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Yes I am Korean but this crazy man whether he is Korean or non-Korean shouldn't have put on such an offensive placard. I am concerned that this year has been remarkably a rough period for Korea-Japan friendship.Please don't forget that there are also good Koreans and Japanese alike who want their bilateral friendships to blossom too.

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Hello CrazyJoe Why do you call Japan as a babysitter of Korea? I don't understand what you mean by using the word babysitting.

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Hello Hikozaemon!!

Thank you for your input feedback..Kindly Allow me to disagree with you and I don't intend to make offensive remarks at Japan or Japanese people..For me loving my home country Korea doesn't mean I am necessarily anti-Japanese but I do find some things that Japanese Government do somewhat unacceptable..Korean Government doesn't "abuse" Korean comfort women..The word Abuse sounds like it's the Korean government who is sexually assaulting the comfort women..And there is another misunderstanding that Japanese people have about Korea and I would like to rectify that..Yes Koreans are nationalistic but then so are Japanese,Chinese,Europeans and Americans too..Is there anyone out there who really hates his own country? Why is Korean nationalism wrong? That's the lop-sided view that Japan ought to correct its view on Korea.

We are born after WWII and Koreans and Japanese youngsters should sit down and talk about these things without recrimination..Yes the Japanese Army did many many bad things in Korea and I hope Japan will not repeat attacking Korea again by military force..But I am also sick and tired of seeing Koreans burning Japanese flags and Japanese Government denying any kind of wrongdoings in Korea.But then Korea wasn't the only country that was attacked by Japan.Japanese Air Force pilots dropped bombs on China and Pearl Harbour,U.S.A. but not a single bomb was dropped onto Korea..

But still Japan must fully acknowledge its sins committed against Korean people and try to be more understanding of Korean people's pains which they had to endure under Japanese harsh military rule..Anyway my key point is to move on to the future while keeping the past in check so that our two countries relations will not deteriorate any further..But at least Japanese Government apologized to Korea and Koreans several times plus a small compensation amount of money was paid by Japan to Korea..This is a positive step forward and I hope to see better relations between our two peoples.Unlike the past,young Koreans are far more open-minded than their parents about Japan and my personal trip to Japan radically changed my view of Japan from negative to positive..The real Japan that I saw was more convincing and there is no bias to it unlike seeing Japan on a Korean TV.

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Just pay the compensation money to those comfort women and call it a day! Problem solved!!

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It's kind of weird that when I first arrived at Tokyo from Seoul in June 2007,I saw more Westerners in Tokyo than the Koreans or Chinese visitors..Even though tourism statistics shows that the reverse is the case..Maybe it's kind of hard even for a Korean person like me to distinguish the faces of Korean,Japanese and Chinese people.Our tour group found Korean people in Tokyo's Shinokubo Koreatown and there were many Korean residents who work there..Although I saw many Koreans at Tokyo Haneda Airport, we couldn't find a single Korean in Tokyo other than Shinokubo.

The next day, we went to Yokohama Chinatown and there I saw many many Western people than Koreans in that Chinatown..It all seems relative but when I was in the U.S.A. I could say the same thing that there were as nearly as many Asians in California as Americans there even though that is not true..But I was happy that with a few exceptions most Japanese were kind even to Korean people even as New York Times said that Koreans have a hard time in Japan..I don't want to trust everything what the news media says since it could be blown out of proportion.But one thing about Japanese people living in Japan is that if a Japanese person approaches a foreigner in Japan, Japanese people never speak English to any foreigner..Japanese people speak ONLY Japanese..I live in Seoul,Korea now and I am very happy to talk to to Japanese visitors here in English because those Japanese in Korea are at least far more open-minded people than the ones who have never ventured abroad..And I personally enjoy talking to Japanese people because they are both nice and kind even to strangers..I have had Japanese girl-friends and none of them ever told me I should learn Japanese which in fact I did learn it at a foreign language institute in Seoul,Korea..

Regarding tourism issues, many Koreans visited Japan right up till the earthquake,tsunami and Fukushima radiation all screwed things up so badly..Then Korean travelers cancelled trips to Japan in great numbers after having heard of the news that natural disaster hit that country..But now Koreans still go to Japan as recovery shows sign of hope but the steam is picking up rather slowly..Travel agencies in Korea have slashed the prices for tickets to go to Japan in order to attract more travel customers.

There was this Youtube like movie whereby a Korean man was trying to chase a Japanese woman and he tried to speak English to her and she didn't respond anything in kind..She just ran away so fast and she didn't even utter a word of English..But still I do find Japan attractive in overall terms even though most Japanese don't speak English at all..

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So much for Japan-China tensions!! In 1894~1895 there was first Sino-Japanese War back then it was Chiang Dynasty in China to take control over Korea.Japan won the war against China and Korea became Japanese colony after Japan also defeated Russia in 1904~1905 war..Japanese army had better fighting skills than anybody so turning Korea into a colony was a cinch..Korea should better watch out for any "spill-over effect" from tensions in Sino-Japan ties..As each day passes Japan and China are becoming more powerful and this concerns many Koreans.Korea isn't powerful enough to catch up with those Asian Giants so the best bet for Korea is to continue maintain Korea-U.S.A. alliance since 28,500 U.S. Army is in S Korea to protect it from any external countries not just from N Korea alone..

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Pending on how Japan-China island dispute turns out, this incident gives a break on Korea's Dokdo island Issue with Japan.I am U.S.-born Korean citizen and in Seoul, I don't see anyone burning Japanese flag.With Japan-China ties showing signs of deterioration,Korea and Japan should sit down and talk to each other about Dokdo issue.

The problem with China,Korea and Japan is that all those three Asian nations lose rational way of thinking and instead all three nations who harbor strong sense of mutual distrust become overly nationalistic.Japan does need to repair its damaged ties with both Korea and China too.No matter how strong USA-Japan alliance is,Japan ought to learn how to get along with its neighbors.I wish peace to all 3 Asian nations.

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I am U.S.-born Korean citizen and after having read what other people here have written, I think it's already time that Korea and Japan ought to stop quibbling each other tit-for-tat and try to accept each other as genuine neighbours and also make efforts to befriend with each other.As for stationing troops in Dokdo Island, there is nothing I can do to stop it if Seoul decides to send troops on the island..

However, it would be nice if both Korea and Japan work out a solution by themselves to end this stalemate since the U.S. is not going to take either side..Besides the U.S. isn't even a third party to this island dispute!! I wish Korea and Japan take cue from other countries where there used to be territorial conflicts in the past but somehow they solved the problems through talks..Korea isn't the only country that Japan has territorial conflicts.Japan has unresolved island disputes with China and Russia so before time runs out I think it's possible that Korea and Japan can make peace with each other and never fight or have conflict with each other ever again!! Peace To All Mankind!!

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