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Posted in: 4 teenagers arrested over death of acquaintance See in context

I'm just curious as to how the heck this is manslaughter?? They beat him to death early in the morning.. that's not an accident or anything near it... It's not like they tripped and mistakenly beat him up on the way down. This just bothers me.

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Posted in: Pregnant woman, 7-yr-old girl killed after car hits schoolchildren in Kyoto Pref See in context

If he was in the US he'd be an adult and charged as such. He deserves exactly what he gave that poor little girl and that pregnant woman(I feel horrible for them and their family...) Death or life in prison which we all know will not happen. One stupid "kid" who shouldn't have been driving killed those 3 people and hurt others badly, all because there wasn't anybody there to stop him and his friends. If anything his parents should be charged if he gets off of this easily.

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Posted in: AKB48 candy ad criticized for encouraging homosexuality See in context


The commercial may encourage homosexuality

.... I have to ask, how the heck can you encourage homosexuality? That's suggesting it's something you choose. From what I can tell anybody that happens to be a homosexual is born that way. I've known people that are homosexuals and it's not like they woke up one day and said "Okay.. from now on I'm gay." I just find it funny how this is even a story at all?

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