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Posted in: Does J-pop really suck? See in context

There's a lot of J-Pop I like. But I was really disappointed last time I was in Japan. There was a show on late at night where all the top bands in the country were playing single songs in front of a live crowd along with band member intros. Every band had some named, "Hide" Or a guitar player named, "Hide" with bright red hair. Why everyone has to copy one man's success is beyond me. It would be like every girl group in the US having a "Madonna" or "Lady Gaga". It wouldn't fly here, so I can't figure out why everyone is doing it over there. I think the bands should just be themselves. There's some really talented people out there. I don't think I can handle yet another J-Pop Hyde.

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Posted in: From 'Kill Bill' to Uniqlo, Chiaki Kuriyama shows her killer style See in context

It's hard to believe that Battle Royale is now 10 years old. Chiaki was really great in that movie!

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Posted in: Tokyo Lightopia 2009 See in context

I guess them candles are the kind that don't burn oxygen or emit greenhouse gases.

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Posted in: Tokyo's live house music scene set to go global See in context

I have some friends on Myspace that are Live House bands. I think the article explained some of the hurdles they face as they try to get a fan following.

I saw Anza and HPP last year at the Club Citta Live house and had a great time. They seem to be doing well out of it, but I always offering advice to try to make things easier for them.

The real problem these groups face, like it said, is not a lack of talent. But, they don't think ahead about how things in the music industry work.

2 things are true about the music industry, if you want to become influential and actually make a buck or 2.

First, the industry has changed and you don't make all your money by selling CD's anymore. To make money, you have to do live shows.

Second, and most important is, you have to tour the US.

Most of these Live House Bands only consider playing in New York, or LA. And they completely pass up Chicago and the Mid West.

I know of a lot of local and regional bands that made it big on the Mid- West circuit. Cheap Trick, REO SpeedWagon, and Styx to name a few.

When I suggested to Anza of HPP that they come to the Mid-West, she said, "No Kentucky or Indiana". I can't figure out for the life of me why she wouldn't want to make fans there. Most bands would be happy to play anywhere.

Another thing these bands have to face is that you can't tour here once a year and make an impact on the music scene. You need to blow through town every 6 months. The kids around here love their bands and want to see them and support them. If you don't come through often enough, they'll just move on to someone else and you'll be left behind.

HPP (Head Phones President) used to do a couple shows in New York every October. But, it's been almost 2 years since they've been here and they've released a DVD and a full length Album. Fans here expect you to back up releases like that with a tour.

I'm glad the these Live house Bands are starting to get some recognition in cyber space. But if, as the article suggest, that they are going global. they have to jump the 2 hurdles I just wrote about.

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Posted in: Two foreign-led conferences try to shake up music industry See in context

I guess he wants to turn J-pop into J- Hip Hop. No thanks.

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Posted in: Iwate man arrested for stalking voice actress Haruna Ikezawa See in context

The reason they arrested him was because she's 27 years old. When she turns 30, she'll be an Oba-san and start stalking him.

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Posted in: Marie gives the lowdown on being 'half' See in context

Growing up in Japan when your half Japanese and half something else can be very tough. I know it was for Anza Oyama, she was really famous for a while as the star of the Sailor Moon musicals, which were very popular.

Her Dad is Japanese and her mother is South African, and she also went through a lot of bullying. She told me that the other kids absolutely hated her because she could speak English fairly well at the time. I also read an interview she did where she said that the other kids tried to burn down her house. That goes way beyond bullying.

Hopefully, nothing that bad ever happened to that Marie girl.

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Posted in: Yukie Nakama draws curtain on trademark 'Gokusen' tracksuit See in context

I never did really like that show anyway. I thought there was nothing redeeming about her class of snot nosed brats. And her being the daughter of a Yakuza boss did nothing to turn things around for the kids.

All in all, all the show had was a catchy phrase and the stupid track suit.

Fight oh!

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Posted in: Japan comic publisher starts English version online to fight bootlegs See in context

One of the main problems is how expensive the manga are when they get here to America. Just because people are willing to pay a premium price for a Toyota, doesn't mean that they'll do the same for a comic.

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Posted in: 'Slumdog' gets 8 Academy Awards; Ledger wins posthumous Oscar for Joker portrayal See in context

Sean Penn is a jack ass

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Posted in: Students help foreign tourists in Akihabara See in context

People who go to Paris don't bother to learn French. Nor, do they learn Italian to go to Rome. Calling people lazy for not learning the language is stupid. Besides, everyone in Japan took English in the 7th and 8th grade. Hearing people who use the language shouldn't come as such a BIG shock,

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Posted in: Students help foreign tourists in Akihabara See in context

I had a good time last year walking around Akihabara. But, I didn't wander too far from the train station for fear of getting lost. If there were students on the street wearing badges, I probably would have stayed longer and looked around some more.

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Posted in: Conservatives lost more than an election See in context

Conservatism isn't dead, because you can't out-vote God. Despite what the Democrat's tell you.

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Posted in: Sexpot Aya Sugimoto dishes it out on sex, tango and cowardly Japanese men See in context

I'd also like to know why she says Japanese men are cowardly. I was just there in July, and all the guys I met were really cool and savey.

I think she must be mistaking the nutcases and fruit cakes employed by Agencies and studios to manage the models time and keep them from oridnary people as the typical Japanese male. I think the modeling Agencies are so worried that these country girls will find a cool guy at the 7-11 and fly of to Vegas for a quicky marriage, that they try to isolate them with their entourage. They don't want to lose their meal ticket, evenif the girl would be happier.

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Posted in: Sexpot Aya Sugimoto dishes it out on sex, tango and cowardly Japanese men See in context

I find it interesting that her so called break out movie, Hana to Hebi, is what she claims expresses her sexual freedom. Te character she plays is in a sexless marriage and is happy with it. What's wrong with this picture?

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Posted in: Maki Horikita looking for boyfriend as she celebrates 20th birthday See in context

I think she's right to worry about a boyfriend and Marriage. Being a celebrity is no guarantee that you can marry anytime you want.

Look at Miyuki Kanbe. She just recently died of heart failure at the age of 24. No husband or kids. I'm sure the family would be happier if there was a little Miyuki left to help take her place.

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