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Posted in: Facebook goes to war with Apple over targeted ads See in context

Facebook is a hypocrite. I side with Apple. There is a reason why they are the cream of the crop and at the tip of the top.

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Posted in: Is Trump mounting a coup -- or just putting on a circus? See in context

It is his right and not the first time this has happened in America.

We won't REALLY know who our president is until the electoral college votes and it is certified by congress. So far as it stands, Biden just won the popular vote. Usually the popular wins, but not always.

Truth is behind closed doors America is really a one party country. It is only the media and political lip service that makes it appear they are different. So it will continue to be ssdd.

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Posted in: Biden likely to push Japan to do more to combat climate change See in context

I talked with someone who manages the rover pipeline here in America. This pipeline is going to provide Canada with natural gas. There is no stopping or closing of this pipeline and no real plans for America to be more "green" despite what Biden and the democrats say or want. Too many powerful politicans make their money from dirty energy and they are not all republicans.

Where I live in America most days are sunny, very few days are cloudy or rainy. Just hours and hours of sunshine (no it's not Florida). You would think that solar energy would be the way to go here, but it is very rare to see solar. It is also so expensive to install and maintain. Now why is that? Exactly.

So Biden should stop being a hypocrite and clean up his own backyard before getting on Japan or even his good friends the Chinese.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker apologizes for saying 'women lie' about sexual assaults See in context

I guess that so many people are worked up over this can be considered progress? Idk, but yes women lie and I personally know of one. It is too bad because it makes it worse for those who are victims. Just being female is not a "victim" although some females want it that way. But that is another story.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics will be most costly Summer Games, Oxford study shows See in context

I feel so bad for Japan, because you have been punked...as has the rest of world regarding covid 19. All this media hype has caused real world problems that are far worse than the so called "covid 19". But the many must suffer for the few, I guess.

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Posted in: 2 doctors indicted over consensual killing of terminal ALS patient See in context

Human society is so interesting if not totally sanctimonious. My dog was sufferring from a disease and instead of making her suffer through it, the vet quickly and quietly put her to sleep. I got to hold her in my arms. Sad but comforting too.

I wonder how the prosecutors would feel if they were the ones with ALS? To make doctors,family and friends watch as an ALS patient slowly dies from torture is inhumane. We don't even treat our pets this way.

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Posted in: U.S. response to coronavirus met with incredulity abroad See in context

I would like to ask anyone, how many people do you personally know who have the virus and was either very sick or died. How many? Not how many the media is reporting but how many you personally know. I know a lot of people and live in a fairly highly populated place. I know not one person who has the virus..not one person who has been sick nor do I know of anyone who has died from the virus.

I do know FIRST hand of deaths from other causes being attributed to the virus. Perhaps Americans are more critical thinkers than the rest of the world. Europeons and Asians tend to need their governments to tell them what is true and what is not. The American character is to distrust the government and much of authority.

Regardless of what you believe or think you know, life can not be put on hold forever. The law of nature is survival of the fittest and masks and social distancing do not protect you from any virus. At best it does provide you a slim chance, and for some I guess that is better than nothing.

However, I do believe that if you are so frightened then by all means stay at home, wear a mask, stay away from me...it's all good. But let the rest of us get on with living...and yes we will live and not die from this virus despite what the media wants us to believe. But we are more likely to die from lack of funds to buy food and pay rent and buy medicine because we are unable to work.

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Posted in: Australia deploys police, army to enforce border closure between 2 states See in context

Too bad the virus doesn't understand political borders. Wonder when the US will start to do the same? Fun times!

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Posted in: Half-Japanese woman hands card to people who ask tiresome questions about her race See in context

I think that her reaction is understandable from her point of view. She was asked a question, she gave a response, it should be accepted. But it is human nature to be interested in others. But the nature or purpose of the interest should be what matters . If someone asks me a question based on my looks I ask them why they want to know. Do they ask because they have an unbias interest or do they ask because they need to make a snap decision as to my worthiness as a person?

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Posted in: Fuji TV to end reality show 'Terrace House' after cast member's death See in context

Its very very sad but I just don't understand young people's infatuation with socual media or why they would

Think any comment from any social media post is "honest"

Why not discconect from social media when it becomes toxic

Yes I am way too old...and I too have been bullied by nobodies on social media. If you are going to be on social media you better not be a delicate butterfly.

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Posted in: Does anime need to start being more politically correct for overseas audiences? See in context

What is politically correct anyway? It's a trash can term used to complain about something you disagree with. I've said it for years, that the western world needs to keep it's ideas and hands off anime. You don't like it, you don't understand it, don't watch. Making anime more "consumer" friendly to the overseas audience will not only affect creativity but it will cease to be anime.

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Posted in: Were foreign visitors' wild brawls at Shinjuku's Golden Gai a taste of the Olympics to come? See in context

What bad behavior? That is how they behave in their own country, and it's not considered bad just normal everyday behavior. Sad but true.

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Posted in: Paris Hilton’s Sailor Moon cosplay and character description are bafflingly off-source material See in context

Paris...who? Americans who get anime, cool. The rest of you go to.............

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Posted in: Restaurant chain offers solo dining capsules, free Wi-Fi, personal power outlets See in context

Japan so innovative. I wish we had places like this in America. It looks so inviting!

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Posted in: Japan protests over S Korean lawmaker's remarks on emperor See in context

What the hell is the problem? Right or wrong if an apology is wanted what harm does it do to give one? Humans are such idiots.

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Posted in: U.N. rights committee urges Japan to let children be children See in context

This is pretty stupid. Of all the places in the world where children are at risk Japan is low on the scale, Where is the UN condemation of the rampant child rape going on in India? And what of Africa? Ot even the U.S.A.?

Even America has a great deal of child abuse and neglect. Generally Americans don't put pressure on their children to succeed or even demand they lean respect and good behavior. But that doesn't mean they are not at high risk for neglect and abuse and the problem is getting worse.

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Posted in: Writer for Hollywood version of anime 'your name.' says Japanese side wants Westernized viewpoint See in context

Americanized versions of anime will always fail because American producers and script writers do not understand subtly. Same can be said for the American audience. The Japanese however are masters at subtly and thats what makes anime so seductive and why I love it. I never watch or support any western interpretation of anime, it's a waste of my time.

And I also wonder, is it worth the cost, the price , to the creators of anime, to have your work trashed?

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Posted in: American man arrested for urinating on another passenger on flight to Japan See in context

Sometimes..well actually most of the time lately I am ashamed to be an American. Drunk and can't remember? No way not buying it.

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Posted in: Major review backs cervical cancer shots, especially for teens See in context

Pure bunk , yes they studied all the studies BUT who funded those studies?

I'm not anti vaccine, my kids have gotten almost every vaccine they can get. But this one I leave for them to decide. I personally think it's a big waste of precious medical dollars.

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Posted in: Should saying thanks at a Japanese convenience store go without saying? See in context

How interesting. After reading the article on Japanese manners, this is a bit surprising.

In America we don't usually thank store clerks unless we have caused some problem or issue, like asking a question or holding up the line or needing help finding something. Of course it could be a problem for the person behind you so sometimes we apologize. But not always, there is a lot of rudeness in America.

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Posted in: Japan's manners are the laughingstock of the world See in context

I actually think the world should adapt Japanese manners. And I hate the handshake, not only because I am a germ phobe...but it seems rather aggressive to me.

The handshake itself has its own set of "manners". Is it too weak? Too strong? And how long do you grasp the hand? I think Japanese manners are just right.

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Posted in: Tokyo school hires guards after Armani uniform furor See in context

Why do strangers think it is their business? Parents should be free to spend their money however they see fit.

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Posted in: World bracing for risk of Trump's trade war See in context

It is THE one sensible thing the president has done since being elected. I support it.

After all our allies have has tariffs on American products for years. Trade is already unbalanced at the expense of the American worker. American politicians need to get on board and end their perfidious ways.

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Posted in: Kanazawa department store designates female drivers priority parking spots in parking structure See in context

This is great news for predators. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. I know I wouldn't park there.

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Posted in: 'One Piece' author claims a certain seven villains extended the series far longer than he intended See in context

Really 20 years? It is so easy to become engrossed by the story and characters, it really doesn't seem that it has been that long. One Piece is truly an epic story of , well, the epic kind. And I for one will be sad when it ends. But until then, there are a few, maybe some years left to the story and for the moment all is right with the universe.

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Posted in: Are Japan's bookstores in the path of yet another storm? See in context

I miss bookstores. I hate my kindle...never use it. I don't like download either. There is nothing like having a physical copy of a book. I miss that. I love to read but since there is no place for me to buy books, I don't read as much as I use to. Buying on Amazon has it's pitfalls too. Many times I have ordered books and they are not what I really wanted, so I am leery about purchasing books online.

To my way of thinking, this lack of access is dumbing down the population.

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Posted in: American-made live-action TV series adaptation of anime 'Cowboy Bebop' in production See in context

I wish American movie makers would stop raping anime.

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Posted in: A guide to New Year traditions in Japan See in context

That was so interesting reading about the New Year traditions in Japan. Happy New Year to Everyone!! In the part of America where I am from , family and friends gather on New Years Eve to celebrate with a dinner of pork, sauerkraut and black-eyed peas at the stroke of midnight. Even though I don't live in that part of America anymore, I will still have my pork and sauerkraut (sans the peas) at midnight tonight. The important thing is the pork and sauerkraut ...for good luck in the new year.

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Posted in: More than 100 lawmakers visit Yasukuni shrine See in context

I want to know..what country on earth has a pristine history? Certainly not America, China or Korea. As a matter of fact America celebrates on of the worst war criminals in it's history and that is General Custer, although he is not considered a war criminal in America , but it doesn't mean that he was not one, it only means that the winning side gets to decided who is a criminal and who is not. I think it is better for the citizens of a country to decide what and who is appropriate for them to honor without outside interference based on political correctness, or other nations own version of what is politically correct.

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