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Posted in: Japan leads G7 with COVID-19 vaccination rate of nearly 76% See in context

Big lie. Both France and Canada have made more vaccinations population-wise.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing 2-year-old girl See in context

Title is wrong: abusing and assaulting are two very different things.

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Posted in: Japan passes 50% fully vaccinated rate, nearing level of European nations See in context

Most of Europe is at 60+% already and will be at 70+% by the end of September. There is no way Japan can catch up.

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Posted in: Japan to begin discussions on 3rd COVID-19 vaccine shots this week See in context

It's "weird" that they are only starting to discuss it given that they already ordered those shots per a previous article.

Just a way to pretend they are doing something by holding those "debates" where the decision was already made.

Source: https://japantoday.com/category/national/japan-orders-150-million-doses-of-novavax-covid-vaccine

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for assaulting restaurant worker See in context

0.88 mm per 100 ml

Limits are either calculated in mg per mL of blood, or in mL per L of breath.

Millimetres (mm) make no sense here.

Also mL is the correct spelling since the SI unit is L.

Moderator: The story has been corrected.

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Posted in: Boxes of unused COVID-19 medical goods dumped at Tokyo Olympics See in context

"We did not instruct each venue what to do in advance,"

What about common sense? Do people need to be told what to do all the time, can't they think by themselves and stop being robots?

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Posted in: Coronavirus infections in Tokyo outstrip hospital capacity to treat patients See in context

It's criminal that hospital are allowed to refuse patients. It is the first country I hear it to be a thing.

It seems to be a clear violation of the Hippocratic Oath that all medical doctors are supposed to uphold.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 82-year-old mother after laundry argument See in context

ShinkansenCabooseToday 05:52 pm JST

The Pension, Health, and Kaigo/Nursing system is fantastic in Japan.

No, it is an absolute joke. Try any other European country for comparison.

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Posted in: Gov't expands COVID quasi-state of emergency to 8 more prefectures See in context

J-gov: young people (i.e. underage) are causing the outbreak

Also J-gov: let's stop serving alcohol (which they already can't drink).

What we need is proper testing (not just 10k a day in Tokyo for instance),proper enforced rules for quarantines, more beds in hospital, more vaccines.

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Posted in: Amazon to launch 'Lord of the Rings' series in September 2022 See in context

If they base it on the Silmarillion and the Book of Lost Tales it could be a nice complement to the movies. There is some good materials for epic stories there. However if it is pure invention "inspired by" then I'll pass and stick with the books.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,709 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 12,014 See in context

I wish the article writers would stop reporting "ups" and "downs" from the previous day. It is meaningless.

Instead, they should report the amount from the previous week (same day of the week).

Fortunately the linked document has more useful information such as the change of the 7-day moving average (which today is 189%, quite a steep increase).

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Posted in: Outdoor drinking party in athletes village being investigated See in context

Take the medals away from all that break the rules.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,058 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 10,177 See in context

@1glenn not really because Japan is also testing much less. You can't find all cases if you don't test enough.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics CEO says COVID cases at Games 'within expectations' See in context

30,000 daily tests in the Olympics and less than 10,000 for over a year in Tokyo, only recently going over 12,000 from time to time.

Thanks for being clear that you don't care about Japanese residents (and tax payers), mister Muro.

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Posted in: French boxer sits on ring apron in protest after DQ loss See in context

@Vinke Where in this article is it written that he has broken the protocol? Non-violent protests are authorized per the playbook.

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Posted in: Officials in Tokyo alarmed at lack of sense of crisis as virus cases hit record highs See in context

self-isolating at designated hotels

This is a bad decision, because it breaks the so-called bubble. This is a recipe for having the virus spread from athletes to hotel personnel then to the public.

Instead they should have reserved a wing in the Olympic village for isolating those athletes, inside the same bubble.

This shows that organizer while somewhat caring about athletes don't care about Japanese residents at all.

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Posted in: 8-year-old boy suffers fractured skull after being hit by mini-truck while returning home See in context

A 8-year old kid should not walk alone so early in the morning. Parents are irresponsible.

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Posted in: 1st case of COVID-19 detected in Tokyo Olympic Village See in context

@Raw Beer

Ivermectin doesn't cure nor protect against COVID. The only "study" that was going in that direction has recently been proven to be mostly a fabrication.

The best protection for oneself is still to get vaccinated, and towards other to wear a mask and observe social distancing.

Back to the article, it is not a surprise that a few cases will be found in the Olympics village. Despite best intents, it is bound to happen. What matters is how it will be handled by all parties (JP gov, IOC, athletes).

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Posted in: A greener Olympic Games? Tokyo 2020's environmental impact See in context

I'm afraid it is just a front.

One of the task as a volunteer that I learned about will be to use huge printers to print the result (and other documents) of each sports in hundreds of copies, which are then sent to delegations and the press.

The exact same data could have just been compiled on a computer and sent through an app, (e.g. email) avoiding the waste of tons of paper and ink.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,149 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,194 See in context


Deadly case are the most important.

If we got this virus but can easily recover, it’s like influenza.

Not it's not. I personally have two members of my family that got COVID. While they are out of danger, they still have long-lasting symptoms such as partial loss of taste/smell and shortness of breath. In particular, damages to the lungs are usually irreversible.

This is known as "long covid" and is going to cause a lot of issues for a lot of people in the coming years, and cost a lot of money to the healthcare systems.

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Posted in: Chinese athletes complain about lax virus measures at Tokyo Olympics hotel See in context


It is not realistic to keep the Olympic athletes in a bubble like they claimed. The athletes should know that. Also, if they are vaccinated athletes, then they should not care if they are around other unvaccinated or vaccinated people as they are protected against the virus.

That's not exactly how a vaccine works. It doesn't protect you 100% from the virus, you can still catch it and you can still transmit it to other people (albeit at a lower probability). What a vaccine does, is reduce the virus impact, i.e. the severity of any illness that might result from the infection, since your body can now fight it more efficiently.

So if there are not in a bubble, they can still catch it and test positive which would prevent them from competing.

Despite one might think about China, the athletes make a valid point.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 920 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,191 See in context

@livvy Right I forgot a few might have been given early shots from June 18th. But that's still too late, since it takes 6 weeks from the first vaccination to be fully vaccinated. And June 18th + 6 weeks gives July 30th which is one week the start of the competition.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 920 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,191 See in context

@Akula The volunteers I know have all been vaccinated. It's pretty much part of the deal.

That is very far from the truth. As a volunteer, I can tell you that vaccinations specifically for volunteers started last week (June 28th). The vaccination site for the volunteers is at the old Tsukiji market.

Given that it takes 4 weeks between the two injections and 2 more weeks before the vaccine is fully effective (so 6 weeks total), no a single volunteer will be fully vaccinated before the start of the Olympics, under that scheme (if they were vaccinated with their respective local municipality, it might be different).

In my case, I am only volunteering for the Paralympics so I will be fully vaccinated at that time.

With that said, the vaccination is volontary and not compulsory. Which means a lot of volunteers won't have any kind of immunity, which is worrying.

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Posted in: Europe in vaccination race against COVID-19's delta variant See in context

@virusrex We are no longer in the same situation as in 2020, so the dangers seems lower,

There are more active cases now than in 2020, so the danger is actually higher.

More active cases = higher chances of mutations, more mutations = higher chances for the virus to develop resistance against the current vaccines.

That's why the vaccination campaign is actually a race against time: we need the reproduction number to get below 1 everywhere. Currently, even though about 60% of the UK population has been inoculated, the reproduction number is still above 1.1.

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Posted in: Truck driver admits drinking alcohol before accident that killed 2 children See in context

This wouldn't happen if kids were not forced to walk home in the middle of the afternoon. And if sidewalks were more secured.

Kids should be able to stay in the school premises until their parents come to take them home.

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Posted in: Japan may get herd immunity for COVID-19 by mid-October: study See in context

That's not how herd immunity work. Why would a company let financial analysts give an opinion on health issue (a subject they have no education for) and why would journalists report that nonsense?

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Posted in: Sydney put into two-week hard lockdown as Delta COVID-19 cases grow See in context

Australia showing what needs to be done.

Short lock-downs ensure safety while not impacting the economy too much (since it can resume at full power shortly after).

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Posted in: Athletes on edge with Tokyo Olympics less than 1 month away See in context

The Tokyo Olympics, postponed for a year in response to the coronavirus pandemic, will open on July 23 and close on Aug 8.

No they won't. The Paralympics follows with also big delegations from lots of countries.

So it would be more correct to say that it closes on September 5th. In other words, it is more than a full month of increased risk.

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Posted in: Tokyo Governor Koike hospitalized due to fatigue See in context

@savethegaijin So basically the Olympics organization in Japan is a black company. Hang in there and hope for the best.

International outlets would love to hear about your husband's story. You can anonymously and safely submit his testimony (or yours) using the SecureDrop service. I know The Guardian (UK outlet) has one (just google "the guardian secure drop" or "newspaper securedrop" and follow the instructions).

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Posted in: More companies, universities begin on-site vaccinations See in context

Still haven't received my voucher (or coup or whatever it is called). Why do they not send them all at once since it still requires to book an appointment?

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