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Give me a break!

Does this Iraqi assume the Japanese government is ignorant about the situation in Iraq? It is the former Baath party that teams up with Daesh (ISIS) militants and enabled the latter to occupy part of Iraq and Syria. Christians, Yazidi etc. certainly, and maybe Kurdish people, deserve to refugee status, but not Baathists - they are still part of persecutors.

It could be safe for hims to be in Japan but it is not safe for Japan to accommodate him.

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife leaves Japan to appeal to French gov't; prosecutors want her questioned See in context

"Even if she did receive loot that her husband looted... how can it ever be proven by Japanese prosecutors that she knew where the money was from and if she knew it was potentially ilegally obtained?"

Could Marie Antoinette be innocent because of her ignorance about from where the luxuries of Versailles came from? Well, the difference between Louis XVI and Mr. Ghosn is the former had an authority to waste money for feasts in Versailles, while the latter used the money which he was not supposed to use.

Unfortunately, money and fame changed them.. he wanted to be a French king (without paying tax to French government)..

I have a sympathy with Ms. Rita, who had supported his former (and reportedly abusive) husband to be a big man. Her Lebanese restaurant was nice, even though it was a bit expensive.. It was a good effort to introduce Lebabese culture to Japan, and way better way to make money than stealing money from the company...

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