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U.S. forces along with their family members in Japan are under heavy scrutiny for poor decisions and actions made by the few selfish individuals who ruin it for everybody else. I am currently on vacation visiting family in Okinawa after serving an enlistment with the Marine Corps. I am Okinawan-American, I went to DOD schools, can speak the local language, and was born and pretty much raised on-island, with the exception of two PCS moves to the States. My father is also a Marine, and still actively serving in Okinawa. At times I feel torn being that I am both Okinawan and American. My first experience of this turmoil was when I was driving through one of the gates and had local protestors scream at me to "go back to America"  in my own native tongue. In one instance, while in my car turning into a gate lined with protestors, a middle-aged female protestor popped out in front of my car causing me to slam on the brakes and honk my horn out of shock, which caused an uproar from her fellow protestors. While that sort of thing only happened to me a couple times so far, I can only imagine what it must feel like for service members who endure this everyday. Okinawans are very peaceful in nature, and being Okinawan myself, I can understand the frustration in the protests especially in light of recent incidents along with incidents from the past, however let us not forget the good things the U.S. military has done for its host nation as well, for example, the annual Special Olympics held on KAB, service members volunteering to fix up local orphanages, programs dedicated to serving the community. In general,  the U.S. military are not bad people, in fact, it is the "10%" that ruin it for the rest of us. People are people, no matter what race, nationality, gender, group, religion, there's the good along with the bad. Please don't think we're all bad...

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