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Posted in: Ultra-high tensile strength steel withstands large earthquakes See in context

withstands large earthquakes - at what Richter Scale? 9.0 , 9.5 or 10.0.........

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Posted in: Radiation concerns for Japan's beef supply intensify See in context

Looking at all the opinions, I would say that the Japanese Government must take a stern steps regarding all agro products leaving from the disaster area and also the surroundings. If not, there will be a catastrophe effect as the domino chain will start showing health problems in the coming months ahead. It's going to get tough, but the tough gets going.

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Posted in: Japanese rocker, arrested for unruly behavior on flight to Saipan, hangs himself See in context

what a waste

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Posted in: Japan walkout throws whaling talks into disarray See in context

I like whale and think the hunt is ok, but what kind of scientific research are they doing? couldn't agree with you more

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