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MsDelicious comments

Posted in: Cashless society getting closer, survey finds See in context

I prefer cash as I can see it go away or not.

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Posted in: No end in sight for Japan's potato chip crisis See in context

What will be next after butter and potatoes? Bread?

Military bases have plenty of chips.

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Posted in: Thai mother saw daughter's Facebook Live murder See in context

I am in shock at this, but even more so why she was not with her own baby.

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Posted in: Luxury spenders defy Japan's tight-fisted reputation See in context

I have more money than I know what to do with, but I do not spend it on things I do not need.

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Posted in: Bra maker does its bit for Premium Friday See in context

Change is heavy.

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Posted in: China launches first domestically-built aircraft carrier See in context

I am surprised it took them this long. If you want to read up on carriers, check out how many were actually made by America during world war II.

Started out with 7 and went up and over 160 or so during. That is amazing.

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Posted in: Madonna expresses her displeasure about planned biopic See in context

Interesting. But it is true. Why not consult her as she is living and not dead yet? Would make sense to me.

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Posted in: Justin Bieber to perform in Japan in September See in context

He is a filthy rich kid. To young to figure things out. Many do not live long enough to become adults. Hopefully he finds his way and puts his millions towards helping mankind. I hope he does that from Canada.

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Posted in: Japan begins seawall work for controversial new U.S. base in Okinawa See in context

If there are moderators here: Please recommend a back to top page button that can be clicked on for after posting a comment. Thanks

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Posted in: Tour bus driver arrested for using stimulants See in context

I knew people that used stimulants in college. It really made them focused for studying, but they also needed them when taking the tests or they crashed out. Gave them a weird smelling breath too.

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Posted in: Minister resigns after saying 'it was a good thing' 2011 quake happened where it did See in context

What a sad old man. How old?

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Posted in: Memorial service held for victims of 2005 fatal train derailment in Hyogo See in context

Shojiro Nanya, 72, Masao Yamazaki, 68, Masataka Ide, 78, and Takeshi Kakiuchi, 69

All past the minimum age of 60 and living the good life in a gold pavilion.

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Posted in: Princess Kako to study at University of Leeds from Sept See in context

I wonder how good her English is. University text books are not easy, and one must debate in a lot of classes...especially art classes.

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Posted in: Man arrested for living above public toilet in Oita for three years See in context

Bigger spread than most Japanese apartments.

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Posted in: SDF trying to stop members from going AWOL See in context

I always thought the Japanese were a tough strong breed.

I guess we are lucky that the Americans are here to protect them, as they do not seem to want to protect themselves.

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Posted in: Demand for nuclear shelters, purifiers surges as N Korea tension mounts See in context

I have a special mask that blocks all radioactive materials in the air. I use it when working with keytones. Very effective. However, it will not protect me from a giant blast of a bomb.

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Posted in: Protective clothing no longer needed to walk near Fukushima plant See in context

What is with the helmet? Birds falling from the sky due to flying death from radiation?

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Posted in: Sony nearly triples annual profit forecast See in context

But still no raises nor overtime paid for. Shameful.

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Posted in: Japan Inc braces for labor reform See in context

Do Americans and Europeans working for Japanese companies do all this overtime work for free too? I am curious about that. I for one would not do it.

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Posted in: Venture firm develops device to prevent kids' smartphone addiction See in context

Actually I think adults need this more than kids.

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Posted in: Japanese destroyers start drill with U.S. carrier Carl Vinson See in context

excellent reporting

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Posted in: Erin Moran, Joanie Cunningham in 'Happy Days,' dies at 56 See in context

Not so Happy days

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Posted in: Cases of hepatitis B and C hit 325 million: WHO See in context

There is a cure for hep C. It takes about 8 months, and costs about $100,000. Not that costly considering it is your life.

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Posted in: Gov't panel finalizes proposals on emperor's abdication See in context

jcj: True, funny and sad all at the same time.

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Posted in: Moritomo Gakuen applies for bankruptcy protection See in context

So he will sell the land and make a huge profit to pay off the debt. Not fare.

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Posted in: 1 child dead, 2 in critical condition after condo fire See in context

On the news now. Microwave with something metal put in it. Perhaps the oldest kid put in jiffy-pop with a metal tray meant for a stove top.

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Posted in: 95 lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine; Abe sends offering See in context

Maybe they are praying for lightning. I bet they would rebuild it.

since the shrine honors 14 Japanese leaders convicted by an Allied tribunal as war criminals,

It does not honor them. Their souls...evils souls are stuck there.

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Posted in: Fake monks targeting foreign visitors to Japan? See in context

In NY it is the crazy HariKrishna people.

In Machida there is a monk there all the time but he just stands there. Does not pester anyone.

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Posted in: Japanese heavy metal band denied U.S. entry; club cites Trump policy See in context

They were not just going there to play, but also to work and make money. They would need a working visa and also a TIN number. The IRS would want its cut.

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Posted in: Victim's activities likely known to robbers in Y384 mil cash heist See in context

All that pachinko money lost. Inside bank job for sure.

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