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Posted in: Japan bad train manners survey reminds us of three things to watch out for while riding the rails See in context

If Japan's trains had these, instead of just long benches...

And how much travel have you done in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok systems, example the Singapore MRT seats are literally hard plastic benches, when it comes to metro I will take the Japan metro anytime..

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Posted in: Fujitsu in firing line over UK Post Office scandal See in context

Four people took their own lives and dozens of those since exonerated died without seeing their names cleared

This is literally criminal, hope real justice prevails...

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Posted in: Fujitsu in firing line over UK Post Office scandal See in context

Fujitsu is a company that got where it did not through merit but through preferential treatment..

Nothing hew here, that's the case with most Japanese firms, fair play, merit, healthly competetion is not

how they bag projects.

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Posted in: Escaped passengers recall tense moments in Japan Airlines jet blaze See in context

There shouldn't be two airplane facing each other on the same runway, that's what really happening here..

Yes, the much bigger size of the JAL plane is what saved all the passengers..

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Posted in: Israeli strikes in central Gaza kill at least 35 as Netanyahu says war will continue for months See in context

tent camps near the border with Egypt..

Well Egypt could open it's borders, but given the Jordan experience with them, they won't...

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Posted in: China's Xi says 'reunification' with Taiwan is inevitable See in context

Doubt it, if he’s going to invade, it would most likely be before a Trump elected Presidency, not after..

Yep, this reunification if it happens needs to happen before Nov, after that he can forget any forced reunification, coming 10 months will be very interesting with many countries doing things which they will not after Trump is back.

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Posted in: With eye on 'if Trump wins' scenario, Japan weighs committing to its own defense See in context

Japan could be forced to deal with a militarily emboldened China and North Korea..

When he returns it will be the exact opposite, no country anywhere will be militarily emboldened ...

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Posted in: Israeli strikes across Gaza kill dozens of Palestinians See in context

NO! Hamas is fighting in the only way possible against the overwhelming might of a state's armed forces,

Well, they are not fighting, all they did was provoke there enemy by killing there civilians, and than allowing that enemy to reciprocate by hiding behind there civilians, one twisted ISIS caliphate styled ideology is in play here, and yes trying very hard to put the entire region in conflict with Israel and the west, that is the game plan, and the innocent palestinians are fair play in this plan..

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Posted in: Israeli strikes across Gaza kill dozens of Palestinians See in context

No Israel now has made it impossible for its Arab neighbors to remain friends or become friends...

Well the neighbors are not all Arabs, each ME country has there own unique identity and culture, and none

of these neighbors wants the palestinians ,now why is that...

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Posted in: Israeli strikes across Gaza kill dozens of Palestinians See in context

IDF killed over 6000 between 2009 and October 7th mostly women and children. Nothing was said..

Well, the Jordanian army under one pakistani commander killed over 25,000 palestinians, nothing was said...


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Posted in: Israeli strikes across Gaza kill dozens of Palestinians See in context

But don't kill innocent people...

Yes, but Hamas is hiding behind them, If Hamas were one bit real fighters they will engage IDF directly, but they will never do that, this hiding behind the innocent civilians also ensures that they will get all the recruits they will ever need, there ideology is the twisted ISIS caliphate styled, civilians are fair game in this ideology.

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Posted in: Japan moon lander enters lunar orbit See in context

We don't complain about previous space programs when we use these and many more…

1. Memory Foam 2. Invisible Braces 3. Cordless Tools 4. Satellite Television 5. Water Purification Systems 6. Ear Thermometers 7. Scratch-Resistant Lenses 8. Insulated Clothin

Yep, majority of the advances in science and technology are directly attributed to space research, the use case for the ISS is all the science experiments running 24*7 and the corresponding advances in space and terrestrial technology.

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Posted in: Can factory chicken really help save the climate? See in context

The 90,000 "broilers" -- chickens bred for their meat -- flapping around inside his three sheds..

The world produces more than ample vegetarian food, there is no need to kill and eat anyone..

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Posted in: No room at the inn? As holidays approach, migrants face eviction from New York City shelters See in context

All of them are illegal immigrants, and since these are democrat sanctuaries, not a word from the left.

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Posted in: Israel orders evacuations as it widens offensive but Palestinians are running out of places to go See in context

palestinians are running out of places to go...

Given the PLA/Hamas history, there immediate neighbours donot want them..further no country in ME wants them.. all they doing is making noise and nothing more.

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Posted in: Doctors warn of New Zealand health tragedy after smoking ban scrapped See in context

Shows how much you know...

Well, deniability is your choice..



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Posted in: Doctors warn of New Zealand health tragedy after smoking ban scrapped See in context

Christopher Luxon (L) looks on as Governor General Dame Cindy Kiro signs document..

Why not state that both NZ and Aus are UK colonies, Chris Luxon is not the final decision maker here..

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Posted in: Israel fights Hamas deep in Gaza City and foresees control of enclave’s security after war See in context

 for over 75 years Israel and it's ALLIES have been trying to subdue the Palestinian asperation..

That's incorrect, 1947-67 Gaza was under Egypt and West bank under Jordon, and yes both donot want the palestinian's..

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Posted in: Israel fights Hamas deep in Gaza City and foresees control of enclave’s security after war See in context

You "absolutely" agree that the West Bank is Israeli territory..

The West Bank was Jordanian territory which they lost in the 1967 war, which they (Jordon,Syria,Egypt) started, If they had not started that war it would not have become Israeli territory, same case for Gaza, which was egyptian territory.

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Posted in: Japan, Malaysia to boost defense cooperation See in context

He told Anwar he hopes to come up with a "new vision of cooperation" at the summit

In Jan 2014 the same Anwar was deported from Japan, wonder if there was any apology from his counterpart..

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Posted in: Lebanon's militant Hezbollah leader threatens escalation with Israel as its war with Hamas rages on See in context

As the war is going right now, Hamas is seen all across the Arab and African Muslim world as having achieved a huge victory against Israel..

This kind of short term thinking is why there is constant conflict and no peace in that region, the Hamas types are on there way to oblivion and nobody wants these types in any ME country, even there immediate neighbors donot want them, example could lookup what Jordon did to them. It's looking more like everyone while making the right noise wants Israel to clean this up once and for all.


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Posted in: Israeli troops briefly raid northern Gaza ahead of expected full-scale incursion See in context

We are not talking about Killing Hamas. We are talking about the indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians...

Well your Hamas friends are hiding behind women and children, if they were real fighters they would engage IDF in the open, IDF would readily oblige.. but than you need to play the victim card...where women and children are nothing more than tools...

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Posted in: After blast kills at least 500 at Gaza hospital, Hamas and Israel trade blame as rage spreads in region See in context

And it's all on candid camera - there were witnesses including westerners - particularly doctors from Médecins Sans Frontières. It shows a massive aerial bomb...

That's all propaganda, could be anyone, it's a war zone, this was the target for who ever wanted to disrupt the upcoming talks..

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Posted in: IOC warns countries that block athletes for political reasons risk harming Olympic host bids See in context

The Olympics are non political and strive for unity and peace...

Yep, that's how it should be, athletes regardless of there countries politics should be allowed to compete...

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Posted in: Pro-Palestinian rally See in context

Palestine was the same until Jews from all over the world came there and occupied it...

Jews have a history of 3500 yrs in that land, Palestine has no such history, and Jews did not occupy it in 1947, Egypt and Jordan did, look up the real history, It's only after the 1967 war which Egypt, Jordan and few others lost is that the Jews moved in. Also do lookup Jordan's history with Palestine.. Israel is just defending itself and will keep on defending...



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Posted in: Palestinians in Gaza struggle to follow Israeli evacuation order and face dire water shortage See in context

The Palestinians have been kept in camps and cages by their so-called Islamic brothers for decades. There is no reason for a multi-generational refugee situation to happen, other than the cruelty of the Arab and Muslim countries in the region.

Yes, example the Palestinians in West Bank , which was Jordan territory up until 1967, were literally butchered when they complained by blowing up airliners, under a Pakistani (Zia ul Haq) commander, more than 20,000 Palestinians were killed, all this has been forgotten as it does not suit the narrative..


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Posted in: Palestinians in Gaza struggle to follow Israeli evacuation order and face dire water shortage See in context

Israel continued Occupation of Palestine will only keep adding fuel to the fire...

Well Gaza was Egyptian territory and west of the Jordan river (the West Bank) was with Jordan which they occupied in 1948, and the status remained as such up until 1967, when Israel was attacked by it's neighbor's including Egypt and Jordon, but than Israel won, and these lands came under Israeli possession, so now stop complaining. Israel accepted the Palestinian land back in 1947, but it's neighbor's never did, as for Hamas it does not recognize Israel so there is nothing for Israel to vacate.

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Posted in: Pro-Palestinian rally See in context

 It looks like they are having a peaceful demonstration to support the lives of the innocent Palestinian citizens

No demonstration anywhere has denounced the Jihadi Hamas barbarism, they are all supporting and celebrating.. and that's the problem...

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Posted in: Palestinians flee northern Gaza after Israel orders 1 million to evacuate as ground attack looms See in context

Israel is basically a refugee state, carved out of a British colony, that of British Mandate Palestine. Palestine needs to stand as much as Israel does. They are both important symbols against occupation and colonization

Well the Jihadi Hamas type will never accept Israel, If they did than there would no conflict, the Palestinians under Fatah are living in peace with Israel but Hamas types never will, and will drag rest of these supporter types in this conflict, all these demonstrators are not supporting the peaceful Palestinians but the extreme violent Hamas types.

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Posted in: Israeli envoy says Japan should be vigilant with its aid to Palestinians See in context

It has been killing Palestinians (including countless civilians), bulldozing their homes, and blockading them for years, and it has been repeatedly condemned by the UN and many countries.

The Israelis have been bulldozing regular citizens' homes, shooting regular citizens (including kids), and indiscriminately shelling the Palestinian territories for years

At-least post something authentic, now Israelis have been bulldozing Hamas activity homes, shooting Hamas terrorist only (they though hide with the public resulting in civilians caught in the crossfire), and indiscriminately shelling the Hamas strongholds. If there was no Hamas types, none of this would have ever happened, you know that right.

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