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Dieudonne troubles started after he made a parody of an extremist Jewish settler. Then instead of a apologizing and submit , he went further and further to ridicule the holocaust. He has denied himself being an anti-Semitic thousands of times. He has clearly stated that we must be allowed to laugh about everything. When he was making fun of the French far right and french , it was OK, when he was making fun of the Arabs, black Africans and Muslims, it was OK when he tried with the Jewish community, the lightning fell on him. Same with the Femen in France has been vandalizing churches and attack Islam but didn't peep a word on Judaism, nor even near a Synagogue.

I'm sure you are well aware that some countries in the Muslim world could teach a masterclass in the foulest anti- Semitic propaganda.

The same about the anti-Islam propaganda in some non Muslim countries. I don't think that pointing fingers at each other communities will fix anything. Finally I'm not going to fall into the anti-Semitic talk trap or talk about the Jewish community thing. I think I have answered your questions on my previous comment.

Thank you and have a nice evening.

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Those you called the radicals have no religious basis to do what they are doing. They are just useful tools for those who spread anti-Islam propaganda. Personally I see them as either really violent psychotic who just look for reasons to be violent or paid thugs to serve the shock of civilization/culture that will be profitable for some greater agenda. And YES you can argue with them on religious ones but they serve their own agenda or are paid to do so , so it is pointless to argue with them, like it is pointless to argue with some who have a blind hatred of Islam and Muslims.

Sure, the Koran does not say that everybody "must" be muslim

There is no but, most anti Islam people are saying that the Quran says so when it doesn't. Accept the fact please. The treatment you mention can be considered as the rules for a foreigner to live in a certain country. They can convert. Yes or Pay the tax. The tax is for them to live under a Muslim state. One of advantages of paying the tax is that if they pay it, they are exempt to fight when the Islamic state is under attack when it is compulsory to any Muslim to fight in case of war. Fair enough in my opinion. We all pay visa taxes , etc, if we fail to pay we cant renew our visas thus we become illegal. It is the same here.

They can die. That is not true. They may be expelled but there is nothing in the Quran that says you must kill a non Muslim who does not pay the tax. There is no death penalty in Islamic law for tax evasion.

ISIS or whatever they call themselves serve a greater agenda which is non Islamic at all. They are doing an excellent job at ruining the image of Islam and who are profiting from it? Ask yourself that question. Hint : Muslims don't, actually it is the complete opposite.

You said that they have the scriptures on their side. Not true. There is no verse nor clear Hadith about it and that is why there are some ongoing discussion on whether Muslims must wait the arrival of al Mahdi and Isa(as) or Jesus for the Christians to reestablish the Islamic state.

The people of ISIS have no religious source to back up their Caliphate, have no religious source to justify killing women and children, have no religious source to justify the execution of disarmed soldiers as we saw in Iraq. The scriptures clearly condemn it.

Now that you know that, ask yourself who is benefiting from all the disinformation about Islam and strangely why only in that area of the world? Hint : Check on the side of those who armed them and support them in Syria.

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Have you read my first comment about advices to Muslims living in non Muslim countries? If not , please read it. And when giving such advices to my fellow Muslims actually I point out a lot the case of UK on how some Muslims there behave and spit their hatred on their host countries with violent slogans. I always felt embarrassed by them, and we are the majority feeling that way actually. If we voice it , we are either not listened to or said that we are practicing Taqqiya and if we remain silent, we are told that we agree with them.

Now to address your comment, first I would point out that Islam and Christianity are ridiculed , Judaism no, no one dares (cf. french humorist Dieudonne).

Would you agree that Islam, an opinion, is fair game for ridicule and people are under no obligation to treat it with >reverence?

No, I don't think that the belief of anyone should be ridiculed. When Japanese told me about their belief about many gods or when they go to temple to do some deeds, etc. I don't ridicule it. I think it is disrespectful to ridicule someone culture, country and faith. Having saying this, I don't think a violent response is appropriate either. In my opinion and what I advise to my fellow Muslims is either ignore the provocations or if they want to do something at all cost then make peaceful demonstration without violent slogans as they are useless but with peaceful and educative slogans such as "respect my belief", "believe in what you want and let me believe in what I want", stuff like that.

Do you also accept that those living in any country should be free to practice or leave any religion or like myself, >have no religious beliefs at all and express my dislike of all organised religions and dismiss their supposed >revelations as nonsense?

Sure, why not? And there is nothing in the Quran that states that everyone MUST be Muslims, nothing at all. There is no compulsion in religion. You are free to express your dislike about Islam and most Muslims such as myself are even willing to listen to you , have a debate about it as long as there are no insults. If you try to ridicule or insult my faith, I will just walk away and ignore you, peacefully.

I hope I answered to your questions.

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Kill Homosexuals, cut the clitoris from women, either convert to islam or die.

If you can back any of these allegations with some verses of the Quran, I leave Islam today.

And for those who are interested in the truth :

Kill Homosexuals Besides the telling the story of the Sodom and Gomorra (the same as in the bible), there is not a single line about kililng homosexuals. The "killing homosexuals" is only the view of some scholars and there is nothing in the Quran that says it.

cut the clitoris from women There is not a single word about it in the Quran. And for those who are desperate to find a connection with Islam and may look into the hadith, there are some hadith that mentions it but they are all "weak" which means they are unreliable thus forged.

either convert to islam or die. Not a single verse in the Quran about it.

I'm not trying to convert anyone or pushing my belief on anyone, just trying to point out the bad faith of some people in forging lies about Islam. There are just so many fantasies and lies posted here, it will take forever to point them out all and probably not even worth answering.

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To my fellow Muslim brothers who live in non Muslim countries, remember that we are ambassador of Islam in that land and that through our good behavior we give a good image of Islam and may even bring non Muslim to have interest in Islam. Islam spread in some countries before through Muslim who went there and by their good behavior attracted many to Islam. So I humbly recommend to all of you and remind myself these few rules :

Respect the law of your host country. Act better than if you were in your own country as you represent all Muslims and Islam. If some people, out of knowledge, make jokes or ask some inappropriate questions about Islam while seeking knowledge, be kind , patient and answer them gently. Never overreact. If some people provoke you and insult Islam, spread lies against Islam, don't bother arguing with them, just ignore them. It is like trying to go through a wall without a door. Let them in their ignorance.But if they put their hand on you (trying to harm you physically), well defend yourself then. If the law of the country you live in doesn't fit our way of life or impose you what goes against our belief then leave that country. There are plenty tolerant countries on this planet.

And to answer the question of JT, yes.

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