan is at ¥4.53 million....

I am talking about the average salaries of the skilled engineers, there is big difference between the skilled engineers and the average engineers.

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Posted in: Twitter, in Musk fight, posts surprising drop in revenue See in context

with the number of people using the platform on the rise..

The number of people using other similar platforms is definitely on the rise, on Twitter this rise would the fake bot accounts. Musk's agenda it seems was to expose these fake bot accounts which could be as high if not more than 50%. Now Twitters 90% revenue is based on advertisements, this drop is probably due to Twitter loosing its appeal as the advertising medium.

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Posted in: Toyota's Japan flagship Crown car to debut on global markets See in context

Looks like a last ditch effort, unless they can come up with EV equivalent's and that too in 1-2 yrs.. they will follow the same path as Japanese electronics companies..

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Posted in: In India, 1.5 million engineering students graduate every year, making the country a hub of highly skilled tech talent. See in context

If they're lucky, they'll get a 2 year visa. If they're really lucky, they'll get a 2 year extension, and then hold to go home and never come back.

Plus, 180,000 yen a month for doing highly specialized work 60 hours a week..

No such thing, for the skilled the avg salaries start between 10-15M, and PR option is available after 3 yrs.. but majority of the skilled types do not stay and either move to US/Australia or go back to India..

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Posted in: Masks could return to Los Angeles as COVID surges nationwide See in context

Halving his weight would do far more to protect him than wearing a mask.

Which is fine, but not exactly as easily done. Lots of people are also at an increased risk by smoking but saying they should just quit is not going to solve that problem.

In most cases over eating, smoking addiction are mental states.. does not take much to change that lifestyle.. thanks in part to this virus, many so many have changed there lifestyle.

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Posted in: Twitter sues to force Musk to complete his $44 bil acquisition See in context

Discovery phase will force Twitter to prove their ludicrous “only 5% bots” claim to that court.

Yep, that's the thing, these fake a/c's are much much higher, eg. almost 50% of Biden's followers on twitter are these fake a/c's...

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Posted in: Webb telescope reveals deepest image of early universe See in context

Webb compiled the composite shot in 12.5 hours, achieving well beyond what its predecessor the Hubble Space Telescope could in weeks

Not weeks but about 11 days, not very different from Hubble's UDF, now exoplanets is where JWST will make the difference, Tabby's star will be a good start.

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Posted in: Australia expands 4th COVID dose rollout amid fresh Omicron threat See in context

Which means that the vaccine No 1, 2 and 3 do not protect us now from getting hospitalized...

Dawn of realization is finally kicking-in, your healthy immune system is what will protect you, now If the immune system has gone south, then the vaccine will only temp delay but will not protect from hospitalization..

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Posted in: G7 leaders united behind Ukraine; aim at Kremlin oil money See in context

And yet, somehow the influence of the G7 has resulted in Russia unable to pay its debts...

Well the US debt is around 23 trillion, it will never get paid, debts in most cases are re-structured and as such are never paid.

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Posted in: G7 leaders united behind Ukraine; aim at Kremlin oil money See in context

The G7 can do little to influence Russia.

Thew anti-west, pro-Russian war-hawks are pleased..

It's not about Russia, it's about the influence of this G7..which in today's world is close to none.. China and India now have far more influence than G7 combined.

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Posted in: Ukraine ignores Sievierodonetsk ultimatum; urges faster arms deliveries See in context

The US far-right - just call them the Neville Chamberlain's of the 21st century....

Afraid to stand up to a bloody tyrant killing innocent men, women and children...

That would be the far left...have no clue what's so ever on how to deal directly...and yes many left aligned commentators are openly suggesting that this would have never happened under DT.

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Posted in: With a record 6 teams, Asian confederation resets goals for World Cup See in context

*Six no-hopers and Italy watching it on the telly. I know it's the World Cup but this just seems wrong.*

Well, past successes do not auto qualify, you need to win the qualifiers to qualify, let's hope some underdogs reach the quarter/semi finals.

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Posted in: Global nuclear arsenal to grow for first time since Cold War: think-tank See in context

Unrealistic. However, I do believe that any country that has nuclear weapons and threatens to use them to get their way should indeed be designated as a terrorist, and sanctioned if not be removed from the UN.

Well, going by this logic the US should have been removed from the UN long time back, right.

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Posted in: High grain prices prompt Japanese farmers to grow wheat rather than rice See in context

well so much for gluten free

Well wheat w/o gluten is not wheat..If gluten is an issue..than don't eat wheat.

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Posted in: Ukrainian defenders dig in as Russia lines up more firepower See in context

I was very displeased that The Put chose A.V. Dvornikov, dubbed “the butcher of Syria,” to command Russian troops in Ukraine. Under his command it is well documented that chemical weapons and air strikes were used against civilian populations in Syria, resulting in thousands of civilian casualties.

Classic western propaganda.... russian intervention in Syria is what eliminated ISIS..

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