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Posted in: Can U.S.-China relations be saved? See in context

China has already left the US behind.

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Posted in: Interior Department head blames environmentalists for California wildfires See in context

We already know just how IGNORANT Zinke is. Frankly, it's a disgrace.

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Posted in: An increasing number of companies in Japan have banned employees from smoking during their work hours, aiming to resolve low productivity caused by their smoking breaks. Do you agree with this policy? See in context

What one does during one's break time is nobody's business but one's own. Anyway, there is no need to raise productivity -- the level of productivity is just fine.

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Posted in: Trump sets off storm by criticizing retired Navy admiral for not capturing bin Laden sooner See in context

All Americans know about Bush Jr saying he could not be bothered to pursue Bin Laden any more. Only Trump does not know!

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Posted in: 4 killed, including gunman and police officer, in shooting at Chicago hospital See in context

The US should just LEAVE their flags at half-staff permanently.

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Posted in: 4 killed, including gunman and police officer, in shooting at Chicago hospital See in context

The US should just LEAVE their flags at half-staff permanently.

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Posted in: Trump plans key staff changes at crucial point in presidency See in context

"Everyone wants to work at the White House." -- yeah, right.

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Posted in: Trump says he came to California to see fire scars See in context

1) "Forests???" -- Nothing to do with forests! You are uninformed!

2) "Should have been RAKED?" -- Oh my god, it is getting worse. Hopeless.

3) You'll notice the victims SHUNNED him COMPLETELY. They don't like his threats.

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Posted in: Gene-edited food is coming, but will shoppers buy? See in context

Must be required to be labelled as such.

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Posted in: Why Mueller’s Russia findings won’t matter See in context

It WILL matter if it is TREASON!

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Posted in: Hagerty defends U.S. trade policies, says they are not protectionist See in context

He has to be joking.

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Posted in: U.S. senators clash with Republican leader over protecting Mueller See in context

1) Whitaker is massively conflicted, so his appointment will be anulled.

2) Senate confirmation is required, which Whitaker DOES NOT HAVE.

Even more CHAOS and TURMOIL.

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Posted in: Trump's deputy national security adviser out amid White House turmoil See in context

Directly mirrors the state of job security overall in the US -- one can get fired at any time, regardless.

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Posted in: Pence says Trump to meet N Korea's Kim in 2019; won't allow broken promises See in context

Why does the meeting have to take place IN SECRET??

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Posted in: Global leaders must adapt to Trump's post-midterm world See in context

Global leaders will not engage with Trump. They know he will be gone soon, so they will just wait him out, and there is nothing he can do about it.

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Posted in: Trump mocks Macron approval rating, lashes him over European defense proposals See in context

Um, what does a D R A F T D O D G E R know about wars? About defense? Some poor stooge had to take his place in Vietnam!

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Posted in: 42 dead, at least 228 still missing in California wildfires See in context

Trump went to Houston, went to Puerto Rico, went to Florida, went to North Carolina -- but he doesn't DARE go to California!

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Posted in: Internet traffic hijack disrupts Google services See in context

Monopolies must be broken up. This is the danger. Learn your lesson, or suffer.

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Posted in: WHO maps dangerous misuse of antibiotics See in context

Blame lies with Big Pharma.

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Posted in: Pence pushes Japan for bilateral free trade agreement See in context

The reply is, "Japan first."

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Posted in: Japanese ships leave for 'research whaling' in Antarctic Ocean See in context

Where may one view all of the past "research?"

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Posted in: Trump under fire after cancelling WWI cemetery visit See in context

He: "Oh, my hair! My hair!"

She: "Oh, my clothes! My clothes!"

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Posted in: Democrats dig in for Florida recount battle; Trump sends lawyers See in context

We already know that America's elections are 100% corrupt.

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Posted in: Trump insults more reporters; claims Acosta video wasn't altered See in context

Thank goodness we have the media to expose and catalog Trump's countless lies. I especially enjoy it when they play 2 bits of video in which Trump says the exact opposite in the 2nd one of what he said in the 1st one! Keep 'em coming!

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Posted in: Trump in Paris calls Macron's EU army proposals 'insulting' See in context

Trump's national security adviser, John Bolton, said Friday in Paris that the U.S. was concerned about stability in Europe --

"Like the stability we have in our ... uh ... um ... no, never mind."

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Posted in: Along U.S.-Mexico border, a growing opposition to military deployment See in context

A wall will do no good. Troops will do no good. Barbed wire will do no good.

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Posted in: Abe talks with Trump on phone; praises his efforts in midterm elections See in context

To praise the vile things Trump said at his segregated rallies is disgusting.

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Posted in: In midterms, a cautionary tale for Trump See in context

"Great to be here, although as I said, WE REJECT GLOBALISM!"

"In that case, go home!"

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Posted in: Democrats seek hearings on Trump’s ouster of Sessions See in context

Whitaker has demonstrated his bias, so he has to be recused -- even Republicans can have no complaints about that.

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Posted in: California bar shooter was ex-Marine; had mental health review See in context

Big question: was the shooter on meds for PTSD? We will not learn the answer, for the toxicology results will not be revealed -- Big Pharma will see to that.

I have a proposal. 1) Ban all discharged former US military personnel from purchasing and/or owning a gun -- too many PTSD-related mass shootings; and 2) Repeal the 2nd Amendment -- there aren't any more militias in the US, they ended 200-plus years ago.

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