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Posted in: Writer hopes Japanese step out of 'comfort zone' as society diversifies See in context

Rather than the Japanese stepping out of the thier comfort zone, the foreign nail sticking out will be hammered in.

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Posted in: Can Tokyo's efficient rail system handle Olympic strain? See in context

Locals are accustomed to....

They are educated from childhood to exercise gaman and bear the unbearable.

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea dispute puts U.S. in bad position: Trump See in context

None of the players in these sandbox games look good. They are behaving like selfrighous spoiled brats who lack statesmanship, dignity and responsibility = response-ability, the ability to respond rationally and instead blame each other and the world for their lack of maturity caused by lack of real experience in their sheltered self-indulgent lives. With these kind of 'leaders' the future looks bleak.

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Posted in: Switzerland helping Japanese prosecutors with Ghosn investigation See in context

The Tokyo prosecutors asking the Swiss for assistance doesn't indicate any crime whatsoever. It's just news about fishing, for anything, anywhere, for something which is actually illegal.

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Posted in: Boris Johnson chosen as Britain's next prime minister; now faces Brexit test See in context

We'll have many more bad hair days.

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Posted in: JAL staff's new look See in context

Not cheerful. Not elegant. Tanoshukunai.

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Posted in: Japan sees worst suicide rate for those under 20 in 2018 See in context

To be a teenager in Japan is not pleasant. Conformism, control and gaman. Tanoshukunai.

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Posted in: Russia protests over G20 map it says showed disputed islands as Japan's See in context

Japan and Germany not only lost the war but start it. Starting a war AND loosing it voids any claims or rights.

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Posted in: Saudi crown prince feted at G20 despite criticism elsewhere See in context

Not to forget the role the crown prince plays in ratching up the threat of war with Iran and Saudi Arabia's financial support for and export of Salafist ideology and radical Islam in Indonesia and elsewhere. The West feeds (or fetes) the thugs who threaten liberty and democracy. Can't get much lower and will end badly.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic domestic sponsorship tops $3 bil as companies pile in See in context

Hope lights our way

Hope is the prop of the desperate. (Thucydides)

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Posted in: Once a backer of the BOJ's price target, Abe turns his back on Kuroda See in context

And of course ther is this already forgotton item: 40% of [Japan's] key economic statistics contain errors.

In addition: "The reliability of Japanese statistics, especially of GDP and other important data, is quite low. That was true even before this scandal," said Masamichi Adachi, senior economist at JPMorgan Securities Japan.

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Posted in: Do you consider dress codes forcing women to wear high heels at work power harassment? See in context

Just to be specific about the injuries high heels are causing:

The motivation, "acceptance and necessity", to wear high heels is not that much different from the tradition of foot binding in China. "Foot binding eventually spread to most social classes by the Qing dynasty and the practice finally came to an end in the early 20th century. Bound feet were at one time considered a status symbol as well as a mark of beauty. Yet, foot binding was a painful practice and significantly limited the mobility of women, resulting in lifelong disabilities for most of its subjects. [...]  It has been estimated that by the 19th century, 40–50% of all Chinese women may have had bound feet, and up to almost 100% among upper-class Chinese women." In other words it was considered classy. (quotes from Wikipedia on foot binding).

It is depressing that women still have to sqeeze there feet in footwear which is detrimental to their health to please mens warped conceptions of beauty and appearance in a corporate environment - class, in the 21 century.

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Posted in: Over 60% of women face enforcement of wearing heels at work, study finds See in context

Most women doesn't have attractive feet and heels hide it, makes it classy. And when they takes out, it's quite stinky or smelly.

....sounds like there is still support for the now banned practice of Chinese foot binding.

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Posted in: Over 60% of women face enforcement of wearing heels at work, study finds See in context

High heels have nothing to do whatsoever with competence and professional performance. They are just a pain in the leg which affects motivation.

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Posted in: Do you consider dress codes forcing women to wear high heels at work power harassment? See in context

High heels cause lower back, hip, knee and achilles tendon issues. Coercion to do anything that obviously is a threat to health is not only harassment but deliberate cruelty.

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Posted in: France ready to cut Renault stake to shore up Nissan partnership: finance minister See in context

Nissan contributes billions each year to the Renault bottom line.

That was was until half a year ago. Sales and profits are diving since then and most probably will continue to do so.

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Posted in: Japan plans carbon emission cuts, more nuclear energy See in context

More reliance on nuclear energy you say? What could possibly go wrong!?

I can tell you what definitely IS wrong: After Fukushima, Japan, like Germany, reverted to more coal, the dirtiest, most polluting fossil and by far deadliest energy fuel. Currently 30 new power stations are being planned or built by Japan that burn coal. Coal is responsible for over 800,000 premature deaths per year globally and many millions more serious and minor illnesses. In China alone, around 670,000 people die prematurely per year as a result of coal-related air pollution. The ‘Coal Kills’ report estimates that in India coal contributes to between 80,000 to 115,000 premature deaths annually. In the United States coal kills around 13,000 people annually, and 23,300 in Europe. The economic costs of the health impacts from coal combustion in Europe are valued at about US$70 billion per year, with 250,600 life years lost.

As renewables won't be able to replace all energy on demand because you can't switch on wind and solar when and where it's needed (see above example Germany), the question is, which lunch (as there is none that's free) is the most preferable, taking into account all what we really know, and not what we assume, or fear:

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Posted in: Japan plans carbon emission cuts, more nuclear energy See in context

@ zichi

The total world output of renewable energies far exceeds that of nuclear energy

Sure. But output and actual used energy from renewables are totally different. The big unsolved problem with renewablesis that the energy it can't be created on demand, where and when it is needed, and thus a large part of is wasted. After decades of research on storage, solutions are evasive.

@ kohakuebisu

It's freaking expensive. The average cost over-run on the construction of a nuclear power plant is 200%.

Renewables are much more expensive than anybody expected. Aside from the construction costs and the infrastructure this happens now in Germany: Irregular and unpredictable wind and solar power is increasingly becoming a problem for Germany’s power grid. Utility company Tennet TSO spent almost a billion euros last year (2017) on emergency interventions to stabilize the national grid. Tennet is responsible for the electricity supply of about 40% of Germany's total area. The costs were thus about 50% higher than in 2016 (660 million euros) and around forty percent higher than in 2015 (710 million). That's for just stabelizing the grid, not building anything.

@ nandakandamanda

 I suggest again that there is no ONE solution, but that a basket of the very best that humanity can come up with might just help us make it through

I agree. My argument is not to give up on renewables, of course not. But it is just not as simple as some of the above posters believe. That Germany and Japan are switching off their existing nuclear plants and (especially in Germany) switching back to coal, with by far the most deaths per kilowatt is irrational and the worst possible solution for CO2 output and health and in case of Germany also hypocritical.

Much more effort and money should have been put into the research of Thorium reactors instead of mainly focussing on renewables which fit the current ideological narrative. Just one sample, there are many others with more complex explanations:

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Posted in: Japan plans carbon emission cuts, more nuclear energy See in context

Unfortunately reality and facts get in the way of wishful thinking. In Germany, the infamous Energiewende didn't achieve much, if anything. After investing billions in renewables, CO2 output is twice as high as France with twice the energy price. Resistance against wind energy is rising because windfarms wipe out insects, birds, and bats. In addition, it costs millions every year to balance the fluctuating output of renewables.

Why Renewables Can’t Save the Planet:

This just one sample of many. You will find similar views in many other publications by engineers, physicists, scientists, economists, and increasing environmentalists, people who actually know what they are talking about.

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Posted in: Abe becomes 3rd equal longest-serving PM with 2,720 days in office See in context

Abe Shinzo is the Goat


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Posted in: Japan struggling to ramp up accessibility efforts ahead of Paralympics See in context

Again, I don't expect Japan to do an about face 180 and suddenly become something it's never been.

No, we don't expect that. But it's the PRETENSE, the fake care, the fake welcome, which is nauseating.

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Posted in: Japan struggling to ramp up accessibility efforts ahead of Paralympics See in context

3 years ago I spend 6 months in a wheelchair and daily life in Japan compared to other countries is wheelchair hell, not because of facilities, but because of the attitude of most Japanese people. This little item says it all: "....and demanded that they pay again to convert the rooms back after the games." So during the Olympic games they want to show off how wonderful Japanese society is - asking to pay for it - and after the games they'll revert it back to 'normal' - and asking to pay for that too. That shows, that nothing is going to change, only for 2 weeks, to avoid the embarrassing reality.

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Posted in: Police question man for not looking good in a suit; turns out he bought it with stolen money See in context

Good job, but I hope the police won't start stopping and questioning all people with suits who "don't look quite right in it".

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Posted in: 27 rescued from human trafficking in Japan in 2018 See in context

The Global Slavery Index 2018 estimates that on any given day in 2016 there were 37,000 people living in conditions of modern slavery in Japan.... Details here:

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Posted in: Lawyer for Ghosn slams 'outrageous' rules on seeing wife See in context

@Katarina Krakow

A notice a massive lack of understanding the legal system in Japan.

Here is a story from somebody who got educated a bit more:


You may also be interested in reading the comments.

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Posted in: Lawyer for Ghosn slams 'outrageous' rules on seeing wife See in context

And I thought Japan was a safe country. But the threat to our safety is not on the street - it's from above, the judiciary. In Japan, welcome to the nightmares of Kafka.

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Posted in: Would former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn's arrest be a factor in whether or not you decide to buy a Nissan car in the future? See in context

Definitely no. Considering Nissan's management's fervour, time and resources spend on bringing down Ghosn who brought the company back from the abyss into unimagined resurgence - I believe the current management has a seriously twisted sense of priorities: selfrighteous politics before building quality cars. No thanks to any products from a company with such management.

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Posted in: Kono to ask foreign media to switch order of Japanese names See in context

Long live Abe Shinzo, down with Shinzo Abe.

Who cares? Most people outside Japan wouldn't be able to figure out who that is in any order.

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Posted in: Kono to ask foreign media to switch order of Japanese names See in context

Kono again proves his leadership by finding the most pressing issue Japan currently faces. A man of priorities, sure to be a future prime ministe who will lead Japan into a bright future.

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Posted in: Boeing acknowledges flaw in 737 MAX simulator software See in context

I predict all of us will be flying Boeing 737 MAX soon enough

You can count me out. There's always a choice.

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