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Posted in: 22-year-old man held over murder of 11-year-old boy in Wakayama town See in context

Heartbreaking :(

Japan is not as safe as it used to be. I thought this before and still do - elementary kids shouldn't be allowed to walk home without adult supervision. They need to do "shuudan gekou" (go home together with other kids). It doesn't matter who - parent(s), grandparents or neighbors should volunteer to walk home with kids in the same route.

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Posted in: Cross-dressing Matsuko Deluxe: AKB opening Tokyo Olympics 'would embarrass Japan' See in context

I'm not a fan of Matsuko but he is correct! AKB performing would definitely be an embarrassment.

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Posted in: Two children killed after train hits car in Aomori See in context

Sad story. Mother is probably alive cuz she was buckled up. If her son was wearing his seatbelt, he probably wouldn't have been thrown out of the car.

RIP little ones.

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Posted in: New adult arrested for throwing can of coffee at police car See in context

"New Adult" opposed to a seasoned adult? Seriously??

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Posted in: National Guard ordered in as Ferguson businesses torched See in context

I totally understand that a lot of people are dissatisfied with the decision. What I don't understand is the their behavior! How does looting and destroying businesses help anything? Will this reverse the decision? No! Americans are so primitive!!!

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Posted in: Grand jury decides not to indict police officer in Ferguson shooting See in context

This story got blown way out of proportion - thanks to the media.

I wasn't there and wasn't on the jury so I can't really say if the right decision was made. What I do know is that Brown's actions were enough for Wilson to react the way he did. Did Brown deserve to be shot to death? I don't think so. I think Wilson could have shot him in the leg or arm or something. But this goes beyond Wilson. It's the whole American police system. They are taught to shoot to kill. Until that changes, stories like this will continue for years and years to come.

Wilson might not have gotten indicted but his career is damaged already. Who knows if he'll still continue to be a police officer. Who knows if he'll even continue to live in Ferguson.

I hope the Brown family find peace somehow.

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Posted in: Tomita denies stealing camera at Asian Games See in context

If the Korean police are anything like Japanese police, then Tomita could have been forced to admit he stole it, even if he didn't do it.

But...Hasn't he been back for a bit now? Why did he wait until now to say he didn't do it? His story sounds fishy. If the Japanese officials identified the man as Tomita, then the video must've been clear enough.

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Posted in: Wal-Mart's Japan unit Seiyu to close 30 stores See in context

I hope the Seiyu in my neighborhood stays open. They have the best and cheapest produce.

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Posted in: Akita judge rules man’s drunk driving somewhat justifiable; gives him his job back See in context

In terms of his cause, motive, or result there can’t be any maliciousness found.

Well, I seriously doubt that drunk people get behind the wheel with the intent of purposely hurting others. Whatever the motive or result, drunk driving is against the law. He's lucky he didn't hurt anyone. It sucks that he lost his job (which I think is too extreme) but that's a risk he took when he decided to drive (even though he probably didn't know he was taking a risk....because he was drunk).

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Posted in: Man charged with coercing 14-year-old stepson to commit suicide See in context

What a piece of work this stepdad is! He should get hung himself!!!

As for the mother, was she there when the loser beat the crap out of her son? If she was, then she needs to go to jail for child neglect/endangerment. If she didn't know that he was abusing her, then....I'm at a loss of words.

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Posted in: Nobody at subway station in Tokyo for first train after two staff oversleep See in context

Employees shouldn't be exempt for the "delaying the train system" fee - these two employees should pay JR (regardless of the reason)!

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Posted in: Tokyo court rules that hotels must pay NHK fees according to the number of rooms with TVs See in context

Japan and its dinosaur era laws...SMH.

NHK should be an option. How can they mandate you pay for it if you don't watch it? If it's because the law says so, then it needs to be re-written!!

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Posted in: Neymar on fire as Brazil routs Japan 4-0 See in context

Aguirre just needs to fire Kawashima! Why doesn't he catch the ball? Lately, all he does is push the ball away...and it ends up getting kicked into the goal. He sucks!!

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Posted in: Parents arrested for chaining 8-year-old son inside house See in context

Bruises and burn marks on a kid are not normal. No one was home in August when Welfare Center visited so they left it at that?! Poor kid. How many more times did he get abused in that timeframe?

But...big kudos to his friend. He is a hero!!

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Posted in: 'Homeland' set to return, with even more adrenalin See in context

Nope. Reading the comments alone will give details to the article. Your bad for clicking Recent Comments!

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Posted in: 'Homeland' set to return, with even more adrenalin See in context

If you're a Homeland fan and didn't know that Brody was dead, then you're not a real Homeland fan! Him being dead is old news. AND...if some of you didn't want the spoiler, you shouldn't have clicked on this article and read it! That's your bad, not JT's!

For the record, Season 3 was the bomb! I totally recommend watching it - even if you already know Brody dies.

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Posted in: Evacuation advisory lifted for part of town near Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

So they cleaned up the area. Doesn't that just mean that there are no obvious debris left from the earthquake/tsunami? They couldn't have possibly gotten rid of the radiation. I mean, the plant itself isn't contained yet. How can the area be radiation-free?

GOJ...Slowly intentionally killing off its people...

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Posted in: 4 deaths confirmed; 27 other climbers feared dead on erupting volcano See in context

Such a frightening experience.

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Posted in: Season's first dolphins slaughtered at Taiji See in context

Totally disgusting and one of the things I hate that the Japanese do. It sucks that they probably won't stop any time soon. All I can do is hope that the next generation (the hunters' grandkids, maybe) will see that what they are doing is cruel and put a stop to this nonsense.

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Posted in: Large amount of trash and waste left on Mt Fuji See in context

What's crazy is that I bet it's the Japanese who are making a mess! They trash their own beaches, rivers, and Mt Fuji!

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Posted in: More than half of Chinese see war with Japan: poll See in context

Is China forgetting that there are many US bases in Japan? Starting a war with Japan is essentially starting a war with the US.

Beijing regularly insists that Japan has not atoned enough for its imperialist past, and lambasts nationalist Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for an “incorrect” understanding of history and what it describes as his intention to remilitarise.

For its part, Tokyo accuses Beijing of dwelling on the past for domestic political reasons and says that in the seven decades since World War II it has apologised repeatedly and trodden a pacifist path.

It's quite funny how Beijing thinks Abe has an "incorrect" understanding of history. I mean, couldn't Abe say the same thing about China?

And Tokyo is correct. Japan has apologized numerous times. When is enough enough?

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Posted in: Goalkeeping blunder by Japan lets Venezuela grab 2-2 draw See in context

Japan played better than they usually do. There was less passing and more aggressive shots. Japan, however, needs a new goalie. Kawashima has made that same mistake once too many.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for taking photos of girls in toilet See in context

Wolfpack - exactly. I am wondering if he did the same thing at the same school. If he did, then the school is whack and the principal needs to get fired. If he did it at a different school, he obviously didn't write it down on his resume. The schools here don't do background checks like the in the states or elsewhere. Why do I have a feeling he won't do any jail time?

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Posted in: 3-year-old boy dies after being thrown against wall by mother See in context

Can you imagine the fear the kids live in? Especially the oldest kid. He/She knows that his/her mom killed two of his/her brothers. These kids need psychiatric help but there's no way they'll get it here in Japan. So sad...

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Posted in: Dump truck driver arrested over death of 7-year-old boy See in context

Sad story all around. Poor driver and poor kid :(

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for taking photos of girls in toilet See in context

News like this upsets me! This is his second offense?! Insane!!! Is he going to get suspended again? I tell you, this is Japan's police work at its finest - they always wait for someone to get hurt or killed to take real action. Disgusting!!

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Posted in: Maternity clinic in Nagano sparks debate over sperm donation controversy See in context

While I see nothing wrong with sperm donation or IVF, I think using FIL's donation is just....not right. Sure, you're keeping it in the family but still! If I did this, the baby I give birth to will be my son but he will be my husband's brother. Can you imagine the trauma this will cause once the child finds out who the real father is? Oh my...

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Posted in: Nursing home employee gets 8 years for fatally assaulting resident See in context

It's really shocking how the justice system's view of human life is so little.

Poor woman. Lived to 95 only to be fatally abused :(

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Posted in: Prosecutors seek 3-year jail term for woman over fatal abuse of her daughter See in context

Is that what the prosecutor's think the child's life was worth? Three years??? Fricking insane!!! Where is the justice in this??

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Posted in: Fukushima monkeys show possible effects of radiation, study says See in context

If monkeys are affected, I'm pretty sure humans are too.

Abe needs to take the plant situation seriously. He and his family should move to Fukushima to "prove" to the nation that he really feels it's safe up there. I bet he won't do it.

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