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Posted in: 'Monster police officers' abusing power – what sets them off? See in context

@Christopher, please check to @Uafan's comment ,

From you experience, it seems you still a chance to claim that you are innocent, however asserting innocent in Japan won't come easily, @Uafan's comment said that too.

They'll try to push to make as if you were guilty. They'll make you to admit that you are guilty, and sign some paper.

Seeing your experience that you mentioned earlier

bought the knife off Amazon with a ton of other fishing gear in a tackle box set. It was a real fiasco. It must slipped through the postal system without getting flagged. I did not know about the sword acts law.

For knife, treatment can be really vary, however for your case you were using kitchen knife inside your property for preparing meal, that shouldn't be a problem at all.

Since that kitchen knife were used in your home area. Then it's not illegal, if you are willing to challenge them. 

Official rules pointed that, knives that being produced for preparing meal and used for that purpose, that means you have legitimate reason.

You can check here:



When they ask something, try to confirm whether is voluntarily or not, even they never mention that. When they ask you to go to their office for further questioning. It still could be voluntarily, however when you go with them, basically you agree with them.

And they kept my knife too. Was not getting that back. Nice Buck fillet.

The reason you don't get you knife back because you already sign that statement, which is likely admit that you are guilty and your willing to handover your knife.

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Posted in: Japan Post, Seino to team up on deliveries to counter driver shortage See in context

Driver shortage? Where's Vietnamese driver that can solve this problem? Still struggling in getting driving license and language skill?

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Posted in: Israel seizes Gaza's vital Rafah crossing, but U.S. says it isn't the full invasion many fear See in context

Israel seizes Gaza's vital Rafah crossing, but U.S. says it isn't the full invasion many fear

So that destruction and killing still under acceptable limit by US.

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Posted in: Kyoto government worker assaults coworker for spoiling popular manga series See in context

Kyoto District Legal Affairs Bureau Uji Branch to be somewhere in which all employees have a strong respect for law and order. 

He really know how to show order to his subordinate by kicking his subordinate in chess.

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Posted in: Japan saw over 16,000 deaths from COVID-19 in May-Nov 2023 See in context

How many of those death are unvaccinated?

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Posted in: 'Mount Fuji convenience store' issues apology for bad tourist manners, adds multilingual signs See in context

Many tourists but no tax can collected, that's what they really complain.

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Posted in: LDP eyes usage reports for funds given to lawmakers See in context

Who will watch those funds? Themselves?

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Posted in: Starbucks founder Schultz says company needs to refocus on coffee as sales struggle See in context

So boycott really work, in Japan there so many other chain to go to in Japan.

Such as Doutor, Tully or traditional Japanese kissaten that being run by nice ojisan or obasan




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Posted in: Hamas accepts Gaza cease-fire; Israel says it will continue talks but launches strikes in Rafah See in context

Sahar Abu Nahel, who fled to Rafah with 20 family members, including her children and grandchildren, wiped tears from her cheeks, despairing at a new move.

Just remember occupier was told to those refugee to go to Rafah only for being annihilated, baby, woman and children.


Occupier recently use holocausts to boost moral for genocide? Instead learning for that tragedy not to ever happen again? 


Biggest donor for occupier which is US, gives billions to occupier, when domestic social security is failing. That's really know how to make right priority.


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Posted in: Elderly couple found dead in Tokyo home; heatstroke suspected See in context

There was an air conditioner in the room but only a fan was turned on

If only they turn on the air conditioner, they might still alive.

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Posted in: Police officer drunk driving cases in Japan up over 2-fold for Jan-June See in context

To serve and to protect! Is that really stressful job? If so change another job!

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Posted in: 1.04 million spectators watch Tokyo fireworks festival after COVID hiatus See in context

Finally after long three years awaiting!

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Posted in: Crisis-hit Sri Lanka invites Japan to resume investment See in context

Finally Srilanka figure out how to pay Chinese debt, using Japanese money!

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