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Nadège Moyon comments

Posted in: Japan, 2 other Asian nations warn citizens not to use marijuana in Canada See in context

It is dangerous for the health. Canada in an english kingdom that try to bury reports about real dangers.

People always need more for pain. It is less effective than the usual painkiller on everyday pain, this come with mafia a lot of dead people to win the market.....

Well, this is england going to war through permissive value to make forget they are an outdated monarchy with a very bad reputation growing.

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Posted in: Imperial family members, Abe attend wedding banquet See in context

Some people will have difficulties when dna database will be used to check up the real parenting; or will be relieved. lol

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Posted in: French woman questions Abe, Macron over sister missing in Japan See in context

Reality check : japan did nothing serious and tend to put in the accident case every crime on stranger to not loose its advertising : most secure country in the world to travel.

So they delay the affair. Normally within the week, french cop would have been sent. We are 3 month later and still nothing was done.

We all suspect kidnapping or a sex crime.

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Posted in: Princess Ayako marries in ritual-filled ceremony at Meiji Shrine See in context

I don't Know about the japan dressed wedding code, but the red is universally bad in monarchy.

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Posted in: Tokyo to host 2-day TPP talks from Monday See in context

I am actually surprise not to see France in the TPP list. She has a lot of territory just in the middle of the trade zone.

It is strange.

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Posted in: Tokyo urges Seoul not to erect wartime forced labor statues See in context

This is a about women dignity and respect. This is even about money. They want the sex slave recognition to be at peace. There is no way possible they were not at least some sex slave. And for those victims,Japan should close the deal.

Japaneese don't see them as war sex slave because they were their confort women. But those women did not chose that path even of some did. According to world law, they were war sex slave victims and all victims in the world have the legitimate rights for memorendum statue. Why those women should not be remembered ?

They fight for not to be forgotten like everywhere in the world. French US army sex slave never could even hope for a line in an history book.

Men honor only men martyre but never women sex slavering which is the burden of all women in war. This statue should be in japan in front of the Corea ambassy since this is what corea want for peace.

It will be naturally put at its right place when japan diplomacy will have grown. At this time, Japan will be able to change its constitution to have nuclear weapons because being nuclear request strong diplomacy skills.

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Posted in: Australia PM says Olympic unity won't denuclearize N Korea See in context

Un petit pas à la fois...

There is a beginning for everything even peace. Olympic goal is about giving the corean people as a whole and only people a common dream. Only an intelligent diplomate can understand the strong symbol there is in this reunion.

For the world it is a reminder of the long terme diplomatic engagement UN gave picked for the future of this two countries. The reunion of the two corea is the end of the nuclear conflict. It will be long. But a nuclear power in the hand of a strong democraty is the best security we can offer the world of tomorrow.

Diplomacy is only for today. Sometime we can only build for the long term future and this is a guideline for every meetings to come and insure there is never a set back.

North corean military will be put down because this is the only human or god or intelligent way. The future is not anymore about military ruling but just military protecting and serving peace and freedom.

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Posted in: Romanians apologize to Japan's prime minister over visit See in context

Europe is falling down a bad path where disrespect have touch the eastern part. This is racism problem and pro white movement going underground.

To be honest disrespect is general, but western countries have diplomates to hide it better. The newcomers, they don't understand the real danger of harboring those kind of emotions to foreigners.

The time where the male and even more the white male was the world only ruler is coming fast to an end. Adjust to the changing time is the only way to be part of the peacefull world of tomorrow.

Mr Abe is well groom diplomate who perfectly know how to respond to this kind of US army attitude. Nobody can beat an american who love to be rude in Europe not even an ex soviet country. That what they won from cold war. Let's leave it to seals and Trump.

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Posted in: Court rules Oct 22 general election constitutional See in context

Why it is unconsitutionnal or constitutional ? I worked on constitution ruling in my country and there is no possibility to desagree. Constitution is about science : 2+2 = 4. How can you not all agree on mathematic ?

So on what ground they agreed ? or not ? Justice needs to motive all its ruling.

In democraty, people have to know this is not just a matter of heart but a professional and precise matter where the heart have no place but the one of the justice.

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Posted in: Top court orders state to disclose secret funds papers, without names See in context

Fund transparency is the secret of a good and modern democracy.

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Posted in: Melted nuclear fuel seen inside Fukushima No. 2 reactor See in context

I honestly don't understand why they did not build a sarcophage around them. A big cube tank to isolate for fifty years the whole zone. We have the tools today to build the underground isolation tank. It a heavy ingeneering work but this way they would not have worry about fusion and would have been less expansive in man and yen.

In the future preparing the possibility to lift them and put them under water should be considered

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Posted in: 2 Koreas agree to form first unified Olympic team See in context

I deeply pleased by this move. I strongly advocate and advice about the reunion of both corea in my country diplomacy as a long term hope for asia to end this nuclear conflict. We can't keep a people cut in two part. They need each other and we can't have a north corea so military. It is too dangerous in the world of tomorrow.

Olympic is truly a good start. And since I am french, this french meeting place please me even more.

This is a fresh start and we have to thank D.Trump for having put is foot down on that one. Too many people forget North Corea is Earth worse and first dictature. It is time to work for the end of this open sky prison and think about other system than revolution or military dictature.

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Posted in: Famed music producer Tetsuya Komuro quits showbiz after reports of extramarital affair See in context


Yes, of course, he leave showbiz because of an affair and not because he fraud again. And he loves his wife so much more now even if she still not the wife he married.

Yes, we believe.

In my country, political men who do bad deeds say "I leave" because of tax fraud. We got "canard enchainé" to sweeten the public and not worry him about important people wrong doing. It probably deforms my perception of this so selfless man who sacrify his career for redemption.

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Posted in: Families of abducted Japanese to urge ICC to prosecute N Korean leader See in context

Have you any idea of the horror they have been put under ? Breaking them from the peace they live now could open a pandora box that could kill them.

We don't even know if they stayed in north corea. They is an international market for progeny or women.

North corea was known to be a slave seller.

In general, abductee are sold into slavery and do not stay in the country. If they stay they are put into prostitution for women, and low manual task for men. They are of course tortured to be program to never want to go back to their country.

If they live comfortably in Pyongyang, they are survivors. They only did what necessary to survive. Nobody should be humiliated because he survived to horror show. Dying seems easy, but what they break first is your capacity to kill yourself. Those slave where used to test the japaneese limit in comparaison with other races.

At the time, it was pretty much the same everywhere.

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Posted in: Japan refutes U.S. denial about flight by helicopters over school See in context

Is there not an amend ? Why US military did not go to the school to apologise to the student ? If they do nothing to apologise on the ground to the middleschooler , they will do it again.

A strong amend to give back to the school should be put in order.

In diplomacy, we don't ask, we tell.

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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' last season set for 2019 See in context

Eight seasons ? Good lord time have passed.

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Posted in: Trump threatens Bannon with legal action; cell phones to be banned from White House West Wing See in context

Well Trump is a sane and intelligent man. When they try to go out and help the poor people in the street, they tend to be trashed. Should he change his way of living because middle intelligence people can"t stand to be outweigh.

I believe it is all about jealousy thinking. Bannon thought he could play the president behind the back of the president without him noticing because he would have been to busy with the day to day job. But, every night at 18th o'clock he goes checking on tv the result on his politics. That is what a sane and intelligent quirky man would do.

I don't always agree with Trump on his policy, but I agree on his genius strike.

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Posted in: Cate Blanchett to head Cannes festival jury See in context

After coming to France, she won't be able to defend women rights. It is like coming into a brainwashing country where woman are sure to be free, but never realize they are not. You bet ?

This is a dangerous pro-male country.

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Posted in: Former adult video star Sola Aoi announces marriage to man who's 'not handsome or rich' See in context

I want handsome and rich.

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Posted in: American blogger makes more extensive apology for suicide video See in context

Dumb american kid did what he had to do. It is usual. It is frat kid kind of boys. I don't agree with this behavior in general in male. But, all that matter to me, that he is was able to find a body in a street were people are known to suicide. without breaking a sweat.

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Posted in: Japanese idol singer reveals that she’s pregnant with her manager’s baby See in context

At least they did not put pressure for an abortion.

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Posted in: Trump White House setting turnover records, bracing for more See in context

Trump is an intelligent man. If I remember well, he is the third US IQ. Those men and women work very fast. The team around them is run to the ground if their are not top notch level. Their work 300% percent the normal time without breaking a sweat. That is their normal walk in the park. The turn over is there to find the fastest ones. If they stay they will have good tuition and big bucks standard promotion.

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Posted in: South Korean president meets former 'comfort women' See in context

War sex slave or doll dream sex

Japan just need to recognize, they were sex slave and not prostitute. But they won't because this is recognizing geisha is a prostitute. Japan have many word for their their sex and sexdream dolls. But, in the universal world standard and posterity they will be sex slave. They won't be prostitute. They will not be confort woman because they were a replacement for the wife at home missing only for men. The victims says nor confort woman nor prostitute.

Japaneese men have to understand that those women did not choose to be their wife replacement. The victime were true war sex slave.

That is not the will or intend of the man in charge that matter but what the victim felt about it. This is a universal truth. The future justice for the world and the next japaneese generation are on the victim side.

That is an immortal matter. This was sex war crime in denial.

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Posted in: Japan faces greatest danger since World War II due to N Korea: Abe See in context

Letter to Japan,

I am a bit like an expert about constitution of a constitution from the ground and its effects on the collective soul. It is not about politic but about nature and identity.

From what I saw from Japan since Mr Abe started to want to militarize it, the country is not ready. First, I don't think Japan will be able to refrein itself to go to war to clean problems. Secondly, the future is about ending wars. This is a dangerous collective set back when you already are in the future. Third, it not an eternal "no", but merely a "not yet because".


**The War Game**

You are not able to do real diplomacy and peace talking with your neighbours. What will happen when their will be an armed conflict ? Will you understand the high stakes ? Old men maybe. But the rest of the Japan world ? No. Young men, they love too much wars games to not make the same past mistakes again and not follow the path of war in newspapers.

Remember that you choose to make of war a gameplay. That was possible only because you were pacifique country. I am pretty sure international economic law took this in account to allow your games and products on international markets. US seals are an enough problem but it is a matter under control of himself and UN.

Japan have never been in control of high world stakes, and war machine won't help you get it better. You could have choose the path of india. The neutral and peace path, but you failed. You choose to renew with past war symbols.

Too early, or too late ?

For me, Japan is advanced on the world time. That's what we love and why we buy your products, and less today. US army will protect you, you know that. You can learn to protect yourself with new research and more advanced technology. You are supposed to become a new peace conscience born from nature for the world and help united state to not stray.

If don't stay on the path of peace, you will loose zazen in the world of today. War technology is not about war. It is about a metal spirit age and stage. China is trying to get ride of "metal stage". Introducing metal in you wind is dangerous to hell according to yourself too. You take the rick to put the whole Asia in metal stage strategics while being in nuclear power time.

The world of metal is very dangerous when your into the wind. My country tried to force me to do metal and it did not go well because it is an artefact of a dead past.

What of now ?

This a matter of stages of wise. To be able to handle nuclear weapon you need to have found the world diplomacy wise. Since I've got it , I really well know that japan isn't world wise, because you are not continental wise with your neighbours. My opinion is "you are afraid". They have bigger war powers than you, so you are agressive to proove yourself you are a man not a woman. But China always had a bigger war power so it will solve nothing.

Peace is about building a neutral zone that become the new common ground. Peace is the future that is possible in peace for both country and become friend again. You agree not to be yet but agree on steps to go forward the time of peace and love that is our universal human future. You can't change past pain, but you can forbid your enemy to use it against you and tease you.

After diplomacy peace , holding nuclear power is possible, before you will just make war with your nuclear power or detroyed your male ego because you have not biggest one. The better game is not to play or be sure to be best peace warrior. But according to you last Canne film, Kenchin is not your dream anymore. This is more dangerous than anything because Kimura was famous for his peace dreamy soul.

In the end

You population can't accept the change of constitution without starting to going backward on old time war period. Peace is an evolution, and the next step is the indian neutral zone. This step start when you can BUILD peace with your diplomacy skills without hurting others feelings - women too and foremost. Then, nuclear bomb is really about protection and not about a tool to be the higher bider. It is a stage that Japan have yet to reach.

Your constitution is more advance than your leaders. But going backward is not possible without a collective humanity crime. Time have change, the protophilosophics empirism are against this until you are not in the neutral diplomacy zone where it will a step forward instead of backward.

For all those reasons, I think Japan should give up on his war dream and USA should be more considerate about the dreamers who leaved under their peace constitution. I understand the hate of the united state, but talion is not protestant, Jesus Christ is all about forgiveness to young children. Being a good friend is letting the good conscience of the group growing in wisdom when the war fear is starting. "It was a long time ago".

I understand the long terme concern about north and south Corea, but UN army promise US will take care of the problem before leaving. This is about making both country one again. They need the south human part to become the whole corean heart of asia. So be an advocate of peace and reunion, this is their worst fear and enemy: not having an enemy.

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Posted in: Meryl Streep: 'I wasn't deliberately silent' on Weinstein See in context

It is always easy to say afterward. But it not easy to imagine someone you know is pedophile or a rapist. Denial is always greater than truth.

This is not about being an hypocrite, but more about being a courageous humain being in front of the truth no matter insane she can become at your own eyes.

And don't underestimate the difficulty about it when you can't even stand to be told your mom and dad sucks.

Carpe diem,


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Posted in: 3 of Hoffman's accusers explain why they decided to talk now See in context

"Was not one"

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Posted in: 3 of Hoffman's accusers explain why they decided to talk now See in context

If I can permit, even if he was a good actor he was not great. And may be that's why he was one of greatest US actors. Nonetheless I am surprise because you can't watch the same way an actor that have fallen from the stars, so I can't understand how a victim can stand to watch him again.

Carpe diem,


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Posted in: Trump warns China 'warrior Japan' could take action on N Korea See in context

There is little chances that japan could take the matter in his own hands.

This is now a UN matter, so it is a USA matter after making urge diplomacies mistakes.

It will be a USA nuclear surgeon strike, if there is a matter at hand.

Trump is just trying to help the end of a non nuclear japan to be allowed - which is not his priority - to bring USA nuke on Okaïdo. The only thing that matter to trump is trump.

Actually, Japan is not in a good shape to be able to change his constitution. Abe have lost control on his extrem right side as much as in himself as in his party as in his country. I don't see Japan no going to war if a nuke came into their hands. They don't handle well diplomacy provocation. As soon as you have this power into your hand, it takes time to come back to yourself and remember diplomacy is hard but the real easy way. We don't have that kind of time to give to Japan.

The corean problem is handled by the world UN level. What does that mean ? It's meaning that you need to have world security level to be able to handle the problem. Russia, USA, France are in charge. North Corea is a world nuclear security risk. She has stolen technology through awful means and is trying to give it to insane religious people. She has an insane leader at his top.

Trump is just using a nuclear japan to put pressure on China, and by selling the nuclear future of japan keeping it close as a friend and on his side against North Corea.

When it will be a time of peace, we will talk about changing japan constitution. But, in a time of crisis ? It would be a stupid diplomacy move of UN.

We still don't have the position of your emperor on that matter and his son would be ill advise to put his first priority on war but peace.

We all have an history. Japan have a bad one. Getting the world trust back - or keeping it - should be his only priority.

The world will protect Japan. All our kids love japan and their mangas. This is the best security belt you could have in the world. All our kids crying for yours. Japan is not alone when he is a public member of the good peacefull world. We will always protect our younger human family members who should not have to sell their peace dream for an insane man or two.

Good evening,


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Posted in: Showtime for stars as Cannes film festival kicks off See in context

You forgot you own stars. Last night on the red carpet, i saw Kimura for his new film. I don't remember the name (i know only kenchin peace teacher) and the journalist seems to say that the person who did the film is great too (moderne, first 3Dfilm in Canne ? ).

They talked a lot about Kimura and how he is already famous in Japan.

I see someone with potential for the future on the international screen, if he is put off his misery to have to play like a kid that he is not anymore. He is an intelligent man who need to be form and opened to the high artistic world otherwise he will die like all of my kind in trementous pains. We need to progress toward our DNA and not go backward. We need to do something to progress.

I thought he was near or already a living god. Why keeping him down ? Competitors need to go above themselves and "his kind" toward peace of bouddhism or zazen. It is obvious he does not know what to do with himself and his talent. His talent agency is not international ground, they just wanted the money and him not to grow above their control (according to me). Noone seems to know is intelligent above himself in the artist world or "living god world".

What is happening in Japan ? Do Japan let artist die ? Because he is certainly not living. Gods create. Its is our living soul. What have you given to him to create for the honor of Japan ?

The highest gods are dumb in the material world. They need to be given tuition in the first steps and sometime have a hand to make for them the bottom steps. They are the givers of news dreams that others will build according to their creators. He need a new paradigm and the right to be dumb and make mistakes to learn.

The forger of one of the most beautiful sword in the world does not know anymore how to swim in an adult ocean ? He is one your kind as much as he is one of mine. France does not care. Many countries does not care. We need to broke or bend the bones of the sword before managing to reach the top the art.

Good luck to forge this one ocean dreamers because THAT one is too dumb (proud) for his own good. He is just tender as needed to be helped by force. Teach him at least fluent english.


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Posted in: Netflix's 'Okja' has chaotic screening at Cannes See in context

A film that is not for a universal public have nothing to do in Canne. Canne has universal values. It can't be a great film if this is made for money purpose. It's broke the spirit. Critics were saying, there were looking at a japaneese film.

Strange I see no article on Kimura and his film. He was in Canne last night. Strange , Japan do not love him anymore ? He looked to be happy to be back on the french red carpet. :)

It is an honor for Japan too.

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