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Posted in: Suga tells G-20 Japan will lead international efforts on climate change See in context

"We will lead international society in realising a decarbonised world."

Suga and his cohorts doesn't lead the world anywhere. They are leaders of pretense, nothing else.

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Posted in: Flower family See in context

Kitsch in gold is still kitsch.

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Posted in: Virus surge causing concern for Japan's strained medical system See in context

@ KnowBette r- Today  07:06 am JST

They refused to test more.....They avoided at all costs testing...They made it near impossible to get tested....They made it nearly the whole year in denial ...

Indeed the best post I have read about this subject on this pages for a while. Not much more to add. Except that when once this very common trajectory here has started, there's little hope for changes of course. But instead, digging in deeper, deny even more vehemently and rigorously follow the dotted line.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics: Many rules, no partying, no hanging around See in context

Rules. Lockep up. No fun. Welcome to Japan.

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Posted in: Japan finds luring businesses from Hong Kong may be tough See in context

Not tomention Japan's medieval justice system, inflexible mindset, rules for the sake of rules... I'll pack my bags.

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Posted in: Japan, China discuss restarting mutual business travel See in context

It's not left or right, never mind right or wrong. It's just sordid flat-out opportunism.

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Posted in: Gov't asks universities, others to join mourning for late PM Nakasone See in context

What did Naksone has achieved during he was the PM of Japan!?

He was an ultra nationalist and megalomaniac, the architect of the economical bubble which lead to crashing the economy and stagnation until now and poverty for many. Abe was the second worst, Nakasone was the worst PM Japan had after the war.

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Posted in: Human Rights Watch report documents abuse of child athletes in Japan See in context

No surprise. Bullying in Japan is systemic, top down, and part of the social fabric.

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Posted in: Twin towers to be built around Tokyo's Shinjuku Station See in context

 twin towers each about 260 meters tall ....... to make the area more connected and accessible 

Are they aware how idiotic this description reads? For Shinjuku especially. Are these planners totally wacko?

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Posted in: Gov't rethinks easing crowd limits at events as infections rise See in context

Why is the economy minister of in charge of of Japan's measures against the spread of the coronavirus? What makes him competent to deal with this pandemic and what is the minister of health doing? In the meanwhile a "subcommittee will hold a meeting in the near future to discuss..." No wonder Japan's leadership's response to the coronavirus is characterized by disarray and obvious incompetence.

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Posted in: Divided Americans clash over mask wearing and schools reopening as coronavirus cases surge See in context

Pigheaded stupidity. That's what you get when you politicize a pandemic.

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Posted in: Go To travel campaign thrown into disarray after minister's remarks See in context

Disarray descibes Japanese leadership and management since quite some time. The cruise ship, the schools, the virus response, the health care worker treatment, the visa situation and so on. Does Mr. Abe still play with his dog?

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Posted in: Striking medical workers warn pay reduction jeopardizes patient care See in context

So while the most important people we need in these days have to work much longer hours and get their salaries cut the governor of Tokyo wants to offer money to Kabukicho's hostess bars and nightclub owners aka organized crime, to keep their businesses closed for 10 days. The Japanese leadership never had any grasp on priorities.

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Posted in: Japanese hospitals cut staff bonuses as coronavirus drives them into the red See in context

Really sad for the staff, who generally works hard in medical institutions. But if these are run privately. I do not think the government can intervene.

In other news: The Tokyo metropolitan government will give 500,000 yen to nightclubs and other venues -- including so-called host and hostess bars -- if they close for more than 10 days, local media reported.

If the Tokyo government is willing to pay ¥500,000 to hostess bars and nightclubs in Kabuki-cho (owned and run by you know whom) to stay closed for more than 10 days, they should pay medical staff bonuses and hospitals to stay open.

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Posted in: Japanese hospitals cut staff bonuses as coronavirus drives them into the red See in context

It's truly shameful, that he most important people on the front lines of this pandemic not only have to endure discriminations for doing their jobs but now paycuts to their already low salaries. While the corrupt leadership is taking the country to the dogs. Literally.

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Posted in: I can understand the feeling of being afraid of becoming infected, but those living outside the prefecture are people just like those in Iwate. I want to call on everyone to cooperate in implementing measures to prevent infections. See in context

I'll be travelling to Iwate on Monday - I have to, for business. The car-rental place was welcoming on the phone. I'll see how it goes.

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 131 new coronavirus infections on Saturday See in context


Japan's infection rates remain far below many other countries....

Becausethe number of tests remains far below the rates of testing in all other countries.

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Posted in: Hospital grapples with coronavirus aftermath See in context

Virus clusters in hospitals are the result of Japan's policy of minimal testing. Testing should be comprehensive and should be available everywhere but NOT IN HOSPITALS. The real scandal is that Japan doesn't safe guard its doctors, nurses and staff in hospitals.

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Posted in: Nissan executives face angry shareholders See in context

They slaughtered the cash cow.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 57 new coronavirus infections See in context

Without the number of tested 50 "new" cases has no meaning whatsoever.

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Posted in: Japan to disband panel of coronavirus experts after criticism See in context

The only thing the government has prevent is testing and thus knowing the full scale of infections. The official information and numbers are a scam. And BTW, MRI scanning in hospital is booked for months ahead because of lung scans for COVID-19. A family member who had a stroke got the earliest date for an MRI in mid December.

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Posted in: European business lobby calls on Japan to ease travel restrictions See in context

**Permanent Residents and "long-term residents"** who left Japan almost three months ago from ANYWHERE can already return to Japan, and VERY FEW do so every day. **

(fixed it again)

I returned to Japan 2 weeks ago after departing in mid March. I was one of the only ones who got in on this morning. There aren't "many foreigners" at the airport, Haneda is deserted. Divinda makes it sound easy and "without problem" but the reality is far different. It took 3h to get through the whole process including quarantine and it is not clear until the very end if you are allowed in or not. Certainly not for the impatient, faint hearted or mothers with young children (who were screaming). I also had a COVID-19 test before I boarded the plane - on my own cost, of course - all proper and as safe as possible.

The Japanese regulations assume that you have still a residence, home or place to stay in the country of your passport. Well, I don't. After more than 4 decades in Japan this is the only home I got. and I'm sure not the only one.

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Posted in: European business lobby calls on Japan to ease travel restrictions See in context

Instead of asking and doing lectures, the EU should enforce reciprocity and ban Japanese nationals from entry. That would solve the "misunderstanding" immediately.

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Posted in: Ex-justice minister, wife arrested over alleged vote buying See in context

Prosecutors arrest a (former) justice minister. Systemic corruption horizontally and vertically.

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Posted in: Gov't to promote staggered holidays to curb congestion, virus spread See in context

Good look with staggered anything after enforcing conformism for decades if not centuries in every aspect of life.

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Posted in: Virus travel bans separate families even as restrictions ease See in context


And still you came back... interesting, I probably wouldn't, but I don't know the circumstances.

I didn't ask you to trust the immigration. Look, I had faith that I would pass and be back in Japan and it worked. It was not pleasant and I'm not sure I'd risk it again. The problem is that the rule is so diffuse... "in principle".... But I'd still ask and try. Occasionally you'll meet the person who may help.

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Posted in: Virus travel bans separate families even as restrictions ease See in context


While waiting I would call the immigration office if I'd be in your shoes. In my experience, they at least try to be helpful. The officers at immigration do not make those rules, but they bear the consequences, i.e. dealing with desperate foreigners. See also my post above.

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Posted in: Virus travel bans separate families even as restrictions ease See in context

To compare a G7 country with Mongolia is disingenuous. What other countries "elsewhere in Asia" have stricter rules than Japan besides Mongolia? What are the rules - for example - in Taiwan and South Korea? I just got back here and was let in because my departure date from Japan was before April 2. But the process is not for the risk-averse, faint-hearted and impatient. It is case by case which means that there is always the chance that you may be turned away. Waiting there at the airport, for the thumbs to go up or down, joined by mothers with screaming babies certainly clarifies perception.

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Posted in: Japan to adopt selective, rather than blanket, approach in coronavirus tests See in context

And by test no evil see no evil they will have the main clusters in hospitals. As has happened all over the country.

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Posted in: Suntory CEO says 20% of restaurants may fail as coronavirus slams Japan's dining scene See in context

No tests, no feeling of safety and comfort... no thanks, will go for take out.

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