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Posted in: Japan says it will join child abduction treaty See in context

Japanese critics of the Hague convention have previously argued that the country needs to protect women from potentially abusive foreign men.

Rubbish! I know more guys that get frying pans over the head from and parental right abuse here from her! And that is just the guys that can't afford to pay them off... Don't even get me started on how the Japanese guys treat the ladies...

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Posted in: One Direction See in context

Gee I guess you could compare them to Westlife?

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Posted in: ANA, JAL ground Dreamliner fleet after emergency landing See in context

Made in America!

You're right dude... Flying is American...we're ***** nuts. Kitty Hawk.

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Posted in: ANA, JAL ground Dreamliner fleet after emergency landing See in context

Saw this bit... FYI...

This plane is over engineered. When a vehicle is over engineered it has to be micro-managed. If you let your guard down for a minute you have a disaster. That's why two of our space shuttles fell apart. They were over engineered and mismanaged. It's called "technological arrogance."

the airplane is such a quantum leap...mostly electric, composite airframe, new battery type, pressurized to 5000 is bound to have some teething issues, but they need to get on top of it NOW!!!.....

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Posted in: ANA, JAL ground Dreamliner fleet after emergency landing See in context

I will be one of the guys sitting on one (time after time) in 10, 20, 30 years with my grown kids saying... memba the time...

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Posted in: One dead, 900 hurt after heavy snowfall in Kanto-Koshin region See in context

Unreal. 8 INCHES I can see but this... wtf?

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Posted in: Armstrong tells Oprah he doped See in context

I did the same thing when I fooled my parents to go out with the boys... He returned by cutting through a neighbor’s yard and hopping a fence.

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Posted in: Abe rolls out PR, policy strategy using Facebook, Twitter See in context

get ready for a cyber war... lawyers should do okay..

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Posted in: Coming-of-Age Day See in context

I have always said they should bump this up to 30...

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Posted in: From Yu See in context

pay the woman at the end of the table onegaishimas... America is a business domo..

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Posted in: World's oldest woman dies in Japan aged 115 See in context

My wife will be one of these... Very ironic given the highest suicide rate per pop in the world.

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Posted in: 3 murdered in Nagoya house; 4th family member found dead in mountains See in context

Old school business. Until you know the backstory...

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Posted in: Dream flight See in context

An American invention and American pride... we will work it out. No one ever looks at the big picture of what is behind these awesome machines that serve the world. The 747 went through the same thing.

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Posted in: Reaching out See in context

This would be like calling Jerry Maguire: 'Rouge Agent'... Only the Japanese.

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Posted in: 8 mountain climbers still missing See in context

That is so true. I tend to judge these stories in Japan with my Nihonjinron hat on.

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Posted in: Bluefin tuna sells for record Y155.4 mil in Tokyo See in context

Tuna for the ego. Perhaps in another life the fish will have him on a plate,

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Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested in Okinawa for trespassing See in context

“We will fully cooperate with authorities in their investigation,”

Let me help you.... Stick thousands of young single troubled 18-30 yr old guys who don't want to be there (stationed), hated by most of the locals, in another culture on an island, treated like babies with curfews, miss home, depressed from war or droned out with rules, being owned in the military, talking care of another country next to China, missiles lobbed over your head by NK, ....with too many beers... and check your local crime stats-- then Google drunk Japanese man/men on YouTube.

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Posted in: 8 U.S. sailors sue Japanese gov't, TEPCO for lying about radiation See in context

Peter Payne nailed it.

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Posted in: The gang's all here See in context

you can say that again... and again and again and again:

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Posted in: Ready to take over See in context

I must say I will hold the wisecracks and jokes on this one. Looks like a good balanced match. I hope something comes of it with Abe's second time around too... I see a slight glimpse of hope.

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Posted in: Convenience store employee stabbed in botched Christmas eve robbery See in context

the standard criminal outfit and profile after a robbery in Japan: around 170cm in height, wearing a black down jacket, black pants and a white surgical mask.

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Posted in: Cruise goes back to what he does best in 'Reacher' See in context

Loved him in Collateral... Will give this a go despite critics and character mis-match... Lee Child's Reacher (6'5) books are *** awesome as well...

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Posted in: Hollywood responds to deadly school shooting by pulling films See in context

this below is 100% intelligent and logic... thx tkoined2

Log onto Fox, ABC, CNN, CBS and NBC... the whole front US page is shootings... two cops got killed in Kansas yesterday from a punk with a gun... outside a store. Country is nuts... Oh and log onto TMZ if you want to see rappers fighting and busting caps.

Look America. Sit down, wake up, pay attention and read the following.

TV shows don't kill people! Guns do! People with access to guns do! You are not going to stop a single thing by taking a TV show off the air on Sunday.

If you really want to help out Hollywood. Help us convince these bone headed fools who insist that having guns in the hands of people is a good idea. BAN GUNS. All guns. Assault rifles and hand guns 100% ban. Hunting guns, should be required to be stored at national gun storage places where they can be checked on with limited ammunition for licensed hunters who have passed tests to assure they are safe users.

Ban ammunition sales by any shop other than national gun storage sites. And then only for use in on site target shooting, sporting events or for hunters in very limited quantity.

Ok, so you can't ban crazy or evil people. But the simple fact is that a mad man with a knife is not going to kill anywhere near as many people in an attack as a madman with a bag full of guns and ammunition. Take away guns, you take away the chance of someone doing this much harm.

Enough is enough now. Ban guns and stop giving the topic lip service. Only when guns are gone will these stories diminish

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Seriously. Roses??? I guess you guys are not aware of the symbolism, meaning and history of this flower. But this is Japan... and back to the same grind.

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Posted in: Man kills mother, then 26 at Connecticut school, including 20 kids See in context

This is the last straw that broke the camel's back. Kiss the guns or bullets goodbye and after hearing Obama I can see the right to bear arms going bye bye or super strict laws---FEDERAL. Good riddance to the 18th Century. Now that is CHANGE.

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Posted in: N Korean rocket passes over Okinawa; U.N. Security Council to meet See in context

this comment is classic. Sorry sensitive guy.

According to CNN:

North Korea says its rocket has successfully put a satellite into orbit, state-run Korean Central News Agency says.

The article continues with an interview with a NK spokesman who said, "In fact, it wasn't a simple satellite, it was a SPACE STATION - and it has a Jacuzzi and a 50-meter tall statue of Kim Jong Il made entirely from gold! And a laser - a "space laser." Why are you all walking away? Pay attention, I'm talking here! Wait 'til you hear about the Stairway to Heaven!"

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Posted in: N Korean rocket passes over Okinawa; U.N. Security Council to meet See in context


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Posted in: Good luck See in context

Would love to see a foreigner on a Harley and the reaction...

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Posted in: Osaka politician has man arrested for peeing on his campaign poster See in context

way to coincidental... and the the Internet triggers were ready.

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Posted in: Commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan dragged into Petraeus sex scandal See in context

YuriOtani... there is a lower house DIET guvt quarter building (bar/rooms) alone in Akasaka that caters you name it to the politicians... Mistresses, hostesses, private parties, security with no CCTV... Do your homework before you bash.

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