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Posted in: Residents within 5 km of Kyushu nuclear plant given iodine tablets See in context

Uhmmmm, aren't they a little too late???

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Posted in: Osaka studies ways to deal with problem children in schools See in context

I commend his effort but knowing that it's Hashimoto that is involved, I can't help but think this will get blown out of proportion. I can only hope that this will be a good move forward and not make the system worse.

Then there is the teacher issue. If the teacher is too afraid to "remove" the student(s) from class, then his plan is useless. Is this part going to get addressed?

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Posted in: 3 boys drown after being swept away in Gifu river See in context

Sad story. I agree with you smith, stories like this happens way to often when summer starts.

igloobuyer, swimming is taught in schools here but only during the summer months. But swimming in pools and swimming in the river are completely different. There are no sudden currents to take you away in the pool. Swimmer or not, that's hard to stay in control of - let alone if you're a kid.

Pool or river, there should ALWAYS be adult supervision!

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Posted in: Body of boy found 3 days after falling into river See in context

Sad story. Just one of many that will be coming this summer due to neglect and just accidents.

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Posted in: High school student beaten, robbed by 3 men in Mie See in context

Yes, she definitely has more courage than these three thugs combined! I hope they catch these three!!

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Posted in: Man flees after luring 6-year-old boy into mall toilet See in context

Poor kid :( I hope this ordeal hasn't left him too traumatized :(

A lot of Japanese people think Japan is still safe. Unfortunately, times have changed and it's no longer safe. If I'm with my younger son and I have to go to the bathroom, he comes with me. If he has to go to the bathroom and my hubby isn't around, then he goes to the women's bathroom with me. My older son usually gets embarrassed to go into the women's bathroom so if hubby isn't around, he goes to the handicap/family bathroom with me at the door.

Again, poor kid :(

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Posted in: Should you put your child on a leash? Japanese mothers weigh in See in context

I used to think "poor child" whenever I saw a kid with a leash on. Then I had my second son and found myself ordering one online! LOL

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Posted in: Gov't announces 'zero stray dogs and cats' action plan See in context

So what actions are the govt going to take for those who do abandon their pets? What about those who don't buy pets from the pet store?

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Posted in: Nurse's body was sent from Osaka to Tokyo in package marked 'doll' See in context

What a creepy story....

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Posted in: 3 women arrested for beating acquaintance to death See in context

My goodness. What could have this woman possibly say to deserve being beaten to death?

I agree with fishy, some people just don't know how to control their emotions.

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Posted in: Woman, ex-boyfriend blame each other over death of 6-year-old daughter See in context


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Posted in: Officials warn of dangers of heatstroke in parks, school playgrounds See in context

No matter how much warning they send, there will still be an outrageous amount of heatstroke patients.

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Posted in: China winds could carry childhood disease to Japan See in context

Great! More crap from China.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for disposing of remains of 5 dogs in cardboard box in Sapporo park See in context

Poor doggies :(

What goes around, comes around. I hope they get their share of what they did to those dogs.

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Posted in: Man says he stole schoolgirls' gym uniforms because he wanted to wear them See in context


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Posted in: Body of newborn baby girl found on Shizuoka shore; 20-yr-old mother arrested See in context

“The child was born at my house, but I couldn’t possibly let my parents or my friends find out that I had had a child, so I threw her away.”

Wow, I'm at a loss for words!

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Posted in: Families of children who died in tsunami sue school, Miyagi Prefecture gov't See in context

Sad, sad situation. While I can't blame the families for suing, I don't think the school is the right party to sue. If the local gov't had sounded the alarm earlier, the school would have acted sooner. If anything, they should sue TEPCO.

My heart goes out to the families involved...

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Posted in: 100-year-old man in wheelchair dies after being hit by motorbike See in context

How sad :( Live to be a 100 only to be killed in an accident.

(Not that this matters but he must've been super genki to be riding in an electric wheelchair at 100! But that makes this even more sad :( )

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Posted in: Husband gives wife a piece of his lung in a revolutionary transplant with the help of a 3-D printer See in context

What an awesome story! To be honest, I'm really surprised that this happened in Japan! My image of Japan is that they aren't willing to take risks in hospitals - especially when it comes to transplants. Hurray for the drs who took the initiative to make this work for this family!

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Posted in: Abe tells OECD 'Abenomics' has yielded great results See in context

He can continue to say that Japan is back but my paycheck has not increased so that's less money in my wallet. Can't say Abenomincs is working for me.

If there has been any increase, it is the use/value of 1-yen!! It's a definite necessary to pay that extra 3-yen!!

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Posted in: Widow of dementia patient killed by train ordered to pay damages to JR See in context

Shame on JR and the judicial system!!

So the train was delayed. Like someone else posted, had it been an animal, nobody pays. So I don't understand why JR Tokai gets to "pocket" the money in this case.

If the man had wandered off twice before, then Japan has failed this family. The cityhall should know that an 85-year old cannot possibly watch a 90-year old with dementia (or any age for that matter) and ensure his safety. That's absolutely ridiculous.

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Posted in: Elderly man dies, wife injured after leaping from Nagano bridge See in context

What a sad story. They both live long only to end it by jumping :( Poor wife - only pain and agony left...

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Posted in: Nishikori wins Barcelona Open See in context

WTG Nikishori!! That is awesome!!

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Posted in: Officials vague on rumor Japanese support was refused for S Korean ferry See in context

As others have said, it is a shame that lives were lost due to her being too proud to accept help. Is it because it was Japan asking to help? Maybe. Or maybe she was too proud to ask for help from any country. Maybe an Asian thing? I say this because it reminds me of how Japan refused help from other countries after the big earthquake. Whatever the reason, it's a damn shame cuz more lives could have been saved.

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Posted in: Teacher criticized for attending son’s entrance ceremony instead of her own school’s See in context

Good on her for attending her son's entrance ceremony. And good on the principal for approving her leave. IMO, a parent missing the ceremony is much worse than a teacher missing a ceremony. Yes, her job is a teacher but before that, her job is a mother. I don't see anything wrong with her attending her son's school, especially since she had approval to go.

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Posted in: World's longest-serving death row inmate freed in Japan See in context

47 years in solitary is beyond comprehension. It's a terrible punishment even if he was guilty. But to be innocent? Man, I can't imagine what he was feeling day in and out.

I'm so glad that his sister believed in him and never gave up. I'm glad she lives to see him set free. It's too bad that he's messed up though :( I wish him (and his sister) peaceful years to come.

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Posted in: Court dismisses damages suit against kindergarten by families of children killed by tsunami See in context

Such a hard decision. It's really a no-win situation. This kindergarten waited for further instructions. Should they have sent the kids home? Maybe. But would they still be alive today? Who knows.

The bus driver one - that's a no-win situation either. I mean, he was instructed to drive the kids home. The kindergarten probably decided the kids should be with their family. What if they kept the kids and went a different direction? Would they still be alive? Maybe. Maybe not. What if they went a different direction but the kids died anyway? Then they'd be sued for not sending the kids home. Either way, the driver has to live with this for the rest of his life.

Both situations are very, very sad. I can't even imagine what they are going through...All I can do is pray that their hearts heal.

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Posted in: Teacher found guilty of negligence over pool death of 3-year-old boy See in context

Is the kindergarten being held responsible too? Or just the teacher? I mean, one teacher supervising 30 children in a pool is not enough!

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Posted in: Japan marks 3rd anniversary of quake-tsunami disaster See in context

My heart goes out to everyone who is suffering :(

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Posted in: How much attention do you think drivers in Japan pay to child safety seats or making sure their kids wear seat belts when they are in cars? See in context

I'd say 9 out of 10 of parents don't enforce childseats or seatbelts for their kids. I actually get shocked when I do see a child in a carseat or wearing his/her seatbelt!

Most of my kids' friends don't wear their seatbelts. You bet I make sure they wear it in my car. I've already told their parents (and the kids) that if don't wanna use the seatbelt, they can't be in my car. Plain and simple. And I tell my own kids that if they are in someone else's car, they better wear the seatbelt even if their friends aren't.

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