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Posted in: Nootbaar's pepper grinder move unwelcome in Japan high school tourney See in context

Good on the coach for backing the players to release their emotion and have fun!

I saw a boy at my son’s Uni rugby match on the weekend do the pepper grind move after he scored ! Everyone laughed and it was fun to see.

Ridiculous over management by the umpire. Why stunt the fun when we’re just coming out of Covid where the rules were so strict and emotions were hidden.

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Posted in: Masks stay on in Japan as 3-year request to wear them ends See in context

I guess it depends where you live in Japan.

a lot of people outside here in Miyazaki are taking their masks off, but it’s still going to take time for people to take them off inside.

The leaders of Japan like politicians and teachers are still encouraging masks but they should be leading the way and encouraging people and students to go mask free.

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Posted in: Gov't considering mask-free school graduation ceremonies See in context


I agree!

Masks have had their time and place and it’s time to move on. I believe they are not good for society, and they breed introverts. Especially here in Japan.

I’ve seen it first hand as a teacher, and it’s such a sad comfort that many young kids find acceptable.

Some students would freak out ! Some students probably would never have had to have shown their classmates their face.

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Posted in: All Blacks fully stretched by Japan before winning 38-31 See in context

I was at the game and there was only one replay on the big screen during the TMO review and I couldn't hear the officials' discussion. I was puzzled as to why they went back to check that as the conversion had been taken and I thought they were checking what was a clear knock on. A try can't be reviewed after the conversion, but potential foul play can.

They mentioned there is a new law, in can now be reviewed after the conversion if the TMO has evidence…..

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Posted in: Japanese schools, companies working to demystify menstruation See in context

Unfortunately a few years back I had a young teenage student who probably hadn’t been educated about periods. During class, she started looking at me in an unusual way and I was wondering if she was feeling okay or not, next minute I heard some loud dripping, which turned out to be pee mixed with her period. The poor girl was so nervous when she felt her period coming on, she peed herself.

fortunately that day, the 3 other students in the class were absent which saved her from a big embarrassment although she was super embarrassed as it was.

Hear hear to improving education on this topic.

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Posted in: Someone crashes car into Japan’s oldest toilet See in context

What a bummer!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 4,377 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 19,955 See in context

It doubled here in Miyazaki.

from 50 max before Obon to 111 today.

Numbers to go big nationwide I reckon.

Who would’ve thought with all the people from other prefectures coming here that it would’ve gone up.


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Posted in: Dressel wins U.S. Olympic swimming gold; Aussie Titmus beats Ledecky See in context

Go you good thing!!!!

just has an awesome hydrofoil on my favorite reef in Aoshima Japan.

Then to come in to this news, life is great. Go Australia, go Japan!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 896 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,246 See in context

FrankBurnsToday  04:49 pm JST

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 60, down two fromWednesday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 464, down 16 from Wednesday.

Good news!

How are there so many haters hating your positive comment?

so sad!

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Posted in: Bach to arrive in Tokyo on July 8; infections on rise again See in context


Talk about unnecessary showmanship. Guys, just stay in Tokyo. All this unneeded movement throughout the country can’t be any good. I’m sure Hiroshima and Nagasaki residents appreciate the thought, but they probably don’t want you traveling there at this time.

Exactly! The Japanese holidays start early to mid August right when the Olympics are finishing, and a lot of the people of Japan and especially Tokyo return to their families for Obon which is my biggest concern. My little coastal town of Miyazaki is popular with tourists and that on top of returnees, I can see it only going one way like it did after Christmas holidays and Golden week.

Will the Japanese government try to stop this happening after previous failures? I’m not holding my breath.

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Posted in: Alcohol allowed but no condom distribution in Tokyo Olympic village See in context

It’s very considerate of them to give the condoms out once the event is over .

Or there might be a more sinister reasoning , Could be a sneaky way of getting more super athlete babies being nationalized to Japan from athletes from all over the world.

In all seriousness though, Not much surprises me after being in Japan 20 years.

I still love it though! Hydro foil time!!

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Posted in: Doctor warns holding Games could lead to 'Olympic virus' strain See in context

I wonder if athletes and staff/coaches will be made to hotel quarantine as I’m sure every athlete and staff member won’t have been vaccinated.

My problem is the urge to self quarantine and not forced quarantine or urge to whatever, as I have heard thousands broke that urge to self quarantine in Japan as it was a loose ask.

It should have been mandatory hotel quarantine as soon as anyone lands in the country, like Auz did.

The system could backfire big time for the Olympics. Even more than what it has.

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Posted in: Global-Dining restaurant operator defies Tokyo government’s early closure request See in context

That’s what the Government gets when they put half asked rules in place. I actually done blame this company, and I heard some businesses who are not abiding and get named and shamed, are getting free advertising like this article.

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Posted in: Okinawa asks to be part of state of emergency areas after reporting record 203 virus cases See in context

Nearly every prefecture that is remotely popular with tourists increased in Covid cases after Golden Week. We were sitting ducks and our local governments did nothing to stop people coming. Here in Miyazaki our businesses are suffering from it again.

What can you do?

soft, soft, soft!!!!

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Posted in: Golden Week travel begins despite pleas from governors to stay home See in context


Why are so many people traveling? So selfish and a lack of common sense I would think. Why are you living in a place that you don’t want to be on your vacation? I’m happy to stay in my little town and go surfing on my holidays!

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Posted in: Suga pledges to improve coronavirus situation in 1 month See in context

My wife and I were talking that our 15 year old son lives in fairy land sometimes and she said a lot of Japanese do so.

I think Suga must be one of those with his hope in reducing it in the next month.

unless a vaccine comes out next week or the stop testing, I can’t see it happening with the lack of restrictions they have in place.

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Posted in: Japan begins year's 1st day of work as coronavirus continues to spread See in context

Yep, I live near the beach to the island of Aoshima. My family and I decided to go for a bike ride and skateboard to near the island. There is a bridge to get to the shrine on the island and it was packed with hundreds of people walking back-and-forth, so we stayed well away from it and then headed back home after checking the waves and scenery. My 12-year-old daughter was a bit disappointed but I explained to her that praying at the shrine is not so important compared to our health and the chance of getting COVID. . I don’t think the seriousness of this virus has fully been implanted in the Japanese heads. I think the leaders of Japan are too tentative and have not done enough to command and instruct people on what to do and not not to do and prevent the spread of this virus.

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Posted in: Australia changes word in anthem to honor Indigenous people See in context

I love it! Well done !

I have played rugby with many of my indigenous mates over a lifetime and we need to do more to repair what atrocities occurred in the past.

small steps, but I like the positive move

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Posted in: Japan greets new year with crowds despite pleas from leaders to stay home See in context

They should’ve just turned the lights off and big advertisements in Shibuya and 8:30.

It’s time to be proactive!

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Posted in: Japan greets new year with crowds despite pleas from leaders to stay home See in context


This lack of restraint will come back and bite Japan on the bum!

I am looking forward to my kids rugby, my surfing and other stuff, but at the rate people are moving around I can see things getting shut down if that continues.

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