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I agree with #9! Was eating lunch with two people in a Tokyo restaurant, and I was so thirsty kept on drinking water and asked the man at a restaurant repetitively to filler-up please! I went up to him like 4 times and his facial expression showed no sign of irritation.If that happened in Seoul,Korea I may be given a scowling look.By the way, I am Korean and from what I observe in my stay in Korea and having dealt with Korean people, I think Japanese are more polite than S Koreans. I ask all Koreans please smile more often to everyone!!

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Yes I agree that Korea ought to get over the past but a lot of people here have been demanding that Korea get over the past which is too burdensome for Koreans to bear..According to some estimates, somewhere between 10,000~20,000 Koreans have been killed by Japanese army during its occupation of Korea.What I am saying is that Japan should HELP KOREA get over the past since it was Japan who invaded Korea not the other way round..

Korea has had 5,000 years of history and even though the Chinese and Mongols have made attempts to invade Korea neither of them made it successfully.So Japan's annexation of Korea from 1910~1945 really hurts Korean national pride.But I had a phone chat with my friend and I said to him Korea-Japan friendships are getting better and stronger all the time day by day..

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kim jong il (fat lil kimmy) also abducted S Koreans including soldiers and ordinary citizens..Why don't S Korea and Japan work together to rescue their own citizens from dprk? That would help improve & develop a stronger bond of friendship between S Korea and Japan which can be quite testy as far as relations between Seoul & Tokyo is concerned!!

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S Korea building a naval base in Ulleungdo doesn't mean Korea wants to pick a fight with Japan.As long as Japan doesn't attack Korea militarily, there will be no military clashes between S Korea and Japan!! Peace To You All!!

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No other country will feel the immediate impact on Sino-Japan ties other than the Korean Peninsula!! Both the economies of China and Japan ( Including U.S. economy of course) are extremely important to Korea and more than 90% of Korean high school students study Chinese and Japanese languages in their schools after English of course!!

But for Koreans,Chinese economy is like a double-edged sword.Strong Chinese economy will create more demand from Chinese customers for Korean products but yet at the same time Korean products which are more expensive than Chinese ones could lose the edge in terms of price-competitiveness..As to whether Chinese economy will implode,I leave that judgement to pundits to figure that out!!

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Posted in: S Korea to propose sex slave talks with Japan See in context

I have got nothing against Japan or its people who are innocent..I only dislike those Japanese who dislikes Korea and Koreans which I am sure do exist..Unless Japanese people hurt Korean national pride, I am all the more for Japanese. In fact, I like Japanese people on the whole especially the women.. They seem quite nice,friendly and kind..Ganbare Nippon!! Korea and Japan are already friends they just view the past history in a different perspective!!

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One thing I'd like to see is to resolve this comfort women issue by having an international parley in Seoul,Korea. In the end, Japan will have to face the hard reality that it cannot get away with wrongdoings like raping those women. Why cannot Japan just face the past and pay the compensation to those women?

Surely Japan has enough money on its own to pay to comfort women.Each year,Japan rakes up trillions of trade surplus money making Japan so rich..It'd be nice if Japan can pay a certain amount of lump money and make comfort women feel comfortable and be happy. . Paying compensation money will be very meaningful to those comfort women who have toiled all their life seeking support for their tribulations..Let's sort this out and I want Japan to be bolder in acknowledging its wrongdoings..Korea is not going to hurt Japan if Japan makes the right choices in improving relations between Seoul & Tokyo!!

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So CrazyJoe Are you saying it's legally O.K. for Japanese soldiers to rape Korean and other comfort women? I hope that's not what you really mean right..Even Japanese PMs have offered apologies to Korea..You seem to have wrong information on Korea.But then I don't blame you since you are not Korean anyway and although it would be a nice thing if foreigners understand Korea I certainly don't expect all foreigners to understand the pains that Japanese inflicted on Koreans..

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Asian countries should learn how to get along well with each other. I advocate permanent U.S.Army presence in Korea and although war among China,Korea and Japan is highly unlikely with U.S. acting as a deterrent, peace in Asia depends on how those 4 countries get along with each other (USA,Korea,Japan & China)..

When Asia is at peace, Asia will thank U.S.A. for having helped Asia become more prosperous by allowing open markets and easier access to Made In Asia imports in the U.S. market..It was America's generosity that brought & gave life to Asia.Take Korea for example..Right after the end of Korean War,Korea was much poorer than some African countries and today it's 11th largest trading nation with GNP over $20,000.00 while U.S.A.'s GNP is over $40,000.00..

So I as a U.S.-born Korean citizen say Thank You The United States of America for protecting S Korea from any "external threat" such as N Korea,China,Japan and even Russia.It's obvious why S Korea trusts ONLY U.S.A.. Keep in mind that S Korea isn't a powerful country yet and I keep my fingers crossed and I welcome ALL Americans more and more to come to S Korea!!

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