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Posted in: Japan rugby squad parade draws thousands of fans in Tokyo's business hub See in context

Great to see Rugby gaining the recognition it deserves in this country, a far better game than baseball or soccer.

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Posted in: Japanese regulators recommend ¥2.4 bil fine for Nissan See in context

Merely an operating expense, probably a tax right off too, no real penalty for those who deserve the punishment for lying, cheating, stealing and being general pieces of well you know what.

Those involved should be sent to prison, stripped of their titles and entitlements and made examples of , that would be justice, this fining the company BS is an easy out.

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Posted in: Japan to keep pushing coal in developing world despite criticism See in context

The enviromentalists dont want nuclear power, they dont want coal power and in many case thermal power is not an alternative, yet they expect the lives of millions to be improved in the developing world and everyone to receive a liveable wage but they have no real solutions or alternatives.

The world will soon also find that ocean freight will be prohibitive with the new regulations and pricing to cover the fuel oil surcharge.

Coal power for now is where most people will get their electricity , Oil is where most people will get their fuel for the near future, until some one finds the next jar of magic fairy dust or comes up with a safe clean power source.

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Posted in: U.N. calls for truce around next year's Tokyo Olympics See in context

U N is a bunch of corrupt self interested crooks they are not really interested in solving the worlds problems

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Posted in: What’s better for the environment: a fake Christmas tree or a natural one? See in context

Get one made from Hemp , much better for everyone and the environment.

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Posted in: Police search Hato Bus head office after fatal crash See in context

Yesterday the TV news was saying the limousine driver was outside of the vehicle, doing something at the trunk, and was caught between his vehicle and the bus.

The story reads the car was stopped at a red light, what was the limo driver doing at the trunk in that case ?

If you are ill, sick , have a flu or simillar stay home dont go to work coughing sneezing and spreading it , seen woman working at the checkout at supermarkets, coughing n sneezing all over everyone and their food while swiping it through the bar code reader at the counter, unbelievable, I simply just left my stuff there and walked off not buying that from there. D I S G U S T I N G .

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Posted in: Empress celebrates 56th birthday See in context

Most people in Japan are under stress, some handle it better than others, some are on medication some are unmedicated, some show daily signs of mental stress others hide better. Some are more privileged than others. Happy Birthday BTW.

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Posted in: Japan's current account surplus rises 38% See in context

Having a surplus is much better than being in the red like they were for years n years n years, and i get the fact that some here are not into trade and economics.

Exports are down but, importing less in monetary value than you export has always been a good thing as far as I can tell or...........

Only been involved in trade from Japan for about 25 years so what the hell would I know right ?

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Posted in: 5 dead, many more missing or injured after New Zealand volcano erupts See in context

People who were going on tours to the island were made to sign a release knowing full well the dangers , the police are now saying that all those who were alive were evacuated, only ones who didnt get off the island were those who were already dead.

No living were lift behind .

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Posted in: Japan's current account surplus rises 38% See in context

The country's surplus in the current account came to 1.82 trillion yen ($17 billion), marking the 64th straight month of black ink,

Who said trade wars hurt ?

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Posted in: 7-year-old girl killed after car rear-ended in 5-vehicle pile-up See in context

DaDude, used Nissan Leaf is safer than a kei , can be bought for under 500,000yen cheaper on gasoline, doesnt need oil changes etc either, theres an idea for you

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Posted in: Japan plans harsher road rage penalties after high-profile incidents See in context

sir_bentley28Today 01:42 pm JST

road rage will be defined as dangerous driving with the intent of obstructing others, such as tailgating, sudden braking 

Tailgating is like a sport here! I've seen truck drivers right at the back of smaller cars. I've had those large family vans beaming their lights in my car and so close to me I thought they were in my backseat! Break-checking is the only thing that tells these tailgaters to back off without a direct altercation. If the police makes this illegal, how are drivers supposed to defend themselves on a one lane road with a road hogger behind them? And if you're thinking "Give the police you dash cam recordings and let the police do their work!" you might as well give a toddler a box of crayons and tell them "Clean the room!" Because I had an incident, went to the police station, spoke with them, showed them the footage, they took copies and photos of the footage then said "We'll find someone to look into this case!" 7 months ago.

Obviously this guy doesnt move to the left but sits in the far RIGHT lane inducing road rage in others by brake checking them, exactly why the cops want to increase the penalty for this type of behaviour, but these ignorant drivers like this dont get it.

Move to the left FFS. Let the traffic flow, brake checking is dangerous too !!

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Posted in: Japan plans harsher road rage penalties after high-profile incidents See in context

If people drove properly in the first place most road rage would be avoided, dont drive in the far right lane at below or just on the spped limit for a start and if a faster traveling vehcile comes behind you move left and let them past. The law even says to keep left, and you can be prosecuted for sitting in the far right lane without passing anything, holding up the flow of traffic is also an offense.

I am not advocating for speeding, just simple common sense, learn the road rules, exercise courstesy, dont interfere in the natural flow of traffic etc. Understand how to read the traffic and how it flows.

The cops also need to crack down on the laws as some one else has commented, hit the truckies hard, red light runners, idiots who do not move left, inconsiderate others who do not indicate or use their rear view mirror etc. Educate the people who drive.

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Posted in: 7-year-old girl killed after car rear-ended in 5-vehicle pile-up See in context

garypenToday 05:56 pm JST

Not to take away from the guilty driver's act of tragic negligence, if the family was in a standard vehicle rather than a Kei, that poor little girl would probably still be alive.

The type of vehicle nor the parents choice of vehicle is nothing to do with the fact that this Bungo idiot carelessly drove and ploughed into the back of a line of stationary traffic while speeding. If you think somehow the blame is somewhere else you need a serious think.

The child could have been a pedestrian or on a bicycle, a vehicle with even less protection from reckless fool driving like an idiot.

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Posted in: During the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Japan expects to receive a huge number of athletes and visitors from Muslim countries participating in the games. See in context

There will be more non muslims visiting than muslims you can bet on that.

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Posted in: Local gov't hard drives with personal info sold in online auction See in context

So its more incompetence by incapable people or organisations , now lots of peoples information is disclosed.

Those careless people responsible must be held accountable and punished, this is unacceptable.

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Posted in: Japanese restaurants rocket to top of best in world list See in context

If you base your food on a tire manufactures guide you have rocks in your head, all those michelin rated places are utter rubbish much like french cars and their politics.

Much better places to eat than any of these over rated places

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Posted in: More than 70,000 walk along Inui road at Imperial Palace See in context

Wow incredible that so many would find this a highlight

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Posted in: N Korean media call Abe 'imbecile and political dwarf' See in context

Fix this idiot up along with his dictatorship and his backers, they are getting too loud, too boisterous and too much out of their league, fix them up now before its too late. That goes for china too who needs to be put in its place.

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Posted in: Police officer who drove car that hit, killed 5-year-old boy to be indicted See in context

So police man drove carelessly because he was in an urgent hurry to drug test a suspect that the drug residue would remain in their system for hours or days , but the urgency of the matter resulted in the death of a child.

When in fact there was no urgency to rush to drug test the suspect when he could have calmly been driven to the closest police station and calmly drug tested in a normal situation with out the hype and hysteria that japan needs to create over a small matter of some one being high on a illegal substance.

The mentallity of the police and how they deal with minor situations really needs to be called in to question when you consider that drugs will be in the perons system for quite some time after consumption there for no immediate rush with flashing light and sirens for a simple drug test is required resulting in the death of a young innocent child. This case highlights the immature that the japanese have when delaing with most rea life situations and makes you relaize just how pathetic and childlike their thinking really is. They killed an innocent child in their haste to get the bust , which could have been acheived without the hysteria or the haste. Sad for the family and the pathetic cop who know lives with his stupidity.

Wake up Japan you are often to pathetic too childish, too immature, and just too flippin dumb, weak and backward.

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Posted in: IMF urges Japan to double consumption tax to 20% by 2050 See in context

Yes of course the IMF with no clue suggests more tax as the UN would suggest members pay more to them to prop up their scandals and mismanagement at the top of all of these really badly run organizations.

That's all they have , make the people work harder and pay more, no real idea or solution.

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Posted in: Japan, Vatican partners in realizing nuclear weapons-free world, Abe tells pope See in context

The pope lives behind his wall secluded, surrounded by the churchs wealth and is out of touch with reality, comes to Japan crates massive traffic chaos, wasting tax payers resources and tells us how to live.

Then goes back to his pandered life.

The nuclear umbrella helps to preserve that life and the wealth he so much enjoys.

He should be telling China to back off Hong Kong, or visiting the Middle east but we know how that would work out for him dont we

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Posted in: Springboks earn team, coach, men's player of year honors See in context

Congratulations South Africa, best outcome from that game.

The english need to learn to be sportsmen instead of carrying on like a bunch of spoilt entitled brats taking off their silver medals, did they even bother to congratulate South Africa?

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Posted in: 'It just happens': Jones, England fall short in RWC final See in context

Actually NZ is still Ranked ahead of england in the world rugby Rankings so there fore going on that eddie you are not the second best team in world rugby.

And the english petulant brats who didnt want to be graceful in defeat and accept their medals pffft, shows the typical english mentality, their birth right thinking.

Congratulations South Africa well Done. Great Result on the Day !

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Posted in: Poor evidence cannabis improves mental health: study See in context

Cannabis is not a drug.

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Posted in: New Zealand beatable, insists England coach Jones See in context

Go the All Blacks, England are just trying to win a world cup, the All Blacks are trying to win their Third World Cup In A row, a lot more to play for , a lot more heart and a damn side more deserving, talented, humble and gracious in victory and in defeat than the english rugby could ever dream to be.

Eddie Jones is the mongrel mercenary, he struggled against the All Blacks when he was Australia coach and now thinks he possesses the fire power with England to exact revenge for the embarrasment he suffered when the All Blacks were kicking aussies ass back in his coaching days.

The All Blacks All the Way, 3 world cups in a row !! Never done before , watch this game !

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Posted in: CBD oil: A guide to the hemp extract that’s taking over the wellness world See in context

The Government has done such a great job on the marijuanna is bad hype over the years, changing peoples perception is very difficult and it will take time for CBD products to be as main stream here as other countries.

There are a few outlets in Japan for CBD but many are charging way over the top prices too.

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