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You can still eat pizza inside your Costco? Mine has removed all the tables and has made everything take-out only.

I am talking about Costco in the U.S. not Japan. The ones in Los Angeles, the most locked down and strict on dining counties in the entire U.S. still have tables for diners. They are outside. Tables are full so diners sit on walls and curbs to eat.

San Diego is takeout only and several items that are usually not “takeout” were removed from the menu. Outside tables were spaced farther apart and looks like many were removed. Masks are required to shop, Special hours for handicapped and elderly. I think this is the policy across the nation, but I can’t speak for other areas.

If the rest of the country would follow these common sense guidelines the situation probably wouldn’t be where it is today. But, we can see what having a president that doesn’t care or lead has gotten us!

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Cult! smh

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My Japanese friends all say they would much rather have Trump as President because he's a real leader with the b***s to stand up to China.

This probably says most about one’s circle of friends than anything else.

Recently NHK had a piece that said only 1 in 10 Japanese supported or thought a second at rump term would be good.

Personally I have to disagree with NHK on this because of all the people I’ve spoken to about Trump, and this includes friends, acquaintances, business associates, and their friends, not a single person thought a second Trump term was good. A few had no opinion, but those that did ALL thought the US would be crazy to vote Trump for another term.

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You'd be crazy to opt for Trump.

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Reminds me of;

but.... but.... but.... what about Hillary’s emails?

Desperation at it’s finest!


well, actually, it’s more like


since, over the last four years, it’s been Trump himself doing everything he can to destroy his chance of reelection, and the United States has is becoming collateral damage...

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I’m really going to miss Trump in some ways. Damn but he’s entertaining.

Of course he’s incompetent, a worldwide embarrassment, and has turned the US into a poor quality reality TV show, but for those of us watching he’s certainly entertaining.

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and yes, liberals are angry at NBC for scheduling Trump at the same time as Biden.

Funny, I heard that Trump demanded that time slot when NBC wanted to schedule differently. Perhaps your anger should be directed toward Trump?

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If he wants, if he doesn't his choice, hasn't changed my outlook and position on mask wearing, if people want to wear one, their right and if others don't, their right as well. All these other world leaders got sick wearing masks so, not buying it.

It sounds like you are under the false idea that a mask is to primarily protect the person wearing the mask. Masks are worn to help prevent the spread of the virus from the wearer, should they be infected, to others. If Trump had worn a mask how many of those close to him, including his family, wouldn’t have been infected?

Not wearing a mask is just selfish! And if Trump knew he was infected and still attended an event, especially without a mask, it’s criminal!

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I don't have a dog in this fight, but how anyone watching the US from a distance can believe some of the nonsense Trump spouts is beyond me. And echoed by the rubbish lower level Trump supporters put out also.

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