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As someone who is actually an American, the one thing I want for the Obama administration, is to see him fail. When you look at his policies, and his politics, there are very few that the majority of Americans agree with. Most of them are simply wrong. Americans didn't elect him to rewrite the constitution. His job was very simple, fix the economy, and stop the wasteful government spending. He is a collasal failure in both areas. Thats why the Dems are looking to get slaughtered come November, and why Obama is already facing a hostile congress as more and more Democrats are concerned with losing their jobs.

Wow, those are some pretty bold statements... Been watching a bit of FOX News? I'm not sure what's worse- the fact that people have quite a short memory regarding where this American mess actually came from, or the half-truths that these same individuals throw around so nonchalantly...

And does anyone actually understand the terms they whip out, like 'Marxist' or 'Lefist'? God help us all.

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We see him as a Marxist who surrounds himself with far-left extremists. Always has, and although he and his supports tried to deny it during the campaign, continues to do so as president.

White Hawk, "We" who?

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One of my first memories of moving to Japan is turning on the T.V. to see Tamori grunt "uuuuuuuuuuuuuh" into the mic while looking at the girls from Morning Musume. Ha!

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The U.S./Mexico border region is like a land unto its own... It's tragic that a minority of hard core criminals are wreaking havoc... Central, Western and Eastern Mexico are nothing like the extreme north nor the extreme south. I'm not sure if there's another country on earth, other than Thailand, perhaps, with the kind of environmental and culinary diversity... It's a beautiful country full of beautiful people with an incredibly fascinating and complex history.

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Now THAT's entertainment I tell ya!

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This whole concept is predicated on 'Nihonjinron,' or the pseudo-scientific/philosophical notion that somehow the Japanese brain is wired differently (therefore resulting in a greater mind and a superior culture). Nihonjinron is also, incidentally, what gives us the comical 'Japan is the only place in the world with four seasons,' and so forth... Hey, I would be the first to argue that there are some wonderful things about Japan and its people, but De Mente has taken a swan dive off the deep end... For those of you who know what I'm talking about, can't you just see this guy in full kimono and geta, walking around Gion in Kyoto and making sure to avoid eye contact, as he doesn't want any 'foreigners' to ruin his experience?! Ha!

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