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mysteriousneo comments

Posted in: Suicide jumpers disrupt train services at Gotanda, Shinjuku See in context


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Posted in: Behind the scenes See in context

I like your dress.

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Posted in: Man arrested after 2 young daughters found dead in car See in context

After few years Japan's average population age will be 50 years.

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Posted in: Having their say See in context

Nice banner.

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Posted in: A message for Noda See in context

These people only know how to design slogans and banners. The energy need of world is increasing day by day. Firstly they should understand that Japan is not rich in non-renewable energy resources like coal, petroleum, gas etc. Therefore they have to import it. And yes Japan can import them. But these resources are limited and will certainly end in future. Secondly use of these non-renewable resources cause pollution and increase the greenhouse gases, therefore is bad for environment in long term. Therefore the only options left are natural resources like hydro-energy, wind-energy, solar-energy, bio- diesel. The utilization of these natural resources is expensive and still yields is very low. Therefore the last option is the other green-energy called nuclear energy. This has the potential to fulfill the energy needs of the world and can be seen as a future prospect. I understand that incidents like Fukushima and Chernobyl are enough for people to criticize nuclear power. However these incidents are very rare and we should take a lesson from these incidents and should implement and promote the nuclear safety standards rather then doing protest or criticizing nuclear energy.

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Posted in: Baby left in car dies while mother plays pachinko See in context

Its not negligence. It is a murder. The same charges should be applied.

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Posted in: U.S. Sikhs say bigots confuse them for Muslims See in context

I guess there is something wrong going on in US. This is not a hate or anger towards any religion or community . We have seen such cases even in school, universities, in which even white people were killed. Its too much now. Firstly Government should pay attention that what is the root cause behind this sick mentality. And if they find the problem then the reconstruction should start from school level. Secondly I don't understand why the government allows such devastating weapons to people.

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Posted in: Fukushima nuclear plant workers face stigma, threats See in context

We should not blame workers for this disaster. They are the people actually working for us in such tough conditions. They know its fatal for them but still they are giving their best. We should motivate them instead of blaming. The actual culprit are Tepco management and Japan government. Potentially they didn't have any plans to handle such crisis.

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Posted in: Agony and the ecstasy See in context

Good luck for the next time.....

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Posted in: Can't bear it See in context

This is really bad. What happened to Ueno zoo management ? are they waiting for bear to die of the heat? This is equivalent to put a human at 100 deg C in a steel chamber. Its pity, please do something.

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Posted in: High hopes See in context

Best of luck to Japan's Olympic team. We are proud of you guys..... give your best.......

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Posted in: Japanese model uses her half-naked body to tweet to fans See in context

Half naked please!? 1000 followers is tiny!

gogogo, why do you copy her picture?

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Posted in: Bus nap See in context

Perfect utilization of space.

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Posted in: What would they do without their cell phones? See in context

Japanese are addicted to cellphones. They live in a their own virtual world. I know all Japanese reading this comment will dislike it. I apologize but it is the truth. This is very harmful for society in long term.

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Posted in: New registration system for foreigners starts in Japan See in context

FYI, This time the Alien Registration card can be used up to your visa expiry date. However its up to one if he/she want to apply for the new resident card before their visa expiry date.

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Posted in: No charges over Ghana deportee's death in Japan See in context

For Japan foreigners are Aliens not humans. Officially they treat them like that. When I came to japan, I was surprised to hear that resident card to be named as "Alien Registration Certificate". It shows their mentality.

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Posted in: Indian father beheads daughter over extra-marital affairs See in context

Singh?? Ah, yes a Sihk name

David FYI, this Singh is not Sikh.....

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Posted in: Yen eases on IMF intervention comments See in context

People like me working here in Japan want $1.00 to be as ¥60.

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Posted in: 2 arrested after teenage girl dies in 'exorcism' See in context

I thought this only happens in countries where literacy rate is too low... But advance countries like Japan are also suffering from it...

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Posted in: NHK employee arrested for taking lewd photos with shoe camera See in context

"He said the activity was a form of stress relief for him. "

Japanese stress relief exercises are very good...... lol :)

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Posted in: Japan says no key data lost in cyberattack; China denies responsibility See in context

cos a new breed of hackers is coming from china.... I don't consider it bad. Take preventive measures for your systems.

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Posted in: Coffee break See in context

JapanGal, its about the above pic not ur pic..... u r good too...

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Posted in: Japan says it has caught 195 whales in northwest Pacific See in context

Everyone know that how many of 195 whales went to lab and how many went to restaurants..... I think Japan should low down this number as early as possible to save this endangered species. Else the day is not too far when we will only see whales in pictures.

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