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Posted in: ANA gets 11 int'l slots at Haneda; JAL gets 5 and complains See in context

I rode ANA recently with the family back to the states. Hands down the best airline I have flown recently. Nice, friendly service, comfortable/roomy/clean seats, good entertainment for kids, darn good food, and only a bit more expensive than rivals. I was really satisfied.

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Posted in: How big an impact would the proposed initial sales tax hike from 5% to 8% in Japan have on your lifestyle? See in context

Cheaper beer maybe even though the tax on beer is already like 100%... My main thought is when do I hear the proposals for spending cuts. The debt will be 3 times the economic output soon, taxes going up, my life getting harder, but no word of cutting spending....

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Posted in: Joggers warned to mind their manners as they run around Imperial Palace See in context

These jogging mobs should know that there is a british scientific study of elevated lung cancer risk they found in joggers in London. When they studied it, they found the joggers were running by a road and inhaling a lot more carcinogens from car exhaust than walkers. I strongly suggest jogging in parks or wooded areas or beaches.

Second point, for some reason (and I have felt this myself) there is some sort of animalistic urge or feeling of victory when running past a slower person. I often walk around a jogging path at a big park and even if it is just me and there is 6 feet of space, they will jog right up by me often brushing me.

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Posted in: Women in 15 nations need spouse's OK to work See in context

Only 15?

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Posted in: Police carry out nationwide crackdown on dangerous driving See in context

Wow! I would like to see them on the Daisankeihin in Tokyo where invariably benz and audis speed by at 140 km/hour with complete impunity and tailgate you with highbeams mercilessly if you "inconvenience" their speeding.

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Posted in: 1 in 3 Japanese women want to be housewives: poll See in context

My large JP company requires to me attend 8+ hours per month of baloney meetings about explaining what I am doing to others who have no relation to my job. That is just a taste of why people are in the office so long, because they try to make up meetings and tasks that are relevant to the ultimate goal of the company to remain relevant.

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Posted in: Tweeted photo of employees bowing in apology angers Internet users See in context

I have seen this kind of entitled mentality from persons who never worked for their own money... I think JT should probably delete this photo and not propagate this haughtiness...

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Posted in: An exit from the EU could spur Japanese disinvestment See in context

As an American I am puzzled at the race in Europe to give up sovereignty hard won after hundreds of years of wars.

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Posted in: Amachan See in context

I saw a photo book of the real amachan and NONE OF THEM wore anything but a bikini bottom.

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Posted in: Where can you buy the best muffins in Japan? See in context

They got good muffins in Shibuya.

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Posted in: 5 years after Lehman Shock, political instability will continue into post-crisis world See in context

I would imagine the 24% unemployment rate is overstated because it would not include the underground economy.

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Posted in: Tokyo could try changing the times of events to cooler periods. Running a marathon will be especially difficult. See in context

I understand the '64 Olympics were held in October. Seems eminently smarter.

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Posted in: Just as we are beginning to see the light, we’re threatening to snuff it out. We’re trying to roast the pig before it’s fat enough to eat. See in context

For ministry of finance only important thing is that they can pass this tax increase at a politically opportune time. bureacrats don't give a rat's behind about the fat pig.

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Posted in: Japan wants to consider lowering nuclear dependence: Motegi See in context

Kind of a stupid statement when Japan is currently not using nuclear at all (per my understanding). Why consider something that actually factually exists? He is trying to confuse the sheep.

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Posted in: Tokyo police advise women on how to stay safe while in elevators See in context

what if the "ayashii" guy gets out on the same random floor as her?

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Posted in: Sales tax hike will add Y6 tril to household burden: gov't panel See in context

What does this mean to me? Keep the 8 year old worn out tires, cause don't want to shell out 80,000 yen for new ones, may even let the car go next shakkan; keep the old sputtering AC unit even though it is an energy hog; eat out once a month or sometimes for lunches. Wonder if the effect on me is going to boost the economy? Probably not....

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Posted in: Half of professionals in Japan doubtful of progression prospects: survey See in context

If you are competent and want a raise in Japan, really the only realistic way is to change companies and get a big bump in raise. I think this applies in the US as well, except perhaps in sales.

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Posted in: Hokkaido onsen bars Maori woman over her face tattoos See in context

Based on the article she was treated fairly, same as any Japanese.

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Posted in: Contrary to Tokyo’s image as an impossibly expensive place, hotel rates are actually quite modest compared to major American cities. See in context

If you compare to NYC, then Tokyo is probably a bargain. I booked in NYC, and could only find a room I found acceptable for my family at near 300/night. Looking at posts from NYC travellers there are issues of noise, bedbugs, crime, broken elevators, etc. BUT, in the US you are basically billed per room, so even though the room is expensive I could fit my whole family; whereas in Japan they generally charge per person which is tough for families.

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Posted in: The isolationists' dilemma See in context

Well, if any of our so-called allies could step up to the plate and handle the situation in Syria or other countries, the US wouldn't be in this position. I see it as a power vacuum that may continue for several decades. And China, even if it has the ability to intervene in the future, does not seem to have the same interventionist ideals that the Russians did (USSR) all around the world. WWII set the US and Russia up as victors with huge confidence that still remains.

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Posted in: TV staffer makes hilarious walk-on appearance during live news segment See in context

I hope NHK can take this in stride with humor and humanity. Seems so many organizations here are run by control freaks.

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Posted in: Part-timers strike back with all kinds of antics See in context

This is all very normal for young persons in the spring of life; except for the 16 year old marriage part.

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Posted in: Japan's GDP revised up, boosting case for sales tax hike See in context

Good news.

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Posted in: Man walks 1,400 kilometers home after getting mugged See in context

Even to walk a 26 mile marathon takes 6 hours non-stop walking fast. He would have had to do almost 3 marathons a day... NO WAY!!!

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Posted in: Pay, job security influence moves between Japanese and foreign companies See in context

This is basically true for the move to foreign firms, but the only reason to move to a JP firm is job security. I cannot hardly believe anyone would prefer the office environment of open desks, regimentation, common lunch time, pressure to conform, etc.

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Posted in: Man walks 1,400 kilometers home after getting mugged See in context

He either hitchhiked or took trains without paying. Noone could walk that far in 11 days.

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Posted in: Lotteria’s special September & October super burger promotion See in context

WOW! I eat only one Big Mac and get pimples for a week and a stomach ache... No thanks.

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Posted in: Hong Kong doctor offers implants to boy whose eyes were gouged out See in context

This is great news, and very generous. I pray he can succeed!

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Posted in: Google's new Android system named 'KitKat' See in context

this will go straight to my thighs. got to have a kit-kat right now!

Interestingly when I think of Microsoft products I feel like puking...

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Posted in: BOJ may hold off on declaring Japan economic recovery See in context

With the aging population retiring I would anticipate that it will be harder and harder to find employees and the unemployment rate may go down even more, giving the younger generation more leverage for wage increases. I read that one of the few times in history that populations fell during the plague in Europe that the workers benefited from a long period of rising wages. One can only hope...

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