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Posted in: Trump suggests summit with N Korea's Kim could be delayed See in context

Pathetic attempt to save face. J-O-H-N-B-O-L-T-O-N.

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Posted in: 2018 midterms show start of Democratic scramble for 2020 See in context

Republicans need not even run -- they will be dumped from office en masse! It will look like an Othello board!

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Posted in: Trump suggests FBI may have infiltrated his campaign See in context

Desperate diversionary tactic. Very lame. American people see right through it.

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Posted in: Few calls for reform after shooting in gun-loving Texas See in context

Violence is ingrained. No escape. Stuck with it.

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Posted in: Trump suggests FBI may have infiltrated his campaign See in context

Fake, fake, fake. And now, debunked. Back to you, Trump -- new story needed. Ask Rudy to help you!

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Posted in: Experts bash Giuliani claim that Mueller can’t subpoena Trump See in context

How hysterically funny is Giuliani?! How can a "lawyer" be so ignorant of the actual laws of the land?! His TV appearances are digging 2 graves -- his and his president's.

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Posted in: Gunman opens fire in Texas high school, killing 10 people See in context

Imagine a country absolutely awash in guns and violence, and has no solution to its non-stop mass-shooting massacres ... yet this same country declares that its "leadership" is needed in all parts of the world! Astonishing arrogance. Kim Jong Un should tell Trump, "if you can solve your mass-shootings problem, I will consider a summit with you."

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Posted in: Trump seeks to placate N Korean leader over uncertain summit See in context

No Nobel Prize for Trump, but a Lifetime Achievement Booby Prize for John Bolton! Well done!

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Posted in: Trump says 'We'll see' on N Korea summit, but insists on denuclearization See in context

John Bolton BLEW IT for him! "You owe me a Nobel!"

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Posted in: Nestle to cut more sugar and salt in its products See in context

...but will continue to steal communities' water supplies.

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Posted in: Trump's Mideast policies fuel global worries for the region See in context

Trump burned his bridges. Palestine will remain uncooperative with the US for decades now.

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Posted in: N Korea casts doubt on Trump summit if U.S. insists on unilateral denuclearisation See in context

Awww! No summit, no peace prize. Back to Mueller, indictments, guilty pleas, taking the 5th, etc. Enjoy!

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Posted in: Peace grows more remote with U.S. Jerusalem embassy move, violence See in context

The United States obviously does not want peace.

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Posted in: Trump calls leakers 'cowards' after aide's remark on McCain See in context

"Cowards" are those who hide behind shields (Twitter).

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Posted in: Snoopy joining Sony? Music unit buying stake in Peanuts See in context

Charles Schultz would NEVER have approved. Cynical.

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Posted in: Domino’s Pizza Japan now sells curry to dip its pizza crust in See in context

Prepare for the consequences!

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Posted in: Israeli forces kill 55 protesters in Gaza as U.S. Embassy opens in Jerusalem See in context

Trump's Nobel peace prize -- GONE-SKI!

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Posted in: In your opinion, what would constitute a successful summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jon Un, which will be held in Singapore on June 12? See in context

Kim Jon Un says to Donald Trump, "If it is OK for your country to have nuclear weapons, then it is OK for any country to have them."

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Posted in: Major review backs cervical cancer shots, especially for teens See in context

New revenue streams -- Wall Street approves.

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Posted in: White House official mocked 'dying' Senator McCain: media See in context

Yet when McCain does pass away, these same people will be gushing in their praise for him -- total hypocrites. Thanks to the media, the American people will know who they are and what they said before.

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Posted in: Trump welcomes back Americans freed by N Korea; thanks Kim See in context

Typical -- it was all for the purpose of creating a TV points-scoring opportunity for Trump (his emerging from the plane first, etc). The three men were used and then callously discarded. So cynical. Looked like MacArthur landing in Tokyo!

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Posted in: Freed detainees head home for big welcome, featuring Trump See in context

Trump loves to be on TV -- but not if he has to face and answer questions!

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Posted in: Trump abandons Iran nuclear deal, to revive sanctions See in context

Yet another blunder by Trump, and one that has no support -- even from within the right-wing radicals. In November a flood of new Democrats will take over the House and Senate.

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Posted in: Another nuclear reactor in central Japan to go back online on Wed See in context

Bad mistake. Shows lack of wisdom.

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Posted in: Trump considers benching Giuliani from doing TV interviews See in context

No, please!! Don't bench him -- in fact, have him do lots and lots MORE interviews! He is great -- Comical Ali the 2nd!

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Posted in: Giuliani struggles to help Trump with his defense See in context

"If you are innocent, why would you ever take the Fifth?" -- Donald J. Trump

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Posted in: Giuliani struggles to help Trump with his defense See in context

You cannot call it a "witch hunt" -- no fewer than FIVE PEOPLE have already pled GUILTY!!! Nobody is buying it!

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Posted in: Giuliani struggles to help Trump with his defense See in context

Giuliani struggles to hold on to what's left of his sanity

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Posted in: Trump lawyer Giuliani does not rule out payments were made to other women See in context

Care to tell us how many NDAs you have, Trump?!

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Posted in: Anger in France, Britain over Trump's gun law speech See in context

The entire civilized world condemns the US gun society. Foolish.

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