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Posted in: Former judo champion arrested for assaulting girlfriend See in context

What does this even mean?!! How can you "partially" deny assaulting someone?

He kicked her in the arm not the legs, for example.

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Posted in: What do you usually do with unwanted Christmas gifts? See in context

I rewrap them and give them to someone next year.

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Posted in: Former judo champion arrested for assaulting girlfriend See in context

With that kind of power comes a lot of responsibility which this guy obviously doesn't have. I think it is appropriate to strip his black belt along with prison.

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Posted in: 2021 college graduate employment rate down for 2nd year See in context

I thought there was a labor shortage?

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Posted in: Japan’s most annoying train habits: Passengers reveal the things that irk them most See in context

So running into a crowded train and pushing in beyond capacity even though the next train is 3 minutes away is okay?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 595 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,714 See in context

In spite of the rise in serious cases I see more persons in my neighborhood recently not wearing masks. I wonder if people are just giving up.

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Posted in: United, Delta join American Airlines in scrapping change fees on international tickets See in context

I appreciate this. I had to change my United ticket 4 times this year, however, as you need to change to a new ticket and prices are going up, you have to pay the difference. My 1200 dollar original ticket ended up being over 1800 dollars. Tough times.

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Posted in: Popular Japanese actress Erika Toda marries actor Tori Matsuzaka See in context

Enjoy the honeymoon.

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Posted in: Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lai charged under security law See in context

He needs a one way ticket to a friendly country. The writing was on the wall for a long time so he should already have left.

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Posted in: ANA apologizes over racial stereotyping in new TV commercial See in context

you got to take the good with the bad, the stereotype of big nose and big other member,,, I can live with that. anyways, anyone who ever flown ANA knows they rock. Thanks.

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Posted in: Man arrested for series of mayo attacks See in context

"He mayo may not be found guilty. ",,, is that ebonics?

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Posted in: Foreign men sound off on difficulties of having a Japanese wife See in context

i suggested one of my us coworkers get married to a JP lady, but he said "I am gay" so there you have it.

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Posted in: Holidays key test for Nintendo as Wii U struggles See in context

I have Wii and enjoy playing it with my kids, but I find no reason to get WiiU. This may be the point where I get a PS or XBox. Also, as anyone can see at any toy store, Wii has very few games and they never have sales, so it gets tiring to support the old platform.

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Posted in: All-night Roppongi-Shibuya bus service to begin early Saturday See in context

What is the logic to link two cesspools on a late night bus whose target passengers are rowdy drunks crammed into a small space together. I cannot imagine that this will go well.

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Posted in: Japan to buy stealth fighters, drones and submarines See in context

5% increase, big deal,,, they are just upgrading what they have.

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Posted in: Ayumi Hamasaki engaged to UCLA medical student 10 years her junior See in context

Good for her! Why all the negativity from the peanut gallery? Maybe he is a nerdy egghead and is thrilled to roll with a Japanese hotty,,,

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Posted in: There are students who can't even understand when the class is run in Japanese, so can classes conducted in English truly be possible? See in context

I was a JET and in spite of my incredible amount of initial motivation I learned pretty quickly that the old dog teachers just wanted a tape recorder. I could make some impact out of classes with team activities and English club.

In my opinion the main problem is teachers teaching to the test which is mainly grammar. I am not sure why Japanese feel they need to know the esoteric nuances of English grammer better than an Oxford librarian,,,

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Posted in: Gov't tells mayors of plan to buy land for radioactive waste storage See in context

"Ishihara responded that the government will enact a law stating that the waste must be moved out of the prefecture with 30 years."

REALLY?!!! To where could they possibly bring this crap. How about that disputed island that China wants. Dump it all there and see if China still wants it.

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Posted in: Survey shows Japanese workers least likely to take vacation time See in context

As you can see in my home country of India, we have the right balance going on. Oh yeah!

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Posted in: N Korean leader's 'traitor' uncle executed: KCNA See in context

Regarding "Branding Jang 'despicable human scum… worse than a dog'"

I don't get the dog metaphor. Sure dogs sometimes fornicate in public and lick their ballz and arses, but they are generally trustworthy and loyal,,,

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Posted in: U.S. House pressures countries on child abductions See in context

bunka no chigai desu ne,,,

these guys are a lot tougher than me. after dealing with Japan life for so many years, if I lost my kids I probably wouldn't even bother wasting time or money in the court system because I know what would happen.

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Posted in: Want to eat healthily? Add up to $1.50 a day See in context

I think it also tastes better, but if you go from an unhealthy diet of hamburgers and donuts it may take a while to get used to the more nuanced flavor of healthier foods,,,

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Posted in: Irregular working conditions grinding women down See in context

Oh my, aren't these the same women 20 years ago who were too good for any of the many men who asked them out or for marriage. Aren't these the same women we heard about the last 20 years who lived with their parents and spent every cent of their pay on travel to Hawaii and on designer goods and could give a &'%$ about anyone besides themselves. Aren't these the same women I see on the train every day and if I mistake to smile give me an icy glare like how dare you gaijin! The Germans say it best with schadenfreude,,, no tears here.

And @TrevorPeace1, I assure you sir you do not want to get mixed up in any of that stew of selfishness and emotional resentment. There are many many much better women in Japan that you will meet.

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Posted in: Children threatened with death if school doesn't cancel 'bonenkai' See in context

well i guess this terrorist got what he or she wanted.

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Posted in: It's really regrettable that we were unable to save him, and we're sorry. See in context

Sounds inexcusable, heads should roll,

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Posted in: 65-year-old man arrested for theft says he never worked See in context

Title sounds like your typically salaryman.

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Posted in: How should the international community react to China's declaration of an air defense zone that requires airlines to submit their flight plans in advance? See in context

I think it depends on how many flights this affects. I understand all flights going to China or over China airspace must submit flight plans anyways, so this just affect flights flying over that freaking rock island that are not going to China. Looking on a map, that area is pretty darn close to China so I am not really surprised that they want to know what it going on out there.

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Posted in: Prenatal screening: When knowing can become an unbearable dilemma See in context

I agree with the tenor of the above. The current generation of self-aggrandizing twitter followers (twits) should never undertake any risk to their life of ease and plenty. How dare any handicapped genetically defective person have the audacity to be born and inconvenience you. Eugenics forever.

My genius doctor pointed out two minor risk from toxoplasmosis from two pregnancies, and the old school mother in law inferred thinking of abortion, and I can hardly stand her for it. Both turned out 100% okay.

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Posted in: Elderly people's manners increasingly deplorable See in context

The main problem is not the lack of manners but the inhumane and undignified train system in Tokyo that absolutely fails to keep up with the commute needs. It is the worst part of my day and I never experience such spike in stress in my own country even in bad traffic where I have some dignity in my car. If you do not commute in Tokyo then you should really be thankful as you can enjoy the real Japan.

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Posted in: Minister handling TPP talks in hospital See in context

That concession on rice must have really stung,,, he can't even think to face the farmers.

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