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Still pretty at 30 despite the outdated 3D glasses. Maybe I should start watching this.

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With regards to the convenience store shelf coffee, Mt. Rainier came before Starbucks, I believe.

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I don't watch South Park as I don't find it funny. Maybe I'm just one of those uptight people who have a complex sense of humor, but as I said in my comment in the previous article it's all about responsibility. Say something and it is bound to be disagreeable with someone. If you'll be afraid of anything that results with what you say, don't say it. Bleeping is a bit inelegant though.

I wonder if the Muslim population get offended with parodies of Jesus... As far as I know Jesus is a figure in Islam as well.

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How can someone take a joyride on a motorcycle with no key in the ignition? Did he ride it down a hill?

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A little more info sharing might have prevented this. But as malware is improving its stealth methods I guess it was just a matter of time before this happened.

Regarding non-Windows OS, if for instance less people use Windows and more people use Mac OS, Mac OS may have the malware directed at it. That may not be too far behind though.

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A quick Google can get more info on this. I wish they didn't just copy-paste the info from the website though. And the running time would have been useful. In any case, it is rated to run for 1.1 hours at full load using two canisters specified by Honda. I wonder if Daiso canisters will be excluded...

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If people would respect the sensitivities of others then this won't happen at all. Borrowing from the overused line, freedom is a great power, and with it great responsibility.

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Japanese airsoft can be modded into real guns without much trouble.

Took the liberty of editing it.

With regards to the statement, based on my knowledge of airsoft guns and limited theoretical knowledge of firearms, I must say it's false. Airsoft guns are made of either plastic or light metals like brass and aluminum which cannot withstand the forces acting inside a real gun by themselves. If you can actually make it shoot a bullet without blowing up on your face - which requires heavy modification to begin with, it will not be able to fire another round because there isn't any system in place that is remotely similar to the reloading system in semi-automatic firearms. Not to mention the compromised structural integrity. Reminds me of the Cassiopeia issue recently. If you said "airsoft guns can be modded to fire a bullet" I may be inclined to agree.

Back on topic, even airsoft guns operating on the legal limit CAN wound. It may not penetrate your skin but it can draw blood. So the statement in the article is ambiguous at best with regards to the application of the law.

But the worst is a law enforcer not knowing what the law is.

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Banned books?

Thanks for a new to-read list. LOL. But I'll pass on "Twilight." Couldn't get past the first book. Too much teenage insecurity. Maybe a good read for aspiring shrinks?

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Kudos to the man who intervened. The quote from the stabber is scary though. Makes me think thrice of passing through the fields on my bike at night.

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40 officers seem hilariously excessive. I guess they play the "strength in numbers" game as they do not use deadly force. But there are other non-lethal means of stopping a person, like tasers.

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I'll have the one on the left please.

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Let me add, I'm Catholic too. But if anyone feels disillusioned by all this, it's because you're losing faith in organized religion. If you believe in God, you can still continue to believe regardless of the organization you belong too. That's why there are denominations.

In a way, what they are doing may be because they think they should police their own ranks. But then, that really won't sit well with the secular people. That's why I said if they will just use (secular) legal arguments, they better face the music. It's about playing fair.

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If they're going to use legal arguments to get out of it, they should just face the music and cooperate. Innocence is not the same as immunity from suit.

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Posted in: Man, 19, arrested for beating girlfriend's 2-yr-old son to death See in context

Name withheld because he is a minor. Then he isn't considered "a man" under law, right? Contradiction in the headline.

Regarding the story, bruises doesn't usually appear until a couple of days after the act. Still, either the woman was not noticing it or just rationalized it as due to the child falling or something. Regardless, there seems to be a genuine lack of concern.

Where's the love?

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They really should consider looking somewhere else for the cause, be it electronics or the engine itself. If it's not the gas pedal or the floor mat, what is it? It could still be the driver, but not necessarily stepping on the wrong pedal. By experience in software development, the developer will almost always know how to use the program correctly, but the (uninformed) user will almost always do something that will cause the program to malfunction.

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For the untrained, the simple act of pulling the trigger can already make them miss your mark. Especially if it's a long pull. I guess the security officers could count themselves lucky.

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Classic case of "damned if you do, damned if you don't" for the scientists. I hope they don't get complacent. It may be inconvenient to evacuate, but beats the inconvenience of being sucked out to sea by the tsunami.

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I believe looting generally occurs in areas where there is a high population of people living in poverty. Maybe there are people who loot food, but others loot for something to sell, maybe to buy food. Hard to judge them as they aren't in the best of circumstances.

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I guess the pressure on Asada to beat Kim was great as well. At least she wasn't faking a smile on the podium.

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Posted in: Kim Yu-na wins figure skating gold with record score; Asada 2nd See in context

I guess I'll have something to look for online later.

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This is hilarious! Real life IS stranger than fiction!

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Yeah. If it weren't for the old Family Computer/NES I wouldn't buy a PS3 now.

I wonder if the DSi XL NA version will have preinstalled software like in the JP version?

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I wonder if somebody passed gas while passing through...

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This match was supposed to be "must win" as they were tied at 4th. Too bad the stone didn't curl their way.

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"Nerds" usually don't have that much money. The sale is not different from paintings in private collections changing hands. But it still doesn't beat the T206 Honus Wagner baseball card when price is concerned.

I remembered an episode from the old Amazing Stories TV show about a guy who doesn't throw anything away, only to discover that his stuff fetched very high prices when he got older. This shows that for a collection to be practical, you should collect with the mindset to sell them in the future for a considerable price. If not, it will all be just junk taking up space.

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I thought this article would mention that the Sony Reader used to be sold in Japan just a few years back. It eventually went the way of the PDA but the same thing was sold in the US and seems to be popular until now, as shown by new models.

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Posted in: From 'Kill Bill' to Uniqlo, Chiaki Kuriyama shows her killer style See in context

Pretty picture. Seems candid.

"The ideal man for me would be someone who likes anime and manga because I do."

Any other criteria to narrow the pool?

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7-6 isn't so bad against the "world rankings leader" Canada. I didn't get to see the actual match but according to the highlights Canada made some amazing throws.

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Nice shot of a not-so-nice situation. I guess cost of the camera with the lens runs up to the tens of thousands of dollars?

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