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Posted in: Abe offers China quake help See in context

Someone, somewhere is laughing to the bank when the two Asians economic giants are endlessly quarreling over insignificant rocks. Of course, divided they fall. Look who captured the auto market in China after Japan lost the ground there.

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Posted in: G-20 finance leaders decry lack of global growth See in context

I wonder what the G20 countries would have said, had any other country done the QE as a method to jumpstart the economy. I am not sure it would be acceptable for other countries to follow Japan's footsteps.

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Posted in: China calls on Japan to stop scrambling its fighters See in context

Let us all celebrate the prediction of our great prophet Lachance; hoping that all what he predicts about China will happen in our life time. I can see the time when all of us shall scramble to inherit the remaining bit and pieces, all led by our great prophet Lachance

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Posted in: 20 words of English origin that Japanese people often mistake for real thing See in context

This is mispronunciations are not peculiar to Japanese persons only. If a language does not have a certain sound, is bound to mispronounce that sound in another language. The Germans have hard time to pronounce the word THE, they will say DZE while South Africans will have a very heavy R which sounds RHE. One rand = one rhand. In some places they will pronounce RABEL for LABEL because in their mother tongue the sound L does not exist.

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Posted in: Abe seeks Mongolia's support in China island dispute See in context

Abe is not ignorant of the geografical facts of Mongolia. He knows that to get those minerals from Mongolia he has to move them through Chinese or Russian territoy. The rest is for domestic consumtion; he knows tha the Japanese electorate wants to see a macho Prime Minister.

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Posted in: Sony-Olympus deal held up by China See in context

This is the worst case of poor reporting. Here is a journalist who reports that China is the culprit for the delay of a deal between Olympus and Sony without saying how China is involved in the matter. One gets the impression that China is the culprit of everything going wrong in Japan.

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Posted in: China orders stepped-up scrutiny on Apple See in context

EastAsiaForeigner Forgets the discrimination the Chinese companies suffer elsewhere. Never heard of the word retaliation? Remember the war on solar panels, tires, telecommunication equipment etc

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Posted in: S Korea, China fault Japan on 'comfort women' at U.N. See in context

A Realist says: "nor does it matter that the present generations in Japan had exactly nothing to do with "comfort women". If this is the reasoning, then the present generation of Americans would not have apologized to Japanese for WWII internment, African Americans for slavery nor the Germans would still apologize for the holocaust.

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Posted in: The international growth of anti-Americanism See in context

Why condemn the US, the Us is behaving exactly the way a super power is supposed to behave, it will continue doing so until another power emerges as has happened to Great Britain.

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Posted in: Okinawa's off-base housing may suffer infestation of Chinese bugs See in context

All Chinese telecommunications companies should be boycotted worldwide, and the Chinese should be made to desist from competing for international contracts

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Posted in: China defends massive growth in military spending See in context

Idle talk will not do away with the communists in China. Why not organize a coalition of the willing a la Iraq and liberate China.

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Posted in: Ethnic Korean children in Japan lose out after Pyongyang's nuclear test See in context

Japan should look at the solution by other former colonial powers in Europe and America. They integrated the former subjects and slaves, who chose to remain, as national citizens. In this case the United Nations seems to be looking the other way when it comes to Japan. Where is the UN Commisioner for Human Rights hiding? Would it be acceptable if some poor banana republic was doing the same?

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Posted in: Former ASDF general: 'China won't initiate war over Senkakus' See in context

At last one credible person has thrown in some sense in the mix. It is time for cool heads to prevail and vigourously promote peace in the region. Regardless who would win in case of war, the result would cause huge economic turmoil which would hurt both China and Japan and the world.

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Posted in: Q&A: Currency the latest threat to global economy See in context

China loves it because this time the blame game will shift to Japan or, at least, this time Beijing will share the blame with Tokio.

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Posted in: Japan offers nuclear help to Saudi Arabia to free up oil See in context

One man's garbage is another man's treasure. What is no longer good for Japan is still good for Saudi Arabia. As for the water shortage, the Japanese should include the price of a plant to desalinate the water. Japan has the know-how to do both.

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Posted in: Abe: China radar-lock on Japan ship 'dangerous' See in context

It will be impossible for the two countries to initiate any talk because Japan has already closed the door by saying that "there is no dispute over the Islands". If there is no dispute, what are they going to talk about? And Mr. Abe can not go back on his words because he will be seen as coward and unreliable by his people. The Chinese will ask themselves: why should they talk to Japan if there's no dispute.

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Posted in: China and Japan seek to ease tensions, but risks remain See in context

OssanaAmerica: The victor in a war is always the first to forget the war consequences, but the conquered will always remember the bitter experience and will use it as a historical lesson not to be forgotten. Therefore the Japanese would like the rest of Asia to forget about the ww2 and get on with their lives. In the Province of Quebec, in Canada, all car number plates have an inscription that read "I Remeber" on them, meaning a war that happened centuries ago in which they lost. To ask the Chinese and Koreans not to be apprehensive about Japan is asking them to forget history.

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Posted in: Abe says he will release new statement on World War II See in context

Normally the victor entitle himself the right to write history of the war, but in case of Japan it is the vanquished who has the right.

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Posted in: Teen performer at Obama inaugural events shot dead See in context

Gun violence is very much an American culture and not because of poverty. The whole of the so-called third world is so poor, but the people there don't go on killing sprees because they are poor. In many countries to own a gun is a privilege and not a right - that is why America is exceptional.

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Posted in: Why Japanese women go for fake crooked teeth See in context

Beauty is very individual and cultural thing. There's no such thing as universal beauty; would you go for those living skeletons doing the cat walks or those 250 pounders you see in the US streets? The beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so leave the Japanese women alone.

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Posted in: Gov't to review statements on wartime history, revise textbook guidelines See in context

It looks like the biggest problem with some Japanese politicians is that they find it hard to apologize to people they once colonized, and still think that those people are inferior to them. The Americans felt a moral obligation to apologize to their former slaves and American natives, so are the Germans to Jews, but not the Japanese to the rest of "inferior" Asians.

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Posted in: Journalism of the future should be less concerned with the present See in context

Journalists very often see the writing on the wall, but they have masters to please. In case of WMD they had to jump in patriotic bandwagon for anyone who said otherwise was declared un-patriotic. Even the icons like the BBC and CNN had to be seen to be patriotic.

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Posted in: China, Japan move to cool down territorial dispute See in context

OssanAmerica: It would be terribly wrong for China not to teach history of China/Japan wars and atrocities to the next generations. The United States does teach the new generations about the war of independence against Britain. Of course, there is no former colonial country that likes to be reminded about its past deeds, Japan is not an exception. However, both China and Japan should try not rub the old wounds and let it heal. Scars will always be there.

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Posted in: U.S. gov't gets tough on China over isle dispute with Japan See in context

Why not simply agree on simple principle: there is dispute between China and Japan on the Islands, but the dispute will be looked into later on. Period. Probably, in fifty years time so many things will have changed and people will think differently. If is a matter of resources under the sea bed, why not explore them together in a consortium?

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Posted in: Abe accuses China of letting Japanese firms be targeted during isle protests See in context

No one should pay attention to Abe's cry baby shenanigans, he is simply seeking attention from Americans. It is up to the US to tell both China and Japan that there are more important problems in the world than flexing of their rubber muscles.

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Posted in: Second JAL 787 incident in 2 days raises questions about Dreamliner See in context

"Not being able to read the instructions in foreign language has more to do with their educational level." FPSRussia assumes that to be a good engineer/technician one has to be able to read and speak foreign languages, (read English). I have worked with very intelligent American engineers who could not speak a word of any language besides English, but they were still very good engineers. Or Mr. FPS believes that English is the only language of instruction in the world? Very poor understanding of the world, if not outright arrogance at its worst form.

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Posted in: Abe seeks security ties with Australia, India See in context

It's incomprehensible how Japan chooses to spend so much time and political capital quarreling with its neighbors over small barren rocks instead of fighting for the bigger and richer Islands in the North. Why not try to wrestle back the Islands from the bear in the North?

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Posted in: China is the elephant in the situation room See in context

It is amazing how many China specialist know more about China than the Chinese themselves!

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Posted in: Ishida says he'll work to patch up relations with China See in context

It is not common for a poweful person, nation or country to apologise to a weaker person, nation or country. Apology is only done among equals. China, Korea, Philipine and the rest, must first grow stronger economically, militarily, politicaly, and then they can ask for an apology. Nothing short of the above will get them any apology from Japan

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Posted in: World's longest bullet train service begins in China See in context

China is a vast country whose development can not be achieved without a modern transport system. Mistakes will always happen, but I don't believe the China bushers who say that those mistakes happen because the country is ruled by communists etc. Almost every week there is a terrible train accident in India, the largest democracy in the world. Shall we say those accidents happen because India is a democracy? Some of the criticism are not based on anything but ideology. Whether we love or hate China, China will always be there and we have to learn to live side by side with it in this small planet Earth.

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