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Posted in: Tiny house by Muji finally goes on sale in Japan See in context

It is normal for a new concept to be expansive for the first sale. It is like Iphone. You buy zen spirit here.

Europe once the price is cut after the research is of the price, will be interested for their migrant camp, especially in France if the product is sturdy.

Really good community concept that cut a lot of managing problems a foreigner groups here.

Thank you for the article.


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Posted in: China says it hopes new Japanese carrier doesn't mark return to militarism See in context

The world with Trump is coming back to the old ways. Extremism and wars a re about to come back. China is right to worry but she is the main war problem too.

It is good for japan to try to be a natural leader in the world without trying to stole territory from it. But make no mistake, temptation is about to come back and this is where we will see if Japan can stay pacific against a younger warlike China. It is easier to be told than make.

I doubt there will be a second chance for Japan if it were to fail the adult world again.

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Posted in: 'NCIS: Los Angeles' star Miguel Ferrer dies at 61 See in context

It is sad news. But it explain a lot about his caractere in the NCIS Los Angeles TVshow.

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Posted in: Dressed for business See in context

Good point. I love pride in oneself culture, but i am not sure, they were dressed in the old compréhension of the kimono dressed code.

It is always difficult to not humiliate yourself in those case.

Kimono is an art in politic. At least, it use to be.

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Posted in: Fostering in Japan Part II: Our foster daughter moves in See in context

It is important to take them in your arm even if they are older.

The physical contract by behind with love, fixing their arms against them is known to break the stress and calm automatically the brain.

You can put them in blanket rolled up like a nem. The heat is important and staying with them, not leaving them. The blanket help with "must not touch" thing.

You must talk with a voice, deep, low and ferm without panic and anger.

This way the calm will come back and you will be able to communicate with your child. It is important for the beginning the cut the anger because once it is settles the child will hear nothing. :)

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Posted in: S Korea allows new 'comfort woman' statue in Busan See in context

That is a very good sign and modern in every aspect that a country is recognizing the agony of women during war time. In France, so many women suffered from the american soldiers during the liberation of our country. It was buried like everything that could have change the opinion of "USA military = good" from our news and books but the reality is that women are put in sexual slaving pretty much everywere on the planet during war time by every army, and by men even without war.

This is a general crime of man toward woman that men have difficulties to admit to their wife, kid and mom when they come back home. They found so many good excuses for having this need for relieving the sexual tension that always forget the words "slavery" and "rape".

I love those south modern corean woman who put their pride at the right place and does not show shame about being raped and slavered, and want to shaw to the world the crime that are still committed everywhere (even in japan by military US man today).

This should not be forgotten, this way, men will have to take their dicks crimes into account and women pains for their reals places and prices in history (and not just shortcut them at a cheap price to have more for the mâle family true pain).

Renegotiating is good for everyone especially men false pride.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd finds Japanese whaler 'hiding behind iceberg' See in context

It is sad that japan can not reach the common world understanding and agreement not to kill whales. It show poor honor to lie so obviously to the world or show a poor scientific skill to need so many kills every year.

It is rare the world is universal about protection. Whales have a soul in them that is beautiful. Killing them so openly show poor soul japaneese spirit.

Japan need to become adult in his dealing with the world. I know american and their bad ways tend to push people and their bad side for pride, but in the end this a matter of right and wrong, and not pride.

Whose whales are a sign of modernity in the soul of an advance country. It will be a urge step for japan to stop those hunting a become more reasonnable about their dealing with the world.

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Posted in: Setagaya family murders remain unsolved 16 years later See in context

He probably was young. The sweater 's buyers could be analyse psycholocaly. It would give piece of information interesting.

Earing frozen when Your are a hobo is strange but He was probably hot from the Killing. It could be a local hobo. But a young man in his midtwenties living in luxery seems logical too.

Normally it should be having others cases like this one. I would look into sucide too otherwise.

31.12 is à Day of fun. May be mafia kid.

The article lacks details. Sad. But more importantl'y i found the profile especially poor.

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Posted in: Japan takes aid show to Africa in China's shadow See in context

This won't work.

You must accept that the money you give will also go to the pocket of local already rich man who let the people be poor and without education to insure their own security.

We should let ONU decide on the money we give to those country and forbid unilateral commerce for political influence. The people down there are the one paying the price of our hungryness.

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Posted in: Eye to eye See in context

There are talking in public , this is actually good news. It could be worse.

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Posted in: Italy earthquake death toll rises to 247 See in context

These olds towns are not suit for any kind of earthquake. There is always deads even for the smallest one.

Those are so rare we actually forgot those can happen.

We all pray for the families down there and for there is not another earthquake anytime soon.

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Posted in: France's DCNS, builder of Australia's new submarines, suffers huge data leak See in context

French submarine contract ? hacking ? If it was japan who had a leak i supposed i would read it France too because in France we actually know nothing about it. Not even in newspapers (who are supposed to be accurate)....

This is the first time i heard any news on it and i live in the country.

French ship building navy yard is actually an old one. Most of the country frontiers are made of water. Our ship building has his strength and weakness like all building ships. Now, the choice is made on design , cost and need and sometimes others advantages agreements.

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Posted in: Driver, playing Pokemon Go, hits and kills pedestrian, injures another See in context

Normally this kind of game was forbidden especially for children.

People don't make, after a little bit of time, any difference between the game and reality. Addiction is stronger too.

When you use your phone on the road , you are left with only 10% of your concious mind on the driving.

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Posted in: 18-year-old girl arrested for trying to kill her mother See in context

Violence is everywhere. At least, they talk about it in the news. It should allow a collective wake up.

But it for the autority the realise that all of this violence problems have the same issue which is social care that is not enough grounded in japan life. Privacy and silence is value above the well care of the fragility of some people.

It is important to have a good protective care system for people who wish to be independant from their family because not all family are loving one. Forcing people to take care of each other when there is no sympathy end up, always in violence.

Psychology could be an answer here to help to breach the wall of silence. Art in school too. A better school system too.

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Posted in: Biden's remark on Japan's constitution raises eyebrows See in context

Japan is their colony. Their wining ship in asia. The only one.

And a man is still a man that love to humiliate people with his power.

It is time japan understand america better like the reste of the world.

America will not let japan leave their sight without a fight at least a moral one and witch one.

Now if america have really writen Japan constitution we should be worried and now we can understand the high level of family murders in the country. (not many people know this but it actually full of conception mistakes)

America democracy and constitution was made so that violence and mafia could stand again or survive.

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Posted in: Parents arrested over 2015 murder of 3-year-old son See in context

Death penalty would be great on that one.

He didn't just kill the boy he tortured him.

The mom didn't left a finger to save the baby, which mean complicity.

When adult does not see a child for an innocent human being there is nothing left to save or to repair in them.

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Posted in: Merkel says refugees didn't bring Islamist terrorism to Germany See in context

Deash came first and before the refugees.

It is important to put thing in order.

But what created terrorism for sure is racism. hating an other being for his difference always bring much more hatred and pain. And when a people is suffering he goes forward religion and since in europe there no organisation to welcome those desperate people, they went to the foreign founded one by salafist that lead them then discreatly to El and more foundamentalism.

Well this is common immigration problem that went out of hand. We need to dispassionate debate.


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Posted in: 24-year-old man arrested for attempted murder of 18-day-old son See in context

They is a problem in japan if a man can stay in the life of children he has punched

This is not a dad problem, this is a madness problem and how to deal with violence in a country that does not condemn it enough, when this is the matter of a child or a woman . There are effectives solutions in the world to correct those society mistakes devlopment but the main problem is always the same.

How making a politicman change the law to condemn your father to prison today or if yesterday was today ? Men protects their father and this one is violent rapist and does seams to bother the sons that much (which tell a lot about japan social misery and therefore lack of children) .


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Posted in: Pokemon No: Can a place declare the game off-limits? See in context

Actually scientist normally had déclared in the 90s that it was forbidden (because dangerous) to create a game that will mixte itself with everyday reality. The brain does not make the difference between imagination and everyday living so mixing both is actually very dangereous in the middle term. It can create allucination, vision, and endding up to contaminate de visual center of the brain(it will change the brain chemistry).

For now, it is pokemon but soon it will be ennemy to destroy with first person shooter game. You know how are the american when they smells blood money. They bite even harder without caring about the numbers of dead people behind their cash cow.

It is not advise to play too soon in life to those game, and young adult should not go above a few hours a week like a normal sport game that would keep you in shape.

The important part is mixing real activity like sport or cinema so the brain don't loose the sight that it is a game and not real life that include pokemon.


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