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The boy who cried wolf was finally bitten.

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Turkey is a Dangerous country where there are Violent thugs and murderers around every corner. Japanese should know it. Most of the Terrorists sent to Syria are being sent through Turkey with the Blessing of Turkey. In Syria they are Butchering Syrians including Christians Via Ethnic Cleansing,Raping,Maiming and so on. When these Terrorists return do they become Angels. NO! Tourists are well advised to Travel to safer countries and what happened to these 2 Japanese women is atrocious and shocking and the Blame should be placed on the Turkish Government as they know these Thugs are on the street and who they are. For these few we hear about the Turkish Police and Government will not be talking about other Victims. In this case they had to as the Japanese Government were told about it from the families of the women. Japanese have been robbed on the streets many times also. - See more at:

I'm half Turkish. My parents live in Turkey. I go to Turkey almost every year. I have been to Turkey more than ten times.

Your post is wildly incorrect.

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Posted in: Hokkaido onsen bars Maori woman over her face tattoos See in context

This is indicative of the lengths the Japanese will go to just to avoid any possible confrontation.

Rather than tell tattooed yakuza that they can't come in, it is just easier to have a blanket ban on anyone with a tattoo.

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When I worked at Nova, my neighbour was a labour and immigration lawyer. He asked to see my contract as he wanted to compare it to a client's. After a few minutes he started chuckling and asked "Do you know that this contract is illegal?"

if the biggest eikaiwa in the country (at the time) can get away with it, anyone can.

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