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Posted in: Google CEO says it is 'important to explore' China project See in context

First fix the youtube outage, down worldwide for almost a hour now..

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Posted in: Deported man is suspect in deadly California beatings See in context

California has all but turned out to be a state for the rich and super rich AND the homeless, the middle class has no chance and is all but migrating to other states.

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Posted in: Which do you think is better: Apple's iOS or Android? See in context

Not sure where on earth you got your comparison from, but, no, Android is the same disaster Windows has always been, on a smaller scale. You have a Toshiba body, Android OS, third party speaker, parts made in China, and all of them conflict with each other.

Apple products are extremely expensive, though, I'll give you that one. It's one case where you pay more for a better product.

Well both Android and Windows have been and are super successful, building a OS which works only on one type of hardware is easy compared to building a OS which runs on ANY compatible hardware. Apple's product are deliberately priced and marketed as such, the ONLY better in Apple products is design and packaging, and this is what the die hard gullible Apple fans see and buy.

When it comes to technology, Samsung is way ahead of Apple, example the ARM processor in the iPhone is made by Samsung and licensed to Apple.

Also the Apple devices are deliberately designed locked with not much option of repairs, now they could have provided the option to open the phone but they want you to buy the expensive phone and when it breaks buy another expensive phone.

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Posted in: Bill Cosby imprisoned for up to 10 years for sexual assault See in context

Good, now why is that kingpin of this assault business Weinstein not serving back to back life sentences.

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Posted in: U.S. immigration judges say new quotas undermine independence See in context

They are a separate branch of the government (judicial), and the attorney general (executive branch) should not be trying to interfere with how they do their jobs.

As the article says, in the criminal and civil justice systems the judges operate independently and the immigration court judges do not, well this is the case in every democratic country, the immigration system is always under the government's justice or relevant ministry. Whatever the Attorney General decides to implement, they have to follow through..

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Posted in: France's Le Pen ordered to undergo psychiatric tests over IS tweets See in context

Justice system is same for everybody ! But she will always say it's some political scheme to silence her and so on, then says they are all cheating and it's not fair and go pouting in her room.

But this is a decision from the tribunal, it's not political.

In some alternate reality maybe the Justice system is same for all, In the current French reality the Justice system is a reflection of the people who want and have no problem with the Daesh (IS) immigrants.

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Posted in: Republicans dodge, weave around Trump's hurricane tweets See in context

It was an estimation, one of many, created by a university looking at the trend of deaths during that period to past periods. They attributed an upward spike against the norms as storm related. It wasn’t meant to produce a list of names or be a concrete number.

Yep, and that's what Trump is saying..its an estimate and not a concrete number...and a estimate should never be a conclusion. The list has to be accurate with real names and cause of death directly related to the storm.

you learn how academic reports are compiled and reviewed or you would know that these reports are fairly accurate

Nope they are not..only science reports with hard empirical evidence could be accurate..but even science is a moving target.. there is nothing like a accurate report.

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Posted in: Apple iPhones get bigger and pricier; Watch turns to health See in context

Typical Apple paid article, no mention of the iPhones which were terminated, and wireless charging also seems to be gone.

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Posted in: Putin tells Abe he hopes for peace treaty this year See in context

n August 1945 Joseph Stalin welcomed the unconditional surrender of Japan. Under the terms of the agreement the disputed southern Sakhalin and the Kurile Islands would pass into Soviet hands. The islands had been occupied by Japan since the Russo-Japanese war.

In 2010 President Medvedev 

You forgot to mention the 1956 Soviet–Japanese peace talks where the two sides agreed to split two islands for each but the US intervened and blocked the deal with the threat that Japan will not get Okinawa if it moved on this deal. So Russia and Japan can talk as much they want, without the US blessings there will be no deal ever.

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Posted in: Putin says Russia has identified suspects in Novichok poisoning See in context

Britain and more than two dozen other countries expelled a total of 150 Russian spies working under diplomatic cover

And how did these countries know who were the diplomats and who were the spies, and if they already knew, what were the waiting for. This is something which was planned in advanced..a hegelian dialectic styled plan..wonder what was the primary objective.

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Posted in: Australian newspaper defies criticism, reprints Serena Williams cartoon See in context

Perhaps the cartoonist did not intend to be racist and went about making a caricature the way he would for anyone..

Would you know of any other similar caricature's by this cartoonist depicting the cartoonist's ethnicity / race..

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Posted in: Obama in campaign mode, back to promoting hope over fear See in context

And the popular vote shows which candidate the people actually wanted. Try to keep up and accept this fact. If you don't like this, then get the constitution revised to eliminate the reporting of popular vote.

That popular vote does not determine the try to keep up and accept this fact. I am just stating how the US presidential election system works..what I like or dislike is irrelevant. Now had the result been other way around..nobody would be talking about the popular vote, right.

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Posted in: Obama in campaign mode, back to promoting hope over fear See in context

Quite the opposite in fact. A vote for a Republican in California is pretty much worthless, as is a vote for a Democrat in Texas.

Really, may want to lookup the number of Republican governors from California. Trump got 3.9 million votes in California, Hillary got 3.8 million in Texas and much closer to Trump, so maybe in 2024 these (especially Texas) could go either way.

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Posted in: Obama in campaign mode, back to promoting hope over fear See in context

And nobody is disputing this. Try to keep up. We are saying that the popular vote determines who the people want. One vote for one person, so whichever person gets the most votesis the person Americans want. It doesn't matter which state the voters live in because they are American.

Well..every Trump hater is disputing this by talking about popular vote and popular vote  only and not mentioning that in the electoral college also people vote and determine whom them want. Obama won the swing states but Hillary did not and hence the result, nobody was talking about popular vote up until December 2016. Now why did those recounts happen...

Denying that the person who won the popular vote is the people's choice is being intentionally obtuse.

The American presidential election system is based on the electoral college result ONLY!!!, try to keep up and accept this fact. If you don't like this than get the constitution revised to eliminate the electoral college.

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Posted in: Obama in campaign mode, back to promoting hope over fear See in context

Oh - and this. Are you suggesting that the votes of naturalized immigrants should be counted differently than native-born Americans, or are you suggesting that undocumented immigrants are somehow voting.

The latter is definitely a fact.. may want to lookup the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US.

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Posted in: Obama in campaign mode, back to promoting hope over fear See in context

A minority of Americans voted for Trump, just as happened with Bush in 2000. The majority of Americans chose one candidate, while the electoral college chose another. It is fact. Get over it.

The electoral college determines the election and not the popular vote, Hillary lost the electoral college, It is fact. Get over it. Now had she won nobody would be talking about the popular vote..another fact.

And majority of the Americans in those 30 states voted for Trump..another hard fact. Bush-Gore scenario was different, had there been a recount of ALL disputed ballots, Gore would have taken Florida and won the electoral college.

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Posted in: Obama in campaign mode, back to promoting hope over fear See in context

Can you not see the obvious contradiction in your statement? A majority of the electoral college voted for Trump; a majority of the American people voted for Clinton. No amount of sophistries will change that.

So you are saying that you don't know, that the electoral college has the winner take it all system that awards all electors of the state to the winning presidential candidate. The majority of American people in the 30 states where he won voted for Trump.

That 3+ million difference is all coming from the immigrant voters in California, minus that Trump also won the popular vote.

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Posted in: Obama in campaign mode, back to promoting hope over fear See in context

A literate, eloquent, intelligent, competent, mature president. 

Another copy/pasted troll styled comment..

No, the American people did not given that Clinton received almost 3 million more votes from the American people.

The candidate who gets majority of the electoral votes wins the election, and Trump got those votes not Clinton, popular vote does not determine the presidential election. American people voted for Trump.

As the article says "A surge in immigrants has transformed California and its voting patterns" in other words illegal immigrants / legal immigrants by abusing the immigration rules.

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Posted in: Trump tells Apple to make products in U.S. to avoid China tariffs See in context

The idea of moving production to the US isn't realistic. The US does not have the infrastructure nor the workforce to be able to do the work. And salaries are too high in the US due to the high quality of life compared to the rest of the world that has resulted from being the number one economy in the world. The increase in costs resulting from the creation of infrastructure, the hiring, training, and employing the workforce to work in the factories, and the increased salaries, would be much, much more than the 25% tariffs.

And why not, they have already started production in India, If they could do it there than they can definitely do it in the US. Since Trump is promising Zero tax+incentives, there won't be much increase in costs, see if they do it than the onus is on Trump to ensure that this transition does not result in increased costs. Also since this a trillion dollar share value company, cost should not be a factor at all. In the short term that apple tax would though need to come down..but would level out in 3-4 yrs.

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Posted in: Obama rebukes Trump and Republicans for abuses of power; urges Democrats to vote See in context

THIS is an example of a REAL President!

Articulate, intelligent, eloquent, dignified, mature, honest, sincere, civil, etc., etc., etc...

I miss Obama every single day.

Vote (D) in November!!!

Nope this is a example of a actor, someone with great oratory skills but than only that, when it came to doing the things which he articulated very intelligently it was always a different story, that change never came. Trump's oratory skills may be average but when it comes to doing what he spoke..this is where he excel's.. what he is doing is fundamental changes to foreign policy, trade etc..and hence the massive paid opposition. 

I miss Obama every single day, you mean Hillary right.

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Posted in: Twitter permanently bans far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones See in context

Corporations enjoy the exact same rights as people, which include the right to free speech. The right to free speech includes the right to express political bias.

The government has to show it has a compelling interest in regulating the speech and that it is doing it in the least restrictive means. Trump trying to silence critics is not a compelling interest.

Nope, the social media is a platform and not a corporation, the corporations which own this platform have to allow alternate view points or have to openly announce which political belief they will allow and which they will ban. This they will never do, because if they do this, they will loose massive number of users and will be reduced to a left only, anti-government platform.

And Trump is not trying to silence anyone, these corporations though silence alternate view points on a regular basis.

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Posted in: Neil Armstrong film accused of being unpatriotic See in context

Was the Apollo program really worth the enormous expense and lives lost? Wouldn’t the technological benefits derived from the program have been got through other terrestrial projects?

Nope, the terrestrial projects would have never given the technological break throughs and benefits, you may want to lookup all the different experiments they did on the moon and the technology that was invented to reach into space and than the moon. What do you think was/is the purpose of shuttle missions and space stations like Space Lab, MIR, Tiangong, experiments day in and out.

The Apollo program was every bit worth, and had it continued at the same level, some of the JT readers would have been commenting on this article from colonies on Moon and Mars..

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Posted in: Obama, Meghan McCain rebuke Trump in tribute to fallen senator See in context

For years Trump feuded publicly with McCain and mocked his military service

Anyone who has looked up McCain's military service knows he was no war hero but a disaster, a military service nurtured and protected by his father and grandfather, both famous admirals.

Obama, who beat McCain in the 2008 U.S. presidential election, hailed the one-time prisoner of war for his commitment to truth and core democratic values, qualities that some critics see lacking in Trump, a former reality television star and New York City real estate mogul.

Well Obama an McCain were far opposite to each other and and only the prestitute reporters of this article could make this connection to Trump..

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Posted in: Self-driving taxi with paying passengers tested in Tokyo in world first See in context

Amazing! Critics should realize there is Plenty of time to fine tune the technology before Olympics. It will show the world in 2020 that Japan is the leader in riderless technology. This can now also be adopted for Japanese farms, delivery trucks, construction vehicle etc.

If you read that article, a driver and an assistant will be on board, and that is not driver-less. A level 5 automation is what is required for autonomous driver-less car, and right now this is at POC level only, it will be a decade or two before such cars start roaming the roads.

And Japan is no leader in driver-less technology, this science, technology and innovation is all driven by firms across the pacific.

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Posted in: AI robots to help teach English in 500 classrooms next year See in context

What the education ministry needs to do is-to plan a road-map to make "conversation" English compulsory from the day you enter school up until you enter college. Now for this they need teachers from countries where the first or second language is English and these teachers should be qualified/certified to teach English, the latter is very important else we have the current scenario where anyone from a English speaking country automatically becomes a qualified English teacher, and majority of these folks get exploited by the private English teaching schools.

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Posted in: Venezuela slams Kono's remarks as interference See in context

 Japan's corruption index is nothing compared most other countries..

Now that is because corrupt business practices at all level are subtly legalized, and this is unlike most other

countries where such practices will result in legal consequences..

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Posted in: Over 350 newspapers across U.S. rebuke Trump for attacks on the press See in context

The greatness of America is dependent on the role of a free press to speak the truth to the powerful..

Well if that was the case, than for starters there would have been no D Trump but B Sanders in the white house and H Clinton would be serving life sentence in a correctional facility.

Nobody trust's the mainstream media on the left or right, all Trump is doing is exposing there lies, deceit and subterfuge a.k.a fake news and that's his Trump card for any election.

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Posted in: Uproar as politican praises White Australia policy, urges Muslim ban See in context

In terms of Muslims. They make up 3% of the population. He is barking up the wrong tree. There are far bigger risks to this country from other groups as every Australian knows. 

The Muslim immigration to Australia is primarily from middle east, and majority of these immigrants are financially well off and unlike the immigrants to Europe. These immigrants are buying land in towns across Australia and the local residents are terrified of the slowly changing demographics, this is what Anning is indirectly referring to..

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Posted in: Turkey's Erdogan warns U.S. over sanctions threat See in context

It isn't the same old Turkey. The world needs to watch this man closely. Of course, Russia loves the current problems between Europe, USA and Turkey.

Well,, Turkish air force shot down the Russian jet and the pilot was shot, also the Russian ambassador to Turkey was assassinated by Turkish security on live TV, Russia as such is in the same boat as Europe and US.

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Posted in: IOC tells U.S. to clean up its own doping house See in context

If there was no doping,none, than in the Olympics, the US would be competing for medals tally at the 15th position and not the 1st.

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