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Posted in: Nobel laureate Yamanaka warns of rogue 'stem cell therapies' See in context

It's easy to see how people can be duped by the practitioners of these "rogue therapies." After all, yesterday alone, nearly 17,000 people became followers of a Twitter account owner falsely claiming to be Yamanaka.

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"Maybe she can do a more difficult pose, like levitating while in a classic yoga lotus position."

She did! It's on her website. It's dated or numbered 09.22.2010 (http://yowayowacamera.com/banana/20100922091915.html)

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Posted in: Bringing a little levity to life See in context


After reading the description of her technique in the About section (http://yowayowacamera.com/pineapple1/ ) of her blog it would seem that she's both subject and photographer.

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Posted in: Bringing a little levity to life See in context

@Yubaru "All the pictures are from nearly a year ago, the latest one being in June of 2011."

I don't think the dates on her blog are accurate. The latest picture on her blog (which looks like someplace in Europe) was just posted the day before yesterday and there are a few comments asking about the dates but no answers.

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Posted in: The art of bill collecting See in context

If this were to catch on in the US it might bring the USPS some sorely needed revenue.

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Posted in: Protest See in context

"People like this really grind my gears. Complaining about problems but offering no tangible solutions" -

I feel your pain but what exactly are you basing your statement(s) on. I'm not an expert on this issue but after a simple Internet search I've found a number of anti-nuke organizations and advocates in Japan with clearly stated alternatives, including those that participated in this march. Two organizations on the net with links to others include 57nonukes and shirouto. A couple of well known and outspoken anti-nuclear power advocates might include Hirose Takashi or Hiroaki Koide. Then of course their is an entire industry (including Panasonic, etc.) making solar power generators, wind turbines and more that have lots of alternative solutions maybe some of their engineers were even marching on Saturday.

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Posted in: Big labor's last stand in the U.S. See in context

The fact that “More Americans were aware of the assault on CBS News correspondent Lara Logan than Wisconsin’s labor fight” tells more about the state of news reporting in the US than it does anything else. The coverage by major TV news networks has been scant. While nearly every drug-induced rant of Charlie Sheen seems to merit a headline, the voices of tens of thousands of ordinary working people who have peacefully occupied a US state capitol for the last month have been largely ignored. While the political battle in Wisconsin has broader implications for the US as a whole it is still basically a Wisconsin story and if Kuhn cited a reputable Wisconsin state poll, rather than cherry picking some nationwide figures to give you the numbers that support his thesis, we might get a much different picture. Recent ABC coverage of the Wisconsin labor protests focused three quarters of the story on a lone counter protester identified as part of the tea party movement and never once mentioned that the legion of pro union protesters in the capitol had already given in to the fiscal demands of the state’s governor. A couple of weeks ago about a hundred thousand people out of a state with a population of approximately five-and-a-half million marched on Madison Wisconsin to preserve their democratic rights. While those numbers are telling, the media brushes over them with talking points from Wisconsin’s union-busting republican governor, Scott Walker. In a US Supreme Court aiming to stem a tide of assaults on freedom of the press, Justice Powell noted, “No individual can obtain for himself the information needed for the intelligent discharge of his public responsibilities…By enabling the public to assert meaningful control over the political process, the press performs a crucial function in effecting the societal purpose of the First Amendment.” US citizens need a media that will help them make informed decisions but when it comes to stemming the tides that have eroded the integrity of American media “in so many respects, the water is already over the dam.”

On Wisconsin!

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