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Posted in: Trump's son-in-law had undisclosed contacts with Russian envoy: 7 sources See in context

People of America: time to WAKE UP! There is no democracy in your country any more, and there is no capitalism in your country any more. You elected a businessman as President, and now you are seeing 21st century business practices -- secrecy, lying, cheating, law-breaking, colluding, bribery, propaganda, the lot.

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Posted in: Trump seals $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia See in context

Um, like, so, you know, why are we selling arms to the very people who carried out the 9/11 massacre?

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Posted in: Trump arrives in Saudi Arabia as troubles mount at home See in context

Hey, Trump -- YOUR plane ain't got no ESCALATOR!

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Posted in: Things are promising going forward because exports are likely to stay solid and capital spending and public investment may pick up. But the recovery will likely be led by the corporate sector and households may not spend much. See in context

Correction: things are NOT promising going forward. There will be NO recovery. Without job security NO ONE can spend any money except the rich.

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Posted in: Trump facing a crisis he can't manage with tweet or taunt See in context

See that picture? Soon you will see it again -- but it will be a helicopter on the White House lawn (geddit?)!

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Posted in: Kansai Electric restarts reactor at Takahama nuclear plant See in context

Tragic mistake.

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Posted in: Pressure increases on Trump as probes intensify See in context

God, the enjoyment multiplies exponentially! When has life EVER been this bloody great?! Hollywood loves to crank out sequels, so here is WATERGATE 2: 2017! The crimes! The coverups! The tapes! The media burrows while the culprit squirms! OK, you Trump defenders -- you made it this far, only to find you are only at base camp! You look upwards and see -- 2 Mount Everests, one on top of the other! It is inevitable you will give up, so how much longer are you gonna hold out?!

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Posted in: Lawmakers want Trump to explain giving intelligence to Russia See in context

God, I am SO enjoying this!! The comprehensive failure of the "businessman" and DC-outsider as President. That experiment is now well and truly OVER. You can see why he has so many bankruptcies on his record. A businessman could never abide by democratic procedures.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's fiance-to-be refuses to reveal relationship details See in context

Good for you! Tell the media, "It is NOT for public consumption. It is private."

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Posted in: Trump revealed classified info to Lavrov at White House: officials See in context

God, I am enjoying this so much I can hardly contain myself!!! So THAT is what Comey's investigation would have discovered -- well it's no wonder Trump fired him. But, alas, too late! The cat is out of the bag! New Trump tweet: "I'll get me coat."

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Posted in: After Comey firing, Trump's frustrations boil over See in context

God, am I ever enjoying this!! Look at him wriggle and squirm! Look at the flood of desperate tweets! Obstruction of justice, threatening of a witness -- the crimes are piling up now. The walls are closing in on him, and there is NO ESCAPE! Yes!!

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Posted in: Acting FBI head undercuts White House claims on Comey, probe See in context

God, am I ever enjoying this! I can't wait to see the 2 videos, shown side-by-side on split-screen: Nixon and Trump climb the stairs of the helicopter, turn around and wave at the cameras (with inexplicable smiles on their faces), and then fly off into the sunset -- IN UTTER DISGRACE. Nixon held up 2 fingers on either hand, I shall be holding up 1. Cover-ups: attempts 2, completions 0, percentage 0%. Study your history, and learn from it.

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Posted in: Trump meets Russian foreign minister amid Comey controversy See in context

Mr Trump, you can start packing your things for the move back to Trump Tower. Not to worry, after you resign, Pence will do "a Gerald Ford" and grant you the full pardon you so desperately need. GOD, AM I ENJOYING THIS!!

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Posted in: Trump fires FBI Director James Comey See in context

"And now, the end is near, and so I face, the final curtain..."

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Posted in: Trump fires FBI Director James Comey See in context

This confirms that Trump is in cahoots with Russia.

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Posted in: England, France in same pool; Japan gets Ireland, Scotland at 2019 World Cup See in context

Unfortunately, NZ is unbeatable. So it will be a dull tournament.

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Posted in: GSK 'real world' drug test has second success in asthma See in context

Do NOT be taken in!

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Posted in: 'I’m glad I’m Japanese' posters in Kyoto spark outrage among Japanese Twitter users See in context

I am an earthling, the earth is my home -- wherever I may be. I have no use for "countries" -- they are no more than organizational units, and soon will become obsolete.

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Posted in: IMF urges Asia to act early on rapidly-aging population See in context

How does one "act" on it?

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Posted in: Macron elected French president See in context

Once again the people of France demonstrate how much more S E N S I B L E they are than the people of America.

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Posted in: Statins don't cause muscle pain: study See in context

Any "study" funded by Pfizer can be dismissed as L I E S .

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Posted in: Japanese ways of getting work done no longer cut it in today's world See in context

This entire article is completely absurd.

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Posted in: One student killed, 3 wounded in University of Texas stabbings See in context

Good heavens, what a V I O L E N T country America is. Why are they so U N A B L E to do anything about it?

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Posted in: Trump vows to win 'battles' ahead, at home and abroad See in context

He can "vow" all he likes, but every single one of us knows what the outcome will be. He is totally and completely OUT OF HIS DEPTH.

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Posted in: Gunman kills 1, wounds 7 others at San Diego pool party See in context

Wot, another mass shooting? Goodness, those Americans are such a V I O L E N T people!

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Posted in: Marchers use Trump's 100th day to protest climate policies See in context

So now we know that neither politicians (Obama administration) nor business people (Trump administration) can get A N Y T H I N G done in Washington DC. Now, what?!

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Posted in: Airbag maker Takata shares plunge nearly 20% on bankruptcy report See in context

Why on earth are they still in business?

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Posted in: Minister resigns after saying 'it was a good thing' 2011 quake happened where it did See in context

There are many more of these plonkers who need to be weeded out ASAP.

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Posted in: How would you evaluate U.S. President Donald Trump's first 100 days in office? See in context

As expected from a mere businessman -- completely in over his head and clueless.

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