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MrToast comments

Posted in: JAL pilot arrested for taking up-skirt photos at train station See in context

I think what is common with most pervs is that they are basically just plain bored with their normal lives. Not this perve. I really enjoy my life.

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Posted in: JAL pilot arrested for taking up-skirt photos at train station See in context

Go on the internet and find lots of free stuff, no need to get arrested over this illegal stuff, idiots.

Where is the creative integrity in that?

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Posted in: JAL pilot arrested for taking up-skirt photos at train station See in context

I don't understand why some people get so worked up about this. The guys tried and failed and nobody got hurt - a happy ending, isn't it? Props for trying though...besides maybe he was drunk and in which case Who Cares!.

As a guy in his 20s I have to admit that this place is just tooo sexy. The girls are beautiful, slim, and girly..who can resist? yet most of us to fight of the urge to take up-skirt photos of twenty-something girls, i bet most guys had it cross their mind more than once.

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy falls onto tracks at Nagoya Station See in context

Those of you who have kids will know that it's not always possible to hold your childs hand, even when boarding a train. Stop to weigh up the possibilities here a litte. Maybe there was only one parent, maybe he/she had heavy bags and likey a babycar to carry on, or maybe there were other kids too. Maybe the child was holding the parent's hand and when she/he sliped into the crack the parent lost grip.

You guys are so quick to judge other peoples lives, and making up some story like they let their child jump around in the car..? come on.. how could you possibly know all this?

Spare a thought for the parent. If that were my kid I would have been terrified and shocked. I'm sure that the parents of this child feel pretty horrible about what happened and probably do blame themselves. Truth is, some of the gaps in the stations between the car and the platform are quite wide in places.

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Posted in: 35 deaths, 7,071 hospitalized due to heatstroke in one-week period See in context

The usual bashing of the Japanese by "WE know better" foreign minorities. First comment -

"It appears that heatstroke victims are easily admitted (not turned down) to the hospitals unlike other emergency patients" What are you talking about?

naruhodo1 is right. 'Conserve' doesn't always mean 'Stop' and setting your AC to a higher temp will be fine. I am actually once of those statistics as I was emitted to hospital after I woke up one morning feeling like my head was squashed by an elaphant and was vommiting non stop. They said that I had Hydration sickness. It doesn't matter if you are fit and young like me or old and weak... Getting too hot is bad for you and it can catch you unawares.

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Posted in: Morning Musume gets 4 new members See in context

That why your kids arnt "pop Stars". Anyway, if it makes them hapy then so what. Im not complaining.

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Posted in: SDF member flashes staff at drive-through restaurant in Saitama See in context

So what! He should recieve a warning buts thats as far as it should go.

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