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Ms. Alexander comments

Posted in: Two halves of a whole: Japan’s habitual ‘labeling’ of bicultural kids See in context

Being called ハーフ has never bothered me. Like someone else said, it's just a word. My kids are half too and it doesn't bother them at all either.

What bothers me is when people ask, "なに人?ハーフ?" (Nani jin? Half?) Since when is ハーフ a race?! SMH

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Posted in: Truck driver gets 3 years in prison for killing 9-year-old boy while playing Pokemon Go See in context

The value of life in the Japanese justice system is just mind boggling.

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Posted in: Patinkin says 'Homeland' trying to improve Muslim depiction See in context

Season 6 has been excellent so far! Homeland is just an awesome show!

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Posted in: GSDF joins search for missing Hokkaido boy See in context

A boy that small couldn't have travelled too far in 5 minutes. As others have said, I don't think this is where the parents abandoned him. The police need to question the older sister and find out if the brother was really with them that day like the parents said.

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Posted in: Memo to U.S. citizens: Pay your taxes or you may lose your passport See in context

Did you know that if you are an American citizen and wish to create a Japanese bank account, you have to provide the local bank here with your social security number? Just another way Uncle Sam is trying to track US citizens living abroad...

File your taxes, whether you owe or not, and everything should be good!

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Posted in: Becky in hot water over rumored affair See in context

The media should definitely be grilling the dude and not Becky.

However......he had told Becky in November that he was married and she still chose to spend Xmas eve with him and New Year's with his family. She's in show business - she should have known better. She took the risk of being accused of hanging out with a married man.

While I do think that the media is overreacting, the sponsors wanting to drop her is shoganai IMO.

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Posted in: What do you think of school uniforms? Should schools even have uniforms? See in context

I'm okay with school uniforms but I think it's absolutely absurd that boys in private elementary school have to wear shorts year round. Ridiculous.

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Posted in: 11-year-old boy drowns in Shizuoka river See in context

Sad news and, unfortunately will probably one of many we will read about as the summer approaches.

I think it's more than just knowing how to swim. Swimming in trunks and swimming with full clothes on is completely different. And if panic sets in, it probably makes swimming much more difficult.

I always tell my kids that they better not play in the river or go anywhere near one without either myself or my husband. Period.

My condolence to the family.

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Posted in: Controversial autobiography of 1997 Kobe child killer released See in context

I'm disgusted by the publishing company. Why in the world would they take on such a horrific story? My goodness, why should the parents of the victims relive their loss???? The parents should sue the publishing company and the author too!

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Posted in: 3 teen suspects in Kawasaki boy's murder may be tried as adults See in context

They should be tried as adults. They knew exactly what they were doing.

I find it interesting that these kids are referred to as "suspects" even though the ringleader has already confessed to killing the victim.

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Posted in: Mother jumps from roof while holding 17-day-old baby See in context

It's quite depressing to continue to read these headlines. I am lucky I never suffered from PND but I know it's real. I wonder if this mother (or women who suffer from PND) showed signs of extreme anxiety while they were pregnant. OBs should be more involved to include monitoring mental and emotional state.

A lot of people who are depressed don't even know they are depressed. Sure there are hotlines available but it's a easier said than done situation. If it were that easy, the number of suicides wouldn't be so high.

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Posted in: 6-month-old girl drowns while in bath with mother See in context


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Posted in: Video of South Carolina police shooting inflames debate See in context

The officer reported that he fired in self-defense after the suspect he pulled over Saturday for a broken brake light grabbed his stun gun.

Little did this cop know that someone was recording the whole thing...SMH

He did murder but will he be found guilty is a different story. This video looks like solid evidence to find him guilty though. And I hope he gets life without parole!!

I watched this video and what I found crazy was that the victim wasn't even running fast!! The cop could've chased him if he really felt the need to arrest him.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy missing since March 19 turns up unharmed See in context

Glad he was found safe!

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Posted in: Youth gets 5-9 years in prison for killing Mie schoolgirl See in context

Unbelievable!! This is the price they put on human life in Japan! And the light sentence is why murders, especially by "minors" continue to happen!!!!!

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Posted in: Parents of schoolboy liable for Y15 million after wayward soccer ball leads to man’s death See in context

What an absurd case. It's the school's fault for setting the goal post there. Unless the kid purposely aimed for the scooter, I don't see how the kid or his parents should be held liable. It was an accident.

AND...this caused the 80-year old's dementia? How can they prove that? I mean, don't a lot of 80-year olds go through dementia at that age?

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Posted in: Parents of suicide bullying victim settle out of court with Otsu city See in context

I remember this case. This case is what brought bullying into the limelight instead of hiding it in the background.

Good on the family for suing the city and winning. The school, definitely, should be held responsible too. I'm not sure if the family will win the other case but I hope they do.

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Posted in: Three men die in hot spring gas poisoning in Akita See in context

What a crazy accident. RIP.

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Posted in: Debris still washing up in U.S. 4 years after Japan tsunami See in context

It's crazy that they are still getting debris 4 years later.

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Posted in: What are the three scariest movies you have ever seen? See in context

Suspiria (Italian movie) gave me many nights of nightmares as a child. Exorcist was scary too.

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Posted in: Families of missing tsunami victims struggle to move on See in context

I can't read these stories without crying. No words can describe what these families are going through.

Speed, you are correct. Instead of spending millions on building Olympics facilities, they need to be helping the Tohoku families! Priorities are just so wrong.

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Posted in: 4 years after Tohoku disaster, death toll stands at 15,890 See in context

Millions of dollars donated to Japan...How can there still be 228,863 people in temporary shelters?! That is insane!!!!!

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Posted in: Fukushima residents torn over nuclear waste storage plan See in context

And where does the gov't propose to move the stuff after 30 years?

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Posted in: Osaka court orders retrial for man convicted of rape See in context

Wow, if she was lying, she should do time. At least 5 years for ruining his life!!!

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Posted in: 6-year-old boy goes missing in Toyonaka See in context

Haven't heard any updates on this news. I hope poor Teita is alright....

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Posted in: Small step by Tokyo's Shibuya Ward could be giant leap for LGBT equality See in context

Definitely is a step in the right direction. As with any big change, this might take a while but I'm glad it's even getting considered.

And, as someone else said, Japan should do this because it's the right thing to do. Not because America is doing it. And not because of the upcoming Olympics.

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Posted in: Fukushima makes pitch for 2020 Olympic baseball and local food See in context

Joeintokyo. I completely agree!!

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Posted in: 18-yr-old suspect admits killing Kawasaki boy to punish him See in context

My heart aches for Ryota kun. He, somehow, got caught up with the wrong crowd :(

I blame the adults around him for this. The school knew something was wrong and the teacher did call and visit his house numerous times but nothing came out of it because the teacher couldn't get a hold of anyone. Why didn't the teacher pursue it more? If the teacher knew the mother worked at night at the hospital, why didn't the teacher call her at work?

The local news said the police actually went to the 18-year old's house after Ryota kun got beat up. (And this was the reason why the 18-year old killed him - for snitching.) Police knew and did what? Verbally warn him to stay away? Not good enough.

Ryota kun reached out saying he was afraid for his life. But no one acted fast enough.

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Posted in: Police arrest 3 youths over murder of Kawasaki boy See in context

Such a terrible story. What's even more terrible is the judicial system. Since the suspects are under 20, they will do little time.

Abe needs to revamp the judicial system. Seriously.

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Posted in: Two 8-year-old boys drown after falling into lake at Gifu golf course See in context

Sad indeed. My deepest condolence to the families.

@Jeff Huffman, there are a lot of kids (and adults) who don't know how to swim. And even if they did know how, if panic interfered with their swimming abilities, they probably would have drowned regardless.

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