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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics scandal makes Sapporo bid difficult, says Hokkaido governor See in context

Most beneficial scandal in quite some time. The IOC grifters have outlived their usefulness. With the internet, international travel, etc. the Olympics has lost quite a bit of their luster, especially the Winter games that are dominated by the Nordic European countries. The 'bids' are pretty half-hearted from the two 'finalists' of Salt Lake City and Sapporo. With less bids, less payola for the IOC.

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Posted in: Japan gets 2 late goals to upset Germany 2-1 in their World Cup opener See in context

Lots of trolls out today. My gosh, why shouldn't you be excited for Japan? I see the usual suspects who felt the urge to denigrate Roki Sasaki after his perfect game are the same ones here downvoting enthusiastic fans of Samurai Blue after a thrilling win.

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Posted in: Slain teen parents hope U.S. gun control fight will continue, 30 years on See in context

It's actually worse in the U.S. than before. After Florida passed the 'Castle Doctrine' any gun-toting yokel has the authority to 'shoot first, ask later' if he believes he is threatened on 'his property'. And, yes, the Castle Doctrine and 'Stand Your Ground' (every post-50, out-of-shape white conservative's dream of a Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry re-enactment) is applicable in Louisiana. With Stand Your Ground and the Castle Doctrine, the Louisiana Shooter wouldn't even go to trial, let alone get arrested.

And...Mexican immigrants actually have a minimal, if not slightly beneficial, impact on crime.

Do Mexican Immigrants "Cause" Crime? | Department of Criminology (

So...I am sure Bass will try to scour the internet for another 'source'. Here's the problem Bass, I will humble brag right now and say that I have a Phd in social sciences and the above paper/research was published after peer review to ensure that there wasn't omitted correlated variable bias, sample selection bias, endogeneity, self-selection issues, etc.

I own guns for hunting. I am totally in favor of gun control.

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Posted in: Ukraine war shows West's dominance ending as China rises, Blair says See in context

The Cold War lasted for 44 years (1947-1991). America has plenty of experience in a multi-polar world and I think Blair doesn't quite understand the degree to which the Cold War impacted American politics. I grew up during the later part of the Cold War (literally born at the halfway point of it). Russia was part of quite a few everyday conversations.

Russia seems to want to return to the Cold War era, but this time it will be teamed up with China.

Communism vs. Capitalism part II. Nothing more, nothing less.

The only difference between this Cold War and the prior Cold War is that America has a ton of investment in China. Russia's manufacturing base, etc.. is still awful and their only export of note is oil.

What's amazing to me is that Russia's economy is still very, very undiversified and very reliant on fossil fuel and that in the 30 years post 1991, there has been very little to improve Russia's economy for those other than the Russian Oligarchs.

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Posted in: Ohtani wins 6th straight start, triples in Angels' 7-1 win See in context

I can only imagine how good Ohtani's numbers would be with a better bullpen behind him (Iglesias is really struggling this season) and some more protection behind him (Trout is once again on the mend and he's the only real threat besides Ohtani). If Ohtani replicates this type of season next year, he's looking at at $50million a year contract. Don't believe me? The Mets shelled out $130 million for 3 seasons of Max Scherzer. Ohtani will be valued higher provided he doesn't get injured.

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Posted in: Mayweather to face MMA fighter in Japan exhibition See in context

Surprised Jake Paul hasn't signed a contract with Mayweather. I'm sure it would be a huge Youtube type of spectacle....for idiots who still like Jake Paul and Mayweather. There's a market for everything, I guess.

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Posted in: Japan tops world tourism ranking despite COVID restrictions See in context

Japan's aging population, combined with its pension system, requires some sort of influx of tax revenues for the government to sustain its pension system. Those tourism dollars and associated sales taxes and hotel taxes were probably doing a solid job of ensuring the pension system doesn't go totally bankrupt.

If you're Western tourist who wants a bit of culture shock, but not worry about someone stealing your wallet or getting some sort of gastrointestinal issue, then Japan's a solid place to go.

It's safe, clean, trains are incredible. The issue is overcrowding and lack of English.

I went to Japan the first time in 1997. The lack of credit card acceptance and poor ATMs was demoralizing. Japan made a lot of necessary progress from 1997 - 2015 or so.

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Posted in: China slams U.S. Asia strategy as Biden visits S Korea, Japan See in context

Gotta love China. They manage to tick off 3 countries simultaneously. Han supremacy at its very finest.

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Posted in: China blasts U.S., Japan rhetoric ahead of Quad summit See in context

So China hasn't invaded anyone in a long time. Well, it's because they weren't able to.

Don't conflate unwillingness to invade with the inability to invade.

Now that China has the second largest military on Earth AND has increased in 15% in two years AND throw in the fact that China didn't 'invade' Tibet, Mongolia, Hong Kong and didn't have regional skirmishes with India. Combined that with a pretty aggressive stance towards the Indo-Pacific and you have a global need to make sure that China doesn't try to unilaterally 'enforce' its 'vision of a greater China' (see the South China Sea). Just ask the Philippines.

Oh and let's not forget that China DID try to invade Japan at least twice and they lost both times. In terms of 'containment', let's also talk about China's overfishing of pretty much everyway they claim as 'theirs'.

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Posted in: Beijing closes 10% of subway stations to stem COVID spread See in context

There's some performative drama here all for the sake of the CCP. CCP conveniently allows the Western media images about how stringent they are in addressing COVID so that the CCP can say 'we've always been hyper-vigilant about this, it's because you Westerners caused COVID in the first place is the reason why it became a pandemic'.

Kind of like how the CCP trumpeted how awesome they built those hospitals in a few weeks due to the great engineering of the CCP and the great work ethic of the CCP-inspired people. It backfired since the immediate question became 'if you have COVID under control, why do you need to build the hospital so fast?'.

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Posted in: Scholz says Germany seeks closer ties with Indo-Pacific See in context

China and the islands make a pact and all of a sudden the colonial powers get their knickers in a twist. Meanwhile China has to put up with American military in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, SE Asia and Pakistan? 

So...China does NOT have a colonial past or present? So, what do you call Mongolia, Tibet and Hong Kong? Just part of the 'larger Sinosphere'? And all 3 just magically wanted to 'join' in the CCP fun?

The selective, self-serving moral outrage (almost always coming from a Western European or someone from the non-US Anglosphere) and the blame America first attitude makes me nauseous.

The U.S. is the world's police and everyone loves to hate the police until they need the police.

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Posted in: Lotte pitcher Sasaki sets Japan record by striking out 13 consecutive batters See in context

My gosh, the J-haters are out in full force today. Sasaki is 20 years-old and possesses a 100 mph fastball, which is quite rare even in the States. Just enjoy the moment people, sheesh.

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Posted in: Japanese government calling on citizens to drink more milk…again See in context

For a good, extra sharp cheddar cheese, it takes one year of aging - which is perfect for using excess milk and it gives plenty of time for the marketing arms of cheese producers to get the word out. Getting cheddar cheese in Japan is difficult enough, sharp and extra sharp cheddar is like finding hen's teeth.

Otherwise, Japan's cheese 'selection' consists of rubbery slices of Velveeta like quality, 'pizza' cheese with some concoction of something like mozzarella that is shredded and overpackaged wasabi cheese. Wasabi cheese is good, the rest of the cheese in Japan is severely lacking.

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Posted in: 2nd black box of crashed China Eastern plane recovered: state media See in context

I have a sneaky suspicion that what will be reported by the Chinese authorities will be something along the lines of 'the sole cause of this tragedy was poorly made American aircraft.'

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Posted in: Japan beats Australia 2-0 to qualify for World Cup See in context

I streamed the whole game. Truthfully, the score is not that indicative of how dominant Japan was. If not for a couple of Minamino shots that hit the woodwork, the score could've been much worse.

In the last 10 matches with Australia, Japan has 6 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss.

That's a very dominant run

Hopefully, Japan can advance past the round of 16 this time

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Posted in: Master brewer teaches tradition to rivals, sake brewer heirs See in context

Sake sales are gaining steam in the U.S. and the Americans who drink sake actually appreciate the process and are - for Americans - a pretty particular group of people. If these sake producers (and their marketing teams) do it right, there's plenty of demand in America for premium hopefully this 'growth mindset' holds and sake culture spreads. These smaller sake producers truly need to band together a bit to help promote their brands overseas like a manufacturer's co-op.

'Kobe beef' on the other hand, in a lost cause.

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Posted in: Kishida, Yoon agree to improve Japan-South Korea relationship See in context

The headline alone is progress. At least Yoon publicly admitted he wanted better ties and said 'future oriented'. This is light years better than his predecessor, who had no reservations when stating virtually everything in terms of conditional terms like 'when Japan fully realizes its past mistakes will the relationship prosper' or something along those lines.

However, this was not the defining issue of Yoon's platform, so he might just reverse course when things get tough since Japan-bashing almost always guarantees a bump in approval polling.

Interestingly, China seems to be helping unite Japan and Korea. Funny how that works.

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Posted in: China to raise defense spending by 7.1% to $229 billion See in context

A country doesn't increase military spending by close to 15% over two years without intentions of using it. Is China really afraid of being invaded? Doubtful.

Is China ramping up for future skirmishes OUTSIDE of China? Likely.

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Posted in: After Beijing Winter Olympics, China eyes World Cup See in context

I thought China invented soccer, no? I mean they did invent skiing.

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Posted in: Teenage skater Valieva in action as fury mounts over Olympic reprieve See in context

Irreparable the IOC members' bank accounts is more like it.

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Posted in: China's naturalized Olympians walk fine line between love and scorn See in context

Ah yes....Eileen Gu. As a American, it's very tiresome to hear some (not all) Asian-Americans vent about being 'perpetual foreigners' in America - yet at the same moment celebrate how Eileen Gu is 'representing them'.

We have a saying in America 'you made your bed, now sleep in it.'

Or, 'you reap what you sow.' Yep, Eileen can have the Chinese money, but she will not see many American endorsement dollars.

So, no sour grapes from me. But, Eileen, if you want you can have the Chinese endorsement money, but don't expect Americans endorsement money.

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Posted in: Debacle on ice: The strange journey of China's Olympic hockey team See in context


Clearly, clearly, you are not someone who has played ice hockey. China doesn't even have a youth sports league in hockey...yet 'look at what they've done in pair skating'. They are two totally different sports. One is a team sport that requires a full 25 man roster, the other is a sport that requires two people who can train 7 days a week and not have to worry too much about injuries (meaning that depth is not usually a concern). China typically does horribly at men's team sports (see: basketball, soccer or 'football') in an international setting. China has been doing the basketball thing for quite some time (see: Yao Ming and the Chinese Basketball Association has been around for 27 years) and they cannot even beat Greece (or Canada) in Olympic qualifiers.

Your admiration for all things Chinese is quite honorable....and consistent.

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Posted in: China's Xi rejects 'Cold War mentality,' pushes cooperation See in context

Let's see here: China originates Covid, pressures the WHO into false disclosures, allows its (potentially infected) citizens to travel outside of the country (while barring domestic travel), provides a crappy vaccine solely for the photo opportunities, and then takes a swipe at the U.S. and 'the West'.

Oh and by the way, protectionism? My goodness, China's protectionism is off the charts.

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Posted in: How China is keeping to its strict 'zero COVID' strategy See in context

So many contradictions from the CCP. Remember when the CCP gloriously gloated over the building of that hospital in such a short time? Well, the CCP forgot to realize that a non-Chinese audience would ask a follow up question: if COVID is so well contained in China, then WHY did China need to build an entire new hospital in such a short time? Obviously, the CCP never had to answer that obvious question.

Fast forward to today: if 83% of their population is vaccinated against COVID with the amazing SINOVAC and that the CCP clearly has COVID under control, why the need for such draconian measures now?

Say what you will about America, but at least there's a saying 'where there is smoke, there is fire'. Apparently, the CCP just believes the mantra 'if we say it, YOU must believe it.' That doesn't work so well in free and democratic countries.

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Posted in: Business sentiment cautious in Japan as virus fears linger See in context

Is Japan Inc. ever NOT cautious?

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Posted in: EU has little appetite to join Beijing Games diplomatic boycott See in context

Germany cannot live without its exports to China...its second biggest partner after America.

Merkel was a bit of a right winger, but she too had to tip-toe the U.S.-China dispute.

Not surprising that Boris Johnson (the poster child of Brexit) agreed with the Americans, whereas Germany and other EU leaders have vacillated.

I know I am going to sound like a 'Yank', but the EU ought to man up and walk the walk and talk the talk.

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Posted in: Shohei Ohtani: Japan's baseball 'Frankenstein' enjoying monster success See in context

Whiting is practically dripping with gaijin superiority complex when he says 'When you look at Ohtani, the image of the Japanese as physically smaller or inferior people just disappear'.

Seriously? The year is 2021 and Ichiro won the MVP TWENTY YEARS AGO, Matsui won the World Series MVP 12 years ago, Hideo Nomo was an All-Star 25 years ago. I think the HS players in Japan today know full well that they can compete at the highest levels. Ohtani insisted on playing both even when he signed with MLB. If he truly thought of himself as inferior, he would have never even tried to go to MLB, let alone insist on both hitting and pitching. And Japan won the first two World Baseball Classics, the first one close to 15 years ago and the second one over twelve years ago.

I guess they just had to find an old (close to 80 years old) white guy to opine on Ohtani for the sake of the largely white, older MLB audience.

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Posted in: China's Xi warns of 'grim' situation with Taiwan See in context

Here's the point that no one seems to comprehend: the Taiwan straits are incredibly strategic, as is the South China Sea. The Crimea? Not nearly as so.

It IS in the World's best interest (especially economic) that Taiwan remain an independent country (to all the Wumao's out there, yes, Taiwan IS a country). China is intent on using the South China Sea to buy/bully/control the rest of Asia and..the world. China may not want war, but they CERTAINLY want the South China Sea to be fully controlled by China. That way, China will be the World's manufacturer AND the world's exporter AND the world's 'middle man'. China is unlikely to want war, but diplomacy has NOT worked with China (see: Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong). The Wumao's will always counter 'but Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjian are just PART of China anyway, like Taiwan.' Gee....what's next the 9-dash line? I think we see a pattern here.

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Posted in: Tensions grow as U.S., allies deepen Indo-Pacific involvement See in context

China's lying, posturing and aggressiveness have escalated since Pooh Bear decided to appoint himself to a lifetime post. History is clearly repeating itself.

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Posted in: S Korea marks 30 years since 1st public testimony by ex-comfort women See in context

This is not nearly the issue in Korea that many people think it is. I went to the top-5 Korean newspapers (using Google translate) and there was not a single mention of this issue.

While I know that there's a great deal of enmity between Koreans and Japanese, I am not sure that this particular statement is generating that much discussion in Korea.

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