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Posted in: China halts imports of Nishikigoi carp from Japan over Fukushima row See in context


The fact is 90% of Japanese marines products now can't be sold. Even if feel pity about Japan and you want to buy it all, it's high number. What Japan will do about those products? What Japan will do with workers of those industries?

It’s true export of marine products to China was significant but you’re completely wrong here. Maybe you should reread your link a bit more slowly and work on comprehension.

It’s true that Japan’s exports of marine products to China have dropped 90%, but China’s imports were only around 17%, a significant amount but not 90%, of Japan’s exports. That 17% dropped by 90% so that means Japan’s exports shrunk by 15% if you don’t consider other countries that increased.

I don’t have the numbers but it probably means a net decrease if 5-8% and perhaps a bit larger percentage if value is considered.

Significant? Yes. Devastating and not able for Japan to be overcome? No

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Posted in: Ukraine hails Jeddah talks as blow to Russia; China says it's staying impartial See in context

You know Ukraine is looking and counting. 

40 countries times 1-2 billion dollars per country equals….

If that’s what it takes for Ukraine to defeat the imperialist Russian invasion of their sovereign country I wish him luck! If Russia isn’t stopped now it will just continue. That Putin has plans to eventually take over other countries is a documented fact.

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Posted in: Russia says drones lightly damage Moscow buildings, while Ukraine's capital bombarded See in context

Using Blacklabel logic “the systems of three others were jammed, causing them to veer off course” would mean that any residential buildings hit must have been caused by Russia maliciously jamming the drones, right??

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Posted in: Hong Kong asks Japan to reverse 'hasty' COVID flight restrictions See in context


And I know for a fact, it's extremely hard to get tested in Japan while in China they have mass testing facilities in place.

I have no idea where you are in Japan but I “know for a fact”, to use your words, that it is very easy to get tested. At least in my experience it has been and, because of work travel, I’ve had to get tested several times.

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Posted in: Russian shelling cuts off power again in liberated Kherson See in context

Putin should come to his senses and sit down at the negotiation table before it’s too late. All he needs to do is admit defeat, pull the invading troops out, and negotiate about the costs to rebuild what they destroyed in the fiasco he’s calling “a special military operation.

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Posted in: Japan reports 103,311 coronavirus cases See in context

*2回接種 10,641 人*

*1回接種 131 人*

*接種なし 3,095 人*

*不明 2,795 人*


That amazingly consistent ratio continues

I’m not sure what your point is though.

Of course the number of infections in the twice vaccinated group are greater because that group is much much larger containing nearly 90% of the population. For the same reason the number of infections in the single vaccinated group are small because the number of those twice vaccinated is, percentage wise, that much higher.

But, again, the real issue is the disproportionately large percentage of infections in the non-vaccinated group.

It’s simple math, you should try it!

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Posted in: Japan reports 54,071 coronavirus cases See in context

*2回接種 6,139 人*

*1回接種 69 人*

*接種なし 1,967 人*

*不明 1,541 人*


Anyone notice a trend yet?


Is the trend you’re referring to that only about 15% in Japan haven’t had 2 vaccinations but the numbers you show above say nearly 40% of the cases were in that 15%?

Looks like the vaccinations are helping!

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Posted in: California ban on selling semi-automatic guns to young adults overturned See in context

So they can’t buy cigarettes or a beer but an AK is no problem? Sounds about right for the States!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 8,503 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 44,810 See in context

What's the number of tests?

Same thing day in, day out.

Can we give this a rest?

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Posted in: The service will be available only for small dogs and cats. During flights, they will be required to be kept in cages placed on seats at the end of the row, with their owners seated next to them. See in context

It’s entertaining to read a lot of the comments here! However I’m happy to see a Japanese airline finally catching up with most of the rest of the world. Most dogs and cats I’ve met on planes were a lot better behaved than a lot of the children. For those that don’t like pets while traveling I would advise not going out for dinner while visiting France, dogs are not only welcome on planes but in many restaurants as well.

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Posted in: NTV employee arrested for groping woman on train See in context


So we really have NO idea at all which person here is the one more likely to be honest. It's totally he said, she said.

Riiiiiight. Gocht

I some cases it really is a he said she said thing, don’t be so quick.

I admit it doesn’t happen as often as the reverse, but many years ago while riding the Yamanote line home after a night out a young female stood close behind me and grabbed my bottom. May not happen often but it did happen and I doubt that it was an isolated case with the number of people riding the trains daily.

I think a bit of investigation is in order before presuming guilt though.

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Posted in: American father, son get prison terms for helping Ghosn escape See in context

Sigh just fyi, No. Crime is not the only criteria for a failed state. The definition of a failed state has more to with government, not the crime level itself (if that were the case then I'd be living in a failed state).*

Sigh* just FYI I obviously know the standard criteria used to define a failed state. I agree that Lebanon government is terrible and, though not there yet, is certainly heading toward meeting the definition. My point though is that Ghosn probably has a pretty good life in Lebanon, and certainly safer than some countries (such as the US). Fir the rich Lebanon isn’t a bad place to live.

Also, I never said these two weren’t guilty. They even admitted it themselves. They new what they were doing when they got into it and certainly figured failure into what they charged. However the way this all went down, and the comments made by the judge, certainly ring of revenge. Japan could certainly have handled this better. Starting with the Ghosn farce…

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Posted in: American father, son get prison terms for helping Ghosn escape See in context

@ Seth

Ghosn gets life time in a failed state

I guess it depends on how you define “failed state”. Have you ever been to Lebanon? If crime is a criteria then perhaps you should do some research.


Anyway, it wasn’t their “crime” so much as Japan losing face over the whole deal. This brings to mind a short proverb Japan should remember.

Revenge is but a small circle.”

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Posted in: After long battle, karate gets long-awaited chance on Olympic stage See in context

Course, Japan would rather not have to credit China for anything, so it’s made out to be a purely Japanese style for purposes of PR.

This really isn’t true. The original kanji used for karate actually translate as “Chinese hand” and were later changed to those meaning “empty hand”. The original kanji are explained ad nauseam in most texts. Several Kata names are also Chinese.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor says mutant strains of COVID-19 becoming dominant See in context

... vaccination campaign is lagging badly, with even many elderly people still waiting for inoculations.

Only lagging badly? Yokohama hasn’t even sent notices out to those between 65 and 75, and don’t plan to until the end of next week at the earliest!

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Posted in: Japan starts COVID-19 vaccinations for elderly See in context

In Yokohama the local ward office website says:

”Based on vaccine supply information from the national government, group vaccinations are scheduled to begin on the week of May 17.”

It also says that eligible residents will be send a notification to be able to register and that would begin at the beginning of May for residents over 90! The “over 65” appointment notifications are “expected” to go out at the end of May.

No one in the general population will be getting their shot any time soon!

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Posted in: Prosecutors charge 2 Americans with helping Ghosn flee, jump bail See in context

So the maximum sentence they face is up to 3 years and a fine up to ¥300,000.

And comparing that to a DUI (blood alcohol level of greater than 0.02 if your under 21) which has a maximum imprisonment with work of up to 3 years and a maximum fine of up to 500,000, and DWI (greater than 0.15) with a maximum of 5 years and a fine up to ¥1,000,000.

And they received at least $1.3M for the job? I would have advised them not to waste their money on lawyers to fight extradition or the charges. And chances are the won’t get anywhere near the maximum sentence anyway.

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Posted in: Kono says supply will determine vaccination progress See in context


90% of the japanese people I know, including my wife, dont want to take the vaccine.

I guess this just shows how different circles are, well, different because

90% of the japanese people I know, including my wife, WANT to take the vaccine.

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Posted in: Biden calls for action on virus as he introduces health team See in context

You can still eat pizza inside your Costco? Mine has removed all the tables and has made everything take-out only.

I am talking about Costco in the U.S. not Japan. The ones in Los Angeles, the most locked down and strict on dining counties in the entire U.S. still have tables for diners. They are outside. Tables are full so diners sit on walls and curbs to eat.

San Diego is takeout only and several items that are usually not “takeout” were removed from the menu. Outside tables were spaced farther apart and looks like many were removed. Masks are required to shop, Special hours for handicapped and elderly. I think this is the policy across the nation, but I can’t speak for other areas.

If the rest of the country would follow these common sense guidelines the situation probably wouldn’t be where it is today. But, we can see what having a president that doesn’t care or lead has gotten us!

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Posted in: Thousands rally for Trump, believing he won election See in context

Cult! smh

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Posted in: Who do you think the Japanese government would prefer to win the U.S. presidential election on Tuesday: Incumbent Donald Trump or challenger Joe Biden? See in context

My Japanese friends all say they would much rather have Trump as President because he's a real leader with the b***s to stand up to China.

This probably says most about one’s circle of friends than anything else.

Recently NHK had a piece that said only 1 in 10 Japanese supported or thought a second at rump term would be good.

Personally I have to disagree with NHK on this because of all the people I’ve spoken to about Trump, and this includes friends, acquaintances, business associates, and their friends, not a single person thought a second Trump term was good. A few had no opinion, but those that did ALL thought the US would be crazy to vote Trump for another term.

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Posted in: Trump or Biden, Japan likely to face harsh demands in trade talks See in context

You'd be crazy to opt for Trump.

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Posted in: Trump pressures Barr to investigate Bidens as election nears See in context

Reminds me of;

but.... but.... but.... what about Hillary’s emails?

Desperation at it’s finest!


well, actually, it’s more like


since, over the last four years, it’s been Trump himself doing everything he can to destroy his chance of reelection, and the United States has is becoming collateral damage...

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Posted in: Trump goes after 'Fauci and all these idiots' See in context

I’m really going to miss Trump in some ways. Damn but he’s entertaining.

Of course he’s incompetent, a worldwide embarrassment, and has turned the US into a poor quality reality TV show, but for those of us watching he’s certainly entertaining.

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Posted in: Trump, Biden plan dueling town halls instead of scrapped debate See in context

and yes, liberals are angry at NBC for scheduling Trump at the same time as Biden.

Funny, I heard that Trump demanded that time slot when NBC wanted to schedule differently. Perhaps your anger should be directed toward Trump?

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Posted in: After mixed messages from White House, Trump said to be improving but next 48 hours 'critical' See in context

If he wants, if he doesn't his choice, hasn't changed my outlook and position on mask wearing, if people want to wear one, their right and if others don't, their right as well. All these other world leaders got sick wearing masks so, not buying it.

It sounds like you are under the false idea that a mask is to primarily protect the person wearing the mask. Masks are worn to help prevent the spread of the virus from the wearer, should they be infected, to others. If Trump had worn a mask how many of those close to him, including his family, wouldn’t have been infected?

Not wearing a mask is just selfish! And if Trump knew he was infected and still attended an event, especially without a mask, it’s criminal!

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Posted in: Biden: Trump ignores pandemic, stokes unrest, solves neither See in context

I don't have a dog in this fight, but how anyone watching the US from a distance can believe some of the nonsense Trump spouts is beyond me. And echoed by the rubbish lower level Trump supporters put out also.

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