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Wow. What are you doing posting on Japan Today when you should be at your bar, maskless, on a Saturday night, your most profitable day, no doubt?

we open at 8 and do you think i stay at the bar when i have already 8 staff working ?

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I own a bar which profits average of 500.000 everyday. No social distancing , no rigid face mask rules and have seen no infection since march. In the other hand 2 of my best friends infected , my local gym and a cafe next to my house in my home country quarantined because of COVID. I think there is something strange about this virus in Japan.

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I worked for a construction company 8 ago years which was also in forestry industry. My pal that i went to work ever morning fell from a tall tree while he was changing his and his safety rope's position with his partner's. He went to coma for 2 weeks, opened his eyes paralyzed from below waist. He barely started to walk after 4 months. Very unlucky for him the only part that he left paralyzed for rest of his life was his pecker... Lucky for him his wife was pregnant 2 months before the incident happen. True story.

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Lived 11 years straight in Japan. Worked hard, made a family,bought property etc. Have never tried for residentship since i was changing jobs, got married, changed visa status here and there.

This February i had enough savings and time to have a break so i quit my job found a new one and got the visa sponsorship. I told them i will be starting from summer and came back to my hometown to pass the spring. Received my CoE right away since i have enough experience in JP life getting a visa sponsor was never hard for me.

Then guess what , im sitting on my stuck-up ass with this CoE in my hand straight 5 months now.

Away from where i called home...

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