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**If a man is so dead tired from an average of 12 hours a day of work per day for 5 days that it takes you 12 tries to remind him that he's home, then it should not be his job to make the woman's work easier. It should be her job to help him into bed after eating, remind him you love him every night for making sure you even have a place since he goes to work pretty much to pay you with a check, and wake him up every day off and ask him if he wants to hang out with you and the kids. Is it that hard to realize that he's doing far more tiring work? Imagine expending so much physical energy that you could collapse from exhaustion?

I've seen men who have been so tired that they have to carry a camera and take pics to remind himself he went to work. They allow them to take naps at work. But that only helps to keep them awake so much. It actually does nothing to make them less tired. They end up LOSING a lot of sleep and get put under a lot of pressure.

You all need to learn some respect and show the men respect where it's due. You're all self entitled millennials that make me want to vomit my own organs out and donate them to the black market if I were crazy.**

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