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Posted in: U.N. rights committee urges Japan to let children be children See in context

And in yesterday's news in Japan (including Japan Today): Suspected abuse of record-high 80,100 children reported in Japan in 2018 or today's: Man arrested for fracturing 8-year-old stepdaughter’s collarbone by hurling her across room

I think the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child has all the justification to stick its nose into the treatment of children in Japan and report on it.

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Posted in: Nissan to freeze payments of unstated remuneration to Ghosn See in context

Besides spending the time to dig out dirt about Ghosn (the guy who saved the company) and trying to prove that he's bad and they are not, does Nissan's management actually have any time and energy left to built cars?

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Posted in: Japan reluctantly supports U.S. exit from arms pact with Russia See in context

Wherever the owner goes, the dog follows.

It's a lapdog. Making a lot of noise, but useless got guarding the house.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic CEO says no need for Takeda to resign See in context

"As you know, Mr Takeda is saying that he's completely innocent," Muto said. Innocent until proven guilty. The hypocrisy couldn't be starker.

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Posted in: Ghosn tells Nikkei arrest due to plot, treason within Nissan See in context

Akie:  law has nothing to do with democracy, as simple as that.

This from Stanford University for democracy education in Iraq:

9.  Due Process of Law

What Rights do Citizens Have in the Criminal Justice System?

In a democracy, anyone accused of a crime has the right to a fair, speedy, and public trial.

 Just because someone is accused of a crime does not mean that he loses his rights.  Anyone arrested is presumed innocent until proven guilty.  A person’s guilt must be proved in a court of law, through a fair, speedy, and public trial.  In a democracy, a person accused of a crime has the right to know the charges against him, to remain silent, to have legal representation, to participate in his defense, and to question witnesses for the prosecution.  No person who is acquitted of a crime may be tried again on that charge.  No one—under any circumstance—may ever be subjected to torture, or to cruel and inhuman treatment.  No one may be imprisoned or have their property seized without legal justification.

See also point 8.

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Posted in: Ghosn tells Nikkei arrest due to plot, treason within Nissan See in context

Don't ever ever presume to save a Japanese company and expect to be rewarded. Detention is never ending unless the accused admits guilt. The loss of face trumps actual facts.

In a nutshell.

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Posted in: Japan to survey 200 mil gadgets for cyber security See in context

Will the conduct this survey by fax?

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Posted in: Japan dismisses Macron's concern over Ghosn's lengthy detention See in context

"basic decency" is not the hallmark of a bullying society.

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Posted in: Narita airport to extend runway hours in October See in context

Midnight... How does anybody get into town? Do they extend the operatibg hours of trains and buses too?

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Posted in: 5 misconceptions about 'shibari,' Japanese rope bondage See in context

Think it is directly related to niwaki and bonsai...

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Posted in: At Davos, battle lines are drawn over trade and cooperation See in context

The free-trading neo-libs have been in charge for the past 30 years and have given us 19th century levels of inequality, stagnant wages, a shrinking middle class and the elevation of a communist authoritarian state now poised to become the world's dominant economic power. 

And so the free-trading neo-libs are now confused, wondering why more and more people are calling an ideological overhaul and a reset of priorities.

Very succinct and very well said.

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Posted in: Lavrov asks why Japan only country in world that can't accept results of World War II See in context

If you start a war and lose a war, the terms are not yours to decide.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO calls for Renault board to review Ghosn findings See in context

Mr Saikawa, you especially have no credibility whatsoever. You chose to make an internal company matter a criminal case, thus using the Japanese judiciary for economic or even personal advantage. You had weeks of time to produce, alter, tamper with, choose what to use and manipulate 'evidence' while the accused is locked up and silenced. That is mafia modus operandi and not how it works in developed and civilized countries where the accused party can respond and defend himself.

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Posted in: Probe of IOC's Takeda hangs over Tokyo Olympics See in context

The article above leaves out an important statement reported in most news about this elsewhere:

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has opened its own ethics probe into the matter, but issued a statement today saying that Takeda "continues to enjoy the full presumption of innocence."

Very interesting.

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Posted in: Ghosn case rattles Japan's expat business community See in context

So Japan isn’t as safe as it always claims to be. The threat to your (foreign) existence is not by thugs but the police, prosecution and anybody around you who’s jealous or wants you out of the way.

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Posted in: Judge says Ghosn being detained due to flight risk and possibility he may conceal evidence See in context

And in the meanwhile Saikawa and his cohorts can destroy, alter and fabricate any evidence they want. What a shameful disgrace.

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Posted in: Judge says Ghosn being detained due to flight risk and possibility he may conceal evidence See in context

Nothing will change unless Japanese company executives are dealt with in a reciprocal manner. France, the EU and the US should have long ago issued arrest warrants through Interpol for any present and former exexutives of Japanese companies operating internationally (Kobe Steel etc) and were involved in data falsification and fraud. Add manslaughter in the case of Takata airbags.

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Posted in: Ford recalls over 953,000 vehicles to replace Takata inflators See in context

When do they arrest Takata's former and current executives for fraud and manslaughter?

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Posted in: Japan's traffic death toll falls to record low 3,532 in 2018 See in context

Japanese traffic death tolls figures are fudged: Only people are counted as traffic deaths who die within 24 hours of being in an accident. After that it is not counted as traffic death statistic.

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Posted in: Business leaders want structural reform, innovation to move Japan forward See in context

productivity needs to be improved through the use of new technologies

Well, you can start with getting rid of fax machines, update your companies software and network systems to modern standards and uhh, get computer literate.

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Posted in: New allegations against Ghosn concern payments to Saudi businessman See in context

For now, like all the other stuff, it's allegations without being able to hear the side on the defence. That means rumours and gossip.

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Posted in: Former Nissan exec Kelly released on bail; being examined in Ibaraki hospital See in context

is it because he is american?

Maybe it was pointed out what could happen to the numerous Japanese executives who were caught in scams (Takata airbags, Kobe Steel, etc) if they travel to the US:

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Posted in: Former Nissan exec Kelly released on bail; being examined in Ibaraki hospital See in context

"Hospitality Taxi". Nice touch.

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Posted in: Ghosn's continued detention keeps Japan's justice system under microscope See in context

Japan's justice system should work for Japan's interests, as simple as that.

That is not justice, that is the law of the mob. And that is bad for business.

As the Guardian wrote:

The justice minister, Takashi Yamashita, said foreign criticism of the length of Ghosn’s detention, during which he has been interrogated without his lawyers present, was “unwarranted”. But experts said the prosecutors’ decision to re-arrest him reflected poorly on the country’s criminal justice system. “The Japanese penal system has been revealed to the wider world. It is not necessarily Japan’s best side and this is not good for business,” said Lionel Vincent, a Tokyo-based lawyer.

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Posted in: Ghosn's continued detention keeps Japan's justice system under microscope See in context

From Wall Street Journal:

Carlos Ghosn, a Victim of Old Japan

Like Putin’s Russia, a shrinking, declining country grabs control over a domestic auto maker.

Carlos Ghosn has remained in a Japanese jail cell since Nov. 19 over a rolling series of suspicions that allowed the defrocked Nissan leader to be held under Japanese law without being charged, convicted or offered the opportunity of bail.

His original detention concerned a technical question of whether his deferred compensation as head of the Nissan-Renaultalliance needed to be disclosed in Japan. Then arose the matter of homes Nissan maintained for his use. Now comes a question about what the Journal calls a “personal derivative contract.”


Since we make a point of not anthropomorphizing corporations, we’re not going to allege a lack of gratitude on the part of Nissan management and the Japanese establishment. Even if Mr. Ghosn had walked on water, they might have resorted to inventive criminal suspicions against him if that’s what it took to allow a fading Japan to reclaim control of its now-resurrected national champion. 

If they could get away with it. The rule of law in Japan perhaps is not what many of us casually assumed it was. It turns out to be a lot more Putinesque. (Here’s where you send me your tweets and emails saying I have it wrong: The whole world, including the U.S., is sliding toward Putinism.)

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Posted in: Ghosn re-arrested for aggravated breach of trust See in context

I think it is time that the EU and the US should treat Japanese corporate representatives on equal terms, like Ghosn, and arrest all former and current executives of Takata airbags (for example) travelling or working in the EU or US for fraud, racketeering and manslaughter.

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Posted in: Prosecutors appeal after court decides against extending detention of Ghosn, Kelly See in context

The more you like, appreciate, and respect Japan as a people, country, and civilization, the more likely you are to appreciate the decision of the Tokyo court.

To like Japan doesn't mean to have to love the hogwash.

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Posted in: Nissan document signed by Ghosn said remuneration 'determined' See in context

I dont get why people always bring up Olympus? The execs weren't "just let go" Three of the Japanese execs involved were found guilty and sentenced to 2.5 - 4 years in prison.

They got suspended sentences. In other words, they were "just let go", albeit with a slap on their hands.

And the 3 execs were arrested after more than 3 months of waffling by prosecutors and Tokyo police and only after the international spotlight would not dim and the FBI got involved.

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Posted in: Removal of disputed Los Angeles school mural put on hold See in context

Polticial correctness running amok. Utterly ridiculous.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO calls on Renault to listen to details of Ghosn allegations See in context

As long this guy is still giving press conferences and doesn't take responsibility for Nissan's scandals of quality control and falsifying data, never mind lack of corporate governance, Nissan doesn't have any credibility whatsoever.

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