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Posted in: Japan's total COVID cases top 20 mil since start of pandemic See in context

@Ali Rustom

could you also post the percentage ratio as per population

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Posted in: India, Japan plan more military drills to strengthen ties See in context


You have nailed it my friend! IF Japan feels unsafe, they can leave Quad and join Hands with their Highest trading Partner

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl dies after being left in bus for 5 hours See in context

I usually leave all my car windows when parked ,down by an inch or so in summer ,so the inside temperature doesn’t go up by much

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Posted in: Foreign employees at Lawson claim unfair treatment such as forced sushi and Christmas cake purchases See in context

Don’t know about Family Mart but a fellow Japanese said the same thing about 7/11

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Posted in: China warns Asian nations to avoid being used as 'chess pieces' by big powers See in context

Look who is preaching ,The country which is mainly responsible for Sri Lanka's Bankruptcy

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Posted in: Japan eases border restrictions, starts visa procedures for guided tours See in context

Why can’t other countries make similar rules for Japanese travelers ,

foreign policies are usually reciprocal

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Posted in: NPA urges police to avoid impression of racial profiling in questioning people See in context

I was stopped at a station first time in Japan after living here for 40 years,The young policeman came running after me as I was about to take the subway exit

He asked for my Gygin card which I showed politely,He wantd to take down the ID Number for which I refused,I told him you have seen it and its genuine,plus told him that I have been in Japan more thean you age young Man,he just blushed and let me go

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Posted in: EU to seek China rethink over Russia ties See in context


I think the G20 this year is in Indonesia, and Indonesia is not the worlds largest democracy,it is India

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Posted in: Ratings for NHK's year-end 'Kohaku' music show hit record low See in context

Current population of over 65 here is 36.8% that explains the viewership of only 34.3%

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Posted in: Police sergeant disciplined for stealing about ¥200 from shrine donation box See in context

Is this one not similar

Japanese man gets arrested for stealing 30 yen (US 27 cents) from Shinto shrine’s collection box | SoraNews24 -Japan News-

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Posted in: Japan considers letting more skilled foreign workers stay indefinitely See in context


Even they wont come due to low wages ,dicriminartory re-entry restrictions on foreigners,

They prefer even Africa where they get more money,respect and a friendly enviroment

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Posted in: Nations strike climate deal with coal compromise See in context


Here is another fact related to CO2 ,

Oil Consumption by Country - USA ...934 gallons/per capita

Japan 481/per capita

India 51.4/per capita

Since all humans on this earth are entitled to clean air why only a handful of people have the right to pollute more than others

If all countries had their own Air space (Not in territorial terms) which coutries will have the most polluted air!

answer is evident

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Posted in: Nations strike climate deal with coal compromise See in context



who creates the volume,the people their lifestyle,their consumption and wastage of natural resources ,eg plastic,

By per capita USA and Japan are the biggest polluters

they cannot just point out the volume without any relationship to the population of that country

india should never budge against these selfish demands from other much more polluting countries

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Posted in: Nations strike climate deal with coal compromise See in context


see for yourself which countries are biggest polluters

divide the figure with population and you get the real answer

it should be based on size of the country and population

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Posted in: Kishida pledges $10 bil to aid Asia's zero emission path See in context

I think this seems a great intiative

One Sun One World One Grid - UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) at the SEC – Glasgow 2021 (

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Posted in: Japanese university developing coronavirus vaccine in form of a nasal spray See in context

"Other countries also doing the same thing"

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals on Monday announced that it has entered an exclusive long term strategic partnership with Canadian biotech firm SaNOtize Research to manufacture, market and distribute its breakthrough Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray (NONS) for Covid‐19 treatment in India and other Asian markets.

It expects to launch the nasal spray this year under the brand name 'FabiSpray' in India. ''The Phase III clinical trial for NONS is expected to be completed, followed by commercial launch under the brand name FabiSpray in India, by fourth quarter of the calendar year 2021,'' Glenmark said in a filing.

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Posted in: Kikkoman wants soy sauce to be the 'ketchup of India' See in context

Too much salt in soy sauce

I avoid it as far as possible

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,168 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 20,031 See in context

Yesterday I guessed 2,950-3100,Damn!

missed it by a little

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Posted in: Boxes of unused COVID-19 medical goods dumped at Tokyo Olympics See in context

What was the cost of these items? I bet they were 10 times more than standard price,

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,909 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 17,713 See in context

I guess tomorrow's numbers between 2,950 to 3,100

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Posted in: Illegal amounts of overtime going on at 37% of Japanese companies in government inspections See in context


GDP per hour work

Luxembourg.US$93.4 No 1.

Japan. US$41.19 No. 20

Iceland is No. 19

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 4,220 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 21,570 See in context


Simple reason, today is 24th ,people are broke ,tomorrow salary day, just see the increase in same Shibuya tomorrow onwards especially this weekend

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Posted in: Tens of thousands of children to be allowed to attend Paralympics See in context

"Do these children have to buy tickets or its free"

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Posted in: Immigration agency admits to mistreatment of Sri Lankan before her death See in context

Interesting article from 10 years ago

Niconico News, May 23, 2011 (updated May 31, 2011)

The chief prosecutor in the Saga City Agricultural Co-op case, now known to be a frame-up, spoke at a symposium held in Tokyo on May 23, 2011, offering a revealing discussion of the surprising reality of the training he received when he joined his department. “We were taught that yakuza and foreigners have no human rights,” he disclosed, and “public prosecutors were taught to make up confessions and then have suspects sign them.” Describing how terrifying this warped training system is, he added that “after being trained in that way, [he] began to almost believe that this was natural.”

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Posted in: Japan starts giving COVID-19 shots to citizens temporarily returning See in context

"In Vietnam where inoculations have not progressed, many people are feeling the inconvenience as they are restricted from going out,"

I think Vietnam is a typing mistake , instead of another country, any ones guess!

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Posted in: Kono says gov't trying to reach young adults to combat vaccine misinformation See in context

I think me and my wife (Under 60) are really lucky because my Sons, Foreign Company (Gaishikei)

arranged and executed the vaccination for all staff and family members as soon as the government allowed companies in June ,

1st shot in Late June and second last week.

Really thankful !

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Posted in: Bach admits 'sleepless nights' over troubled Tokyo Olympics See in context

Virusex: "I would say this is product of a guilty conscience" but some people like him don't even have a Conscience

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Posted in: Fewer than 1,000 VIPs may attend Olympic opening ceremony See in context

V.I.P. "Very Irresponsible Person"

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Posted in: IOC offers medical help for Tokyo Olympics See in context

By Looking at what Money is doing with our lives, I wonder if the letter "k" was missing in the word Money?

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Posted in: 50 LDP lawmakers urge local members to oppose separate surnames See in context

There is an old saying"WHAT'S IN A NAME"

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