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Posted in: Challenge of dealing with influx of Olympic visitors amid virus seems insurmountable See in context

This whole thing seems more and more desperate every week, bad solutions to even greater problems, complete lack of planning, contradicting measures.

I suspect the whole thing is actually a really big effort to make the whole japanese population hate the olympics as much as possible so the government can use it as an excuse to call it quits.

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Posted in: Japan to keep tax cuts for home, car buyers to help virus-hit economy See in context


really pointless "action" for everyday people...sorry..thumbs down in my case

Exactly, out of the many things they could do to help the people that have been affected the most they choose to help people buy houses and cars.

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Posted in: Japanese libraries hope UV machine gives visitors peace of mind See in context

Looks more like a gimmick to interest children than something really useful, but books are not exactly the most risky thing to be touching, probably the coins or card used to ride the train to the library or the handles on the door are much more likely to be contaminated, as long as kids don't use the pandemic as an excuse to stop reading I can live with this.

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Posted in: Popular Japanese actress Erika Toda marries actor Tori Matsuzaka See in context

I really want to wish them the best, but I cannot avoid seeing everything happening this year with some cynicism, maybe its just jealously, maybe just seeing so many bad news is making me expect a bad twist at the end.

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Posted in: 'A new movement': Trump's false claims take hold in states See in context

At this point probably nobody can be disappointed about what Trump does, for good or for bad he made clear all his defects from the beginning of his presidency if not before. But the GOP? this is a really new kind of shocking surprise, the worst part would be if even after being so clearly antidemocratic they did not lose votes, I hope they do, because it would mean the American population is not so easy to fool.

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Posted in: U.S. COVID-19 deaths smash daily record, spurring pleas to trim back Christmas See in context

It is unfortunate but the situation has made it clear that everything in excess is bad, including obsessing with personal freedoms. The pandemic can be fought successfully, several places have done it, but this is simply not possible if enough members of the society consider any kind of cooperation as an insult to their personal rights. Giving everybody the right to be a jerk was fine for America, until this meant putting everybody else at risk.

@ Slickdrifter

Blaming government officials for not doing enough in any country. Unless severely negligent and Trump was not. Its just not right. 

It is more than right, it is what the US is apparently about. There are countries where the top of the government cannot really do that much so the whole group shares the responsibility, Trump made it clear from the beginning that was not going to happen to him and grabbed as much power as he could, that also means he can be made responsible for what the government of the country as a whole accomplished or failed to do.

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Posted in: U.S. Olympic officials back athletes' right to protest at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Wonder if a protest in support of the Uihgur would be 'divisive demonstration'?

I can already see every single Chinese athlete "protesting" the foreign interventions on the Chinese internal problems (like the Uihgur, Hong Kong and Taiwan), or half a dozen other countries forcing their athletes to do the same against their national enemies. I cannot see this as a positive development.

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Posted in: Carbon capture a tool in climate fight, but at what cost? See in context

From superficial explanations I have seen this is not an effective tool, counting all the direct and indirect energy costs it ends up producing more CO2 than what it can trap unless it uses very expensive clean energy, but then it would be better to replace the CO2 producing methods with this clean energy on the first place.

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Posted in: Japan to begin COVID-19 vaccinations on reservation basis See in context

It is good news, even if it feels late compared with other countries, the last paragraph is specially important because I have heard it is one of the choke points that could lead to waste and lost time.


That is entirely not true due to something called antibody-dependent enhancement which essentially means that a person increases their chances of getting a virus after getting the antibodies (as with a vaccine).

The ADE theory was already discussed two replies above yours. Nothing you said contradicts why it could not be observed for this coronavirus.

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Posted in: Biogen files for Japan approval for Alzheimer's drug developed with Eisai See in context

Interesting news, I am still not convinced of the drug being effective, but at least the regulatory reviews will end up providing a lot of good information. Maybe this drug is useful, maybe not, but any hint is welcomed in the fight against this tragic disease.

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Posted in: Suga inspects 2011 quake recovery in northeastern Japan See in context

This looks more like a bad publicity stunt, his popularity has been dropping a lot lately and I would be offended If I was part of the people affected and was used like this.

@Derek Grebe

Oh but let's not forget, the Olympic sales pitch was all built around milking support for the recovery of Tohoku.

IT would be much more meaningful just to cancel the whole thing and dedicate the funds to Tohoku, that would have shown a much more honest interest.

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Posted in: Australian scientists develop genome sequencing to trace COVID-19 cases within four hours See in context

Nice development! it will be interesting to see how it is used and if it makes tracing actually easier, my understanding is that RNA viruses are not so easy to sequence and follow between people.

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Posted in: Idol 'otaku' arrested for bomb threat after his idol T-shirt gets burned See in context

Good to see this guy being caught, The KyoAni tragedy was caused by one of these deranged people, any threat should be treated seriously.

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Posted in: Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lai charged under security law See in context

The CCP is not even pretending anymore, I am not hopeful but this may mean the gloves will come out on the other side as well.

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Posted in: New 'Star Wars' film 'Rogue Squadron' due in 2023 See in context

It is getting tiring to see how Disney can only thing on milking old things instead of producing something new.

Now, this will be interesting. Maybe Christensen will be given the chance to flex his acting muscles, as he was stifled by Lucas' staid direction in the prequels.

Really? I have never seen him showing special talent for acting.

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Posted in: COVID-19 forces closure of Tokyo neighborhood ramen joint See in context

It is a sad but difficult to avoid consequence of the whole situation, fragile business like this will suffer, with or without lockdowns.

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Posted in: Australian COVID vaccine dropped over false positive HIV result See in context

obviously innocous but you cant have people testing positive all around only to be a false diagnostic.

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Posted in: T-Mobile offers up yet another TV streaming service See in context

Still surprised cable still have costumers with all the much better options streaming has for entertainment, personally I can get all I need with two of the biggest options, I don't see how small companies can offer something worth $10 a month.

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Posted in: Man arrested for indecent exposure on train See in context

5 minutes is quite a long time, I wonder how many other passengers just pretended not to see anything.

I would be not surprising that this was not his first offense, and unfortunately maybe not the last either.

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Posted in: Quarter of LGBT people in Japan have experienced outing: survey See in context

Sincerely I am surprised on the results of this survey, I would have though over 50% of the people would have suffered outings.

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Posted in: Doctors probe whether COVID-19 is causing diabetes See in context

@raw beer

Did you even read your own reference? the "diet" they talk about is about breastfeeding or when some food are introduced to babies, exclusively. This is just grasping at straws in something you are (or want to appear) completely ignorant.

My point is that saying that people eating crap, not exercising and stressing because of covid is causing or triggering diabetes type 1 is nonsense not supported by any kind of evidence but just your mistaken imagination.

oh! once again the other "person" is posting at the same time as you, giving up trying to keep appearances?

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Posted in: Doctors probe whether COVID-19 is causing diabetes See in context

@raw beer

No, you are still completely wrong, there is no indication that diet or lifestyle has anything to do with diabetes type 1 appearing.

A typical description of the causes of the diseases is as follows

Some people have certain genes (traits passed on from parent to child) that make them more likely to develop type 1 diabetes, though many won’t go on to have type 1 diabetes even if they have the genes. Being exposed to a trigger in the environment, such as a virus, is also thought to play a part in developing type 1 diabetes. Diet and lifestyle habits don’t cause type 1 diabetes.

You need to inform yourself better, unless your purpose is the other one I mentioned, in which case you are doing an excellent job.

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Posted in: Charlie Hebdo sparks Turkish fury with cartoon of Erdogan See in context


Take for example the very same situation. When Erdogan said to Macron that he needs to have a mental check, he, along with other unsophisticated leaders, started complaining. Is that not ironic?

I am also perfectly OK with this, both with Erdogan insulting Macron or you saying that you find it ironic. Freedom of speech do not mean freedom from valid consequences, so long as nobody incites violence complaining is completely fine in my book.

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Posted in: China struggles to fill Trump's 'America First' leadership void See in context

China has no room to aim for international leadership right now, it should be aiming to do damage control by moderating their expansionist agenda over Taiwan and other Asian countries first, make up for the coronavirus debacle second and end up their minorities abuse third. After it finishes doing that it can begin to think about how to present itself as a leader.

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Posted in: Charlie Hebdo sparks Turkish fury with cartoon of Erdogan See in context

I see absolutely no problem with people complaining about cartoons made to mock them, exactly the same as I see no problem with people making cartoons to mock other people. Both have freedom of speech to say whatever they like, as long as nobody incites violence.

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Posted in: Doctors probe whether COVID-19 is causing diabetes See in context


Sorry, I know you probably do it on purpose to make other conspiracy believers seem ignorant, but just in the remote case you don't, you really need to inform yourself better about diabetes.

"People staying home and eating crap" as you say have absolutely no importance for diabetes type I as described in the article, and no testing is necessary to detect people going into ketoacidosis coma, them almost dying when reaching the ER is enough to detect something wrong is happening.

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Posted in: Hotly-anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 game delayed again, to December 10 See in context

Damn it, I was really hoping no more delays after the game went gold, at least the multiplayer of Ghost of Tsushima is quite more entertaining that what I expected.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers weigh virus control center at athletes' village See in context

For a disease that can be transmitted by completely asymptomatic people? that would be pointless. So are the facilities for people for which the virus is detected, by that time they had hours if not days where they could spread the infection around.

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Posted in: JOC to protect female athletes targeted by exploitative photos See in context

Come on be honest men are always an afterthought at best when it comes to violence, domestic violence, shelters, cancer research, dangerous jobs & the biggie WARS.....etc etc etc

That has no importance, the measures indicated here would protect anybody independently from their gender, one thing is that women are the majority of victims, another completely different that they would be the only ones protected. If you want to say men are being ignored you will have to wait until only complains from male athletes are not contemplated under the new measures.

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Posted in: Police officer caught downloading dirty videos from suspect’s phone See in context

So if a big boss criminal wants to get a free pass he just need to find a cop willing to be fired and pay him to temper with the evidence? no charges pressed for the ex-cop even when he did something completely illegal on the clock?

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