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Posted in: Veteran tour escort relates travelers' lack of decorum See in context

Not to mention the arrogance and bad manners of tour guides towards other travelers.

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Posted in: 22-yr-old drunken woman held for attacking police box in Chiba See in context

There is a Chuo-ward in Chiba City. Strangely enough, it is in the centre of the city :)

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Posted in: Are Japanese police really as incompetent as readers on Japan Today make them out to be? See in context

Agree with both smartacus and cleo. It is ridiculous to say that all J-police are incompetent. I know some who are brilliant at what they do. However, there are many who leave a lot to be desired. Koban police in a city close to me appear to do the bidding of the Yakuza while the central police station has a very effective anti-Yakuza squad. We all know who they are and what rank in the organization they hold. But we also see them frequently sitting in the Koban chatting with the police on duty. A very close friend who is a detective once told me that the Japanese police exhibit the same characteristics as most Japanese: exploit the weakest link. Quite often, the weakest link is the foreignor :( I guess, you can say that it is like every other country I have ever been too.

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