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Posted in: Johnson says he has won a big mandate for Brexit See in context

It's just like I said. The majority of seats, but not votes.

The Cons together with the other pro-Brexit parties at the moment have 45.7% of the votes, that's less than the Leavers-who-must-be-obeyed got in the 2016 vote. That looks to me like the opposite of a powerful new mandate, more like another 'Oops, first-past-the-post doesn't reflect the Will of the People' moment.

The anti-Brexit/pro-Remain parties jointly have 50.9% of the vote. That's the Will of the People.*

Well democratic elections do not work like that, majority of seats is what counts, and those majority of seats are won by winning the highest no of votes for each of those seats. The candidate who wins the highest number of votes for the seat wins.. it's not like the loosing candidates combine there does not work that way in any democratic election anywhere.

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Posted in: Aussie PM breaks silence on 'troubling' smoke crisis See in context

The haze is only from the smoke of the bushfires, Indonesian farmers burn land every year the smoke goes as far as Singapore then disappears when the fires are extinguished,

Well that haze from fires in Indonesia affects Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore and goes away when the fires burn out or the wind direction changes, further majority for these fires are peat fires which are not easily extinguished, this haze stays for weeks even months with the PSI level shooting into hazardous range. And yes these are not natural but man made fires, no relation to any CO2 styled climate change pseudo science.

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Posted in: Uber says it received over 3,000 reports of sexual assault in U.S. in 2018 See in context

In some countries such incidents are blown out of proportion while in others such incidents are simply not reported or subtly reported, kudos to Uber to reporting this kind of data.

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Posted in: Gunmen kill Japanese doctor, five Afghans See in context

However if you study the situation in Afghanistan, the time where the Taliban were in control (while not perfect) was a lot more peaceful than the current situation has been for the longest time. The Taliban are an interesting group often turning to violence to govern, however they left the general population relatively alone. It's once they were ousted that they became a lot more violent. That and the various leaders have all had their own philosophies about it, some more brutal than the others.It's kind of like the Yakuza in that they generally kept the other splinter groups in check.

And of you study the hard facts you will find out that the Taliban were created by the Jihadi pakistani military, and are all but state managed by them, every single terrorist act in Afghanistan carried out by Taliban is on behest of there controllers. This Taliban doesnot represet the true afghan fighters, they have been mostly been eliminated by them. It's no Yakuza but a brutal islamist organization.

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Posted in: White House says Trump won't participate in Wednesday's impeachment hearing See in context

Keep on it.. this impeachment theatrics will all but guarantee trump's re-election.

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Posted in: China-led Asian trade bloc pushes ahead as India drops out See in context

If you want to prosper, or maintain your standard of living, you have to find ways to actively and passively decouple from China and its global trade system..

Well that's what Trump is doing, Modi has also kick started this decoupling process, the B&R at one point will only be limited to the debt trap countries.

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Posted in: China-led Asian trade bloc pushes ahead as India drops out See in context

Well more than two-thirds of the total value of trade between India and China consists of Chinese exports to India, now trade trade with lower or even no tariffs would be a disaster, maybe after a decade India will move towards laissez-faire, but at this point definitely not.

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Posted in: Probe ordered into 'industrial scale ' slaughter of Australian racehorses See in context

I just hope no animal suffers undue cruelty in the process..

killing a animal is cruelty enough.

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These problems started to occur after Boeing started large-scale outsourcing of its manufacturing

Unfortunately this is not a manufacturing issue, had this been a manufacturing issue, it would have been easily fixed with the corresponding parts replaced free of cost by Boeing. This is a design issue and this is not out-sourced, permanently fixing the design issue will require one heck of ingenuity, any further issue with this aircraft..and it would be heading to the scrapyard.

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Posted in: Huawei CEO eager to cooperate with Japan amid U.S. fight See in context

Also, the Korean market isn't misleading. There is a reason Korea is the highest exporter of robotics and robotics research. Their main fields are robotics and ship building. There are a lot of companies that have shared researching agreements with Private South Korean robotics firms. Google self driving tech has a lot of patents and parts from multiple Korean firms. Who do you think spearheaded the robotics research for autonomous limbs for people?

The second most advanced robotics country is Singapore.

That is not accurate, in pure robotic research US is still the leader. As for Singapore, well they just provide the test bed environment for any tech company to test there technology/hardware in real time city environment, the local universities subtly collaborates so that they are in the loop for publishing research papers.

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Posted in: Huawei CEO eager to cooperate with Japan amid U.S. fight See in context

Ah, an ambiguous statement that's neglected to be quantified. Japan is doing everything you stated and more (autonomous vehicle 5G hardware). But you'd only know that if you researched about Japanese tech as much as you did South Korea

Well the 5G network equipment providers are Samsung, Nokia and Erricson, ZTE and Huawei are out, and no Japanese vendor.

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Posted in: Chinese state media slam NBA in free speech row See in context

And in other news Mumbai just hosted two NBA pre-season games, looks like prep work to develop alternate market.

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Posted in: Nissan names head of China business as new CEO See in context

Chinese are very open to new things, as long as Nissan has new ideas

That's the thing, the new idea's guy was arrested/jailed, cannot leave Japan and was dismissed from his position.. so the sun has set on new ideas and bailout would be in the horizon soon.

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Posted in: Actor George Takei's manga on internment promotes lesson for future See in context

"When Trump signed his first executive order, which was the Muslim travel ban, tens of thousands of Americans rushed to their airports all across the land to protest...

Well what happened during WWII and what is happening now has no correlation, first the Japanese Americans were in the US legally and not coming in illegally to the US, the scenario now is all about illegal immigration (from any country) via the southern border, the Muslim ban was never there, the ban was from few middle eastern countries which was anyway not allowed by the justice system. The situation in the illegal immigrants camps is the same as it was when say Obama / Bush were in office, so did the Japanese Americans living in the US complain and protest then.

So Mr Takei what's you take on no illegal immigration in the land of your forefathers, this should be allowed and embraced ? Your problem is with Trump right, When in the future a republican or democrat president is in the office and does exactly what Trump is doing, but does not speak or tweet about it, everything will be fine.

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Posted in: Singapore's 'fake news' law takes effect as critics sound alarm See in context

Well psychological targeting by social media firms is to achieve desired behavioral effect from a neutral and even hostile audience, just look at what Cambridge Analytica was doing, and in this psychological warfare anything could be thrown at you. Narrative based lies,deceit,subterfuge (fake news) is one of the primary tool. 

Authoritarian or Democracies, states have no option but to protect themselves, but then the authoritarian states themselves use trolls, and unless they transition to real democracies, will be consumed by the same fake news they subtly propagate.

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Posted in: Pakistan PM warns of war as Trump says India's leader as popular as Elvis Presley See in context

First, there are about 4.5 million Indian Americans, about a quarter of whom are under the legal age to vote.

Second, just about half of those who can vote are Hindu. Presuming all Indian Americans of Hindu descent are Hindu Nationalists is a dubious assumption at best. Indeed, the majority of Indian Americans identify as Democrat.

Well all Indian Americans are not of Hindu descent, many are Muslims and Christians, ohh yes..majority of those legal pakistani and bangladeshi identify themselves as Indians, It will take far more than 8 mins to get these facts..

Indeed, the majority of Indian Americans identify as Democrat..

And that is changing, they are now going red now, could start you fact checks with Dinesh D'Souza, Nikki Haley..

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Posted in: Pakistan PM warns of war as Trump says India's leader as popular as Elvis Presley See in context

Well Trump is eyeing the 4 million Indian American votes, and in all probability he will get these votes. As for Khan he is a puppet of his jihadi military masters, the IMF dictated austerity measures are in full effect as that country is almost bankrupt, had the Saudi prince not given his private jet for his travel, Khan may not have made it to the UN.

What possible benefit is Pakistan going to have now sending in terrorists when there..

That's him just confirming what his country has become, and since he has no powers, Modi has no interest in talking to him. Modi is waiting for Nawaz Sharif to become PM again, and then restart the talks..

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Posted in: Japanese rocket blasts off with batteries for space station See in context

semperfiToday 07:34 am JST

Once again Japan demonstrates its great progressive diplomacy working collaboratively in this venture with other nations : Russia, US and the UE.

Japan is truly the only Asian country that contributes with cutting edge technology and elegant statesmanship.

Looks like you are living in a alternate reality, progressive diplomacy and statesmanship is not there forte, had this been the case, all maritime disputes would have been resolved long ago. And speaking of statesmanship, Modi is the only one from Asia who is leading on this front.

All the cutting edge manned space technology has been developed by US, Russia and China (little bit) only, and speaking of Asian countries, both China and India are way ahead in space technology.

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Posted in: Trump, Modi vow relentless fight on extremists in mass rally See in context

Hong Kong was part of China until the Britain annex HK under duress as a result of the Opium Wars. The people were originally Chinese, other than the British overlords, and were treated as inferior to the ruling British and, were in fact, called coolies by the ruling British.

Yes, I am well aware of this fact, also how Opium was used to control and subjugate the population..

As China does not recognize dual citizenship, the British Nationals (overseas) are regarded as Chinese citizens

Yes, but since they have BNO (British national Overseas) passports, they can easily migrate to anywhere in the west, Canada and Australia are among the favorite destinations..

You claim that many have been "westernized" but by the clashes between pro-and anti-Chinese protesters shows, many still consider themselves Chinese and not "westernized". Protesters that want the Western lifestyle are free to leave HK and seek that lifestyle.

Well the protesters are fully westernized, this is due to the catholic western education, majority of them are Catholics and are fully westernized, they consider themselves more english than chinese, and no I am not making this up, this is a fact, some of my past western educated managers (chinese) always considered themselves more english than chinese. One more thing, why do you think majority of the HK locals have/prefer english first names, what does that tell you.

Now the pro-chinese protesters are the ones who have migrated from mainland China in the last 20 yrs, there protest is managed from the mainland, just like the anti-chinese protesters are subtly managed from abroad.

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Posted in: Trump, Modi vow relentless fight on extremists in mass rally See in context

So is this Trump's and the US approval of India's clamp down on Kashmiris'? It the US approving India's treatment of Kashmiris and the declaration of marshal law in Kashmir, the use of military force in Kashmir?

Which Kashmir are you referring to, PoK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) or the 5 districts of Kashmir on the Indian side ? If you mean all of Kashmir from a Indian perspective, than that is yet to happen, i.e. the Indian takeover of PoK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir). Now once that happens then you may have a point.

The situation is HK is very different in that the managed catholic protestors are also British nationals, they never were part of China, the land has gone to China, but the protestors are all but westernized, and most of them are fine re-locating to the west, since 1990 more than a million have already re-located.

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Posted in: Trump, Modi vow relentless fight on extremists in mass rally See in context

Pukey2Today 03:09 pm JST

That's funny, coming from a guy who just stood there and did nothing as governor of Gujerat when innocent Muslims were being murdered.

Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat and not Governor, and innocent Hindus were murdered in that Godhra training burning attack, following which the riots happened, do some homework, and yes all of this was planned to get rid of Modi, but Modi was/is a very strong grassroots leader, and knew exactly what was happening. No amount of deceit, subterfuge could dismantle him, he kept on winning local state elections and later national elections.

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Posted in: Trump, Modi vow relentless fight on extremists in mass rally See in context

No surprise that Trump and Modi get along so well. They're both arrogant bullies who dislike Muslims, and are happy to stir up fear and hate to accrue power.

They both hate the jihadi variants, and ever since Modi ended the medieval triple talaq (instant divorce), his vote share among the Muslim women and educated Muslims is steadiy increasing.

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Posted in: Apple launches iPhone 11 series in Japan See in context

Say what you will but Apple makes a far better product than any other manufacturer of electronic goods, for smartphones and tablets

Well the LCD/OLED on the iPhone is made by Samsung and is one generation behind the latest Samsung mobile, further Apple could not make AirPower work and went back the standard Qi contact pad charging, AirPower itself was bought from Power by Proxi (PbP) and re-branded by Apple as AirPower.

Aesthetically speaking, Apple products are much more pleasing to the eye.

Yep, that's what Apple has been selling since the 80's, a pleasing looking product, there core focus area always had been design and packaging, that's what the consumer sees and that is what they buy.

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Posted in: Facing U.S. ban, Huawei emerging as stronger tech competitor See in context

This company's foundation is all but based on stolen technology, and they are still doing it, and will do anything to get a edge over the competition, they are basically banned in the west, this is something they never ever expected.

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Posted in: Apple launches iPhone 11 series in Japan See in context

Japan is the only market to practically only buy iPhone, with Sharp and Sony being 2nd and 3rd but pretty far back in market share

Well Sharp and Sony mobiles are now basically in the retro category, wonder why are they still in this business.

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Posted in: Taliban suicide bombers kill 48 in Afghanistan See in context

The Great Orange Idiot was going to bring these terrorists to Camp David and fete them like kings - just like he'd do if he invited Kim Jong Un or Putin.

Meanwhile, our friends and allies who have shed blood with us are insulted or ignored.

Putin's and his Puppet's plan at work...

You need to wake up from cryo sleep, this has nothing to do with Putin or his Puppets. Do some homework, Taliban was created by the jihad oriented pakistani army, and is controlled and managed by them, every single attack is planned and executed by them, Trump or whoever advised him, finally realized what they were dealing with and rightly called off the talks.

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Posted in: Apple reveals triple-camera iPhone; $5 monthly streaming TV undercuts Disney See in context

Regardless of what the sales and marketing teams push, iPhones and others are using official wireless standards when they charge using the contact pad. That isn't spin.

Well, I can only advise you to go thru the WPC Qi and PMA contact charging standards.

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Posted in: Apple reveals triple-camera iPhone; $5 monthly streaming TV undercuts Disney See in context

From the Apple site itself:

Your iPhone 8 or later features integrated **wireless charging** that allows for an easy and intuitive charging experience.

Guess you have no idea of the mind boggling sales and marketing jargon used to describe technology, the marketing folks see that no wire is attached to the phone for charging, and viola now that's wireless charging. and that's how it is marketed, and this is not something unique to Apple, the sales and marketing twist the technical terms anyway they want to suite there branding etc..

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Posted in: Apple reveals triple-camera iPhone; $5 monthly streaming TV undercuts Disney See in context


Mate, contact pad charging is not a thing. It doesn't exist. Nobody advertises their phone as supporting 'contact pad charging'. That's just a diversion. Admit it: all current Apple iPhones have wireless charging.

Well that (contact pad charging) is what exists today, It is though marketed as wireless charging. Wireless charging where you can charge from a distance, like 10-15 feet away, does not exist. Very obvious that you cannot see beyond the marketing and sales jargon, now that is something very common to die hard fans of a product. 

As for chip design, you don't seem to know let's leave it there.

They didn't make the first mp3 player, nor the first smartphone, nor the first tablet. It's just when they entered those markets, they made the game-changer product in each of those categories.

Yes, game changing design and packaging and not core technology is there forte, design and packaging is what the end consumer see's and that is what they buy, and that's where (design and packaging) they were leading, but the competition has caught up and is now ahead..

But the key difference is that Surfaces don't have a mobile OS. They run regular Windows. That's why they are laptops

And that is the reason (Windows OS on the tablet) why Surface is so successful, so in your world Windows OS on a tablet makes it a laptop..great.

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Posted in: Biden clashes with Warren, Sanders on healthcare in Democratic 2020 debate See in context

10 decent people debating the issues of our time.

The only decent person in the left (Tulsi Gabbard) in not the debate..

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