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Posted in: Tokyo cancels Sumida River fireworks festival for 3rd straight year See in context

People who call out this as stupid decision are same one who criticize government for insufficient measures to curb corona virus spread among citizens. So it seems they can never be satisfied.

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Posted in: Which jobs in Japan have the most and least overtime? Survey investigates See in context

@Monty, you summarized well.

As @TokyoJoe mentioned, change need to come at top level. First (Boss, Manager) should leave office on time and staff will follow the course.

From my point of view, first problem is each employee out of job fear will stay back for just not to be in bad books of Manager and second issue is salary structure in Japan which is designed such that one need to clock in more hours to meet the expenses and other requirements since base salary hardly help to survive forget about desired savings.

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Posted in: Kishida says he is not considering COVID state of emergency for Tokyo See in context

Right decision. SOE is not going to bear any fruit. we experienced from past decisions.

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Posted in: Household electricity, gas bills to rise in March See in context

Hmm. So the utility bills are gonna increase (for sure) well before the (urged) increase in wages.

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"So, despite being a Permanent Resident, working in Japan, paying tax here, owning property here, having my family here, I have to go to the "Visit Japan Web" to return to my home. Yeah, can't wait to "visit".

This pandemic has made it perfectly clear that the Japanese government considers all non-Japanese people to be tourists, even those who have built their entire lives here."

I would say it would be naive enough to assume gaikokujin (foreigners) will be treated same as native Japanese irrespective of their resident status or years of stay or economic status in Japan.

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Posted in: China warns Olympics diplomatic boycott nations will 'pay a price' See in context

Although I never support China but they way they are handling extremism is need of hour. Needless to mention Europe already lost to similar influx of illegal migrants.

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Posted in: Pfizer already working on vaccine targeting Omicron: CEO See in context

How come Pfizer, Moderna, JJ already started developing omicron vaccine when scientists across the world are still in a process of collecting sufficient data and decoding the mutations.

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Posted in: China urges Japan to support Beijing Olympics See in context

Although I strongly oppose China's encroachment mentality towards neighboring nations and it need to be dealt with iron hand but banning Olympics is like snatching an opportunity from all the sportsman of respective nations who are practicing for years and ban is not the apt solution.

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